Looking for Group!

Hey everyone! I saw Detective Espial's post on this BBS and decided to give him an email. Before I do, though, I want to make sure I won't be all by my lonesome doing whatever it is he tells me to do.

Please reply in this thread if you're interested, or email my Operator so he can pass the message on. He's busy right now, but I've told him what's going on.

Thanks, fellow Navis!

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Although I'm in the middle of a battle now, i might be able to help you later...
my navi is in the middle of a battle too, but i'll come as well.

*Siren.EXE is currently in battle*
I probably should've put a level limit on this post-- I'd really rather not team with a beginner, as I'm out busting for profit as well as fun.

Well, Kazu said he'd be back soon, so as soon as he does, I'll be in Sharo at this location. Meet you there, Siren and Timmy!

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The offer is also open to anyone else who's around level 10.
thank you, once Siren is done with her battle, we will meet you in Sharo.
yah i really don't fell like going anyway