A look out for a few navis...

Um... hello there internet users, my name's Polonius and I would wish to look for a few navis that seemed very interesting, from experience here are some descriptions:

- A navi that has a metal, blocky helmet similar to his old one, with more thick, defined teeth in front of his blue face, with no eyes and only a mouth. Has a sea blue torso armor and bears his Navi emblem, a black, zig-zagging line across an orange backdrop, in the center with a silver frame. He seems to have some broken speech for some unknown reason, but I feel he has some intellect within.

- A Female navi that wears armor reminiscent of Knights from ancient times. I believe she was quite the ... colorful lady. I remember she has black hair flowing out of the helmet and green eyes.

- Another female navi, this one kinda reminds me of my own navi in personality, she has an interesting weapon of an industrial chain, a silver color. I believe she wears a tattered shirt,

Well, thanks to any whose information is relevant to the discussion I shall be grateful for it.

Polonius C.
Hey, you! You're the op for that doctor navi, right?
How's that dude doing? He didn't disappear into, like, a pit of lava or anything, did he?

Anyway, that's me on the list, isn't it? Third down? You forgot to mention how cute I am, but I'll let that slide.

Well, this is a surprise, for my Navi to be brought up like this. If you're interested in Teethman, no doubt you'll be interested in the many other Navi designs and creative, user-friendly products Belfast Avatars offers!

Besides that, though, the name sounds familiar. Did Teethman and I meet you somewhere?

Posting from a battle operation's not as easy as I remembered it being...

-Hal Belfast
-Belfast Avatars, Inc.
-no contact info available at this time

Well first to Miss Cheshire, Sorry for not calling you that but the thing is is that I couldn't find any way to contact you nor your operator, forgiveness. Anyways DNR is fine just fine, he was teleported to the netsquare for a big mission. As for Mister Belfast, I have been wondering if you could well... remodel my navi. You see, his design has been rather well bland. Maybe you can work up an interesting design to apply him? I'm even incline to pay too!
that second description of a female navi, i know that navi, she is a great fighter and a powerful ally, i met her a couple times in the past with my original navi, i won't give any names though.

*Siren.exe is currently fighting*
(( Might want to check this http://z10.invisionfree.com/RockmanChaosNe...st&p=12811078))

Val is occupied at the moment, but she said she'd gladly meet up with you guys some time in the near future.

Also Timmy, long time no see. You got to tell me what happened with your old navi one day. Our little girls seemed to get along really well.
Meet huh? Well that's quite interesting, It would be nice if we could get acquainted, I mean we worked thogether on a "Supposed" community service, I'm sure we can all be friends. Okay maybe I'm a bit optimistic but I really do hope for friendship.
Ah, hey sieg, it has been a while, if you want to talk, please E-mail me some time, i'll tell you all about it in private, it was not realy pretty, but right now she is in the hands of the one whom helped me create her.

*Siren.EXE is currently in battle*

Sieg gets:Timmy's E-mail (Catlover@homepage.net)
Glad to hear that guy's not dead or anything. We should get together again sometime... Hey, let's swap emails!


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