Need a bit of help

Hi, whoever's reading this. My name's Chris, and I work at SciLabs as an Executive Coder. However, thing is, one of our supercomputers got infected with a virus. Its pretty basic stuff, but apparantly, I'm the only one in SciLabs ATM with chips and signature attack upgrades and what not, plus a Navi with battle routines. Since I'm the only one that can do the job, and my Navi, Binary.EXE, has never battled before, I need some help. Anyone feel like doing a good deed? If so, come to the 3rd R+D lab. Take a right, a left, and a far right off the main corridor to get to it. You'll spot me pretty easily; I stand out quite a bit against all the white-coats in SciLabs.

-Chris Lemrock-


<(Real world thread is "The Life of a SciLabs Director," though Chris isn't a Director anymore. Net Thread is "Supercomputer Investigation." Anyone can join.)>
Well, it appears that noone wants to help out. This spot is still open if anyone wants to help.

-Chris Lemrock-
Hmm...a chance to see what SciLab really looks like? Sounds neat! Tell you what, Chris. I'll help you out as soon as I can, which will soon as my Navi finishes the battle we're in now. Expect a cute young woman with a quirky Aqua-element Navi! See you soon!

-Sabrina Jetto