"Gah, how'd I end up here?" Claw asks out loud.
"Well I figured the best way to find a fight is through the BBS issuing a challenge." Akio, his opperator responds. "But we had a challenger right there in the park! RIGHT IN FRONT OF YOU!!! KILL HIM!!!"
"That would be rude and would comeout unpleasant. It's much more polite to have our foes come to you. Now look, I made a new topic just to bring challengers for us... all you have to do is be patient."
Well, I guess I will take you up on your challange, I'll just have to drag my netop to the colusiem then, meet you there.

"Seems like a long way, but I'll see to it that a room is open for us... now we have to catch the train"
"Wait... WHAT!?"
"We have to hurry!"
"gaaah, if only we can access it from here"

Claw.7705.EXE logs out