"Be a NET Legend!"

Join the Sharo Ballistas today and help the needy while defending the netscape!

The Sharo Ballista are a newly formed group led by the figher NAVI "Shiny Glasses Rui!"! Unfortunatly, Rui's operator was recently robbed, and all but a few of his chips were taken, but this man remains a powerful adversary to all that oppose him!

Thus, the Sharo Ballista were formed, a group to make the NET safer for the weak, to help other NAVI in need, and also, to have fun and learn the skills of combat! So join your fellow NAVI and fight with us!





These are the values of the Sharo Ballista! Enroll today!
Contact "Shin" at Shinhagate@home.net!

((If any staff sees this, please change my email/webpage))
You're making a group because your chips were stolen? Your chips? What's next? Your trading cards? Be afraid, duel king, or your figurines will be stolen too! The horror! Try having your life stolen, then you are allowed to come crying here.
And what's with that awful name for a group? Ballistas? Last time I looked at a book it was written as ballistae if you want it to be plural. You don't need 'stratagy' but some clear grammar lessons. Atleast the name of your group accompanies the dreadful name of your Navi. Who'd want to be called 'Shiny Glasses'? I bet you're one of those kids who gets bullied all the time. Do you even wonder why? If so, you should try opening your eyes a bit further.
And if your group is to make the Net 'safer' as you suggest, then it's completely useless and unoriginal. We are fully capable of doing this without a person who cries about his chips being stolen. We became NetBattlers to make the Net a safer place anyway, without joining some group, or do you think we defeat legions of viruses for mere fun?
As last note, I suggest you quit this pathetic charade. You're merely attempting to create this group to get your chips back with the help of others. Try going at it on your own. You know what? If you get even ONE member, I'll create a so-called group to counter yours and obliterate it. Obliterate it until the Navis of the Ballistae are like dust before your eyes!
Have a nice day.

- A. Darkholme -
You make me die a little on the inside, "Shin".

If there is a god out there, I hope he banishes idiots such as freaks like you that believe in the crap of friendship.

That's all I can say before puking my guts out and reaching for a couple tablets of morphine in hopes that the wooziness that it'll lend will banish out the "STRATAGY" from my mind. Idiots like you make my head hurt to no end. Here's to the success of your group, and hopes that it'll die.


Douchebags >_<))

Someone has the same name as me?
I would join, if I didn't have prior affiliations.
-Fujiwara Shin
((Edit: I stand corrected.))
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My, my--aren't we quick to vent our anger on the passersby.

It appears that peace really isn't becoming of this world. I suppose I should be shocked. Appalled? Disturbed that there are such antsy antsy individuals yearning for someone to crush beneath their heels?

"Obliterate." "Die." Interesting choice of words--it appears to me that the man, as... unfortunately lacking in endowment as he is, is at least harmless to others around him.

You two... seem itching for war and pain. In this day and age... that might not be the best stance to take.

But then, who am I to say anything? The floor is yours.

The net is for the fittest.

Those that die are obviously the weaker ones, or the stronger ones defending weaker ones.

My navi is an altruistic little bitch, so I suppose I can't go and say these things.

Seems you bring out the worst in people, Rui. But I agree that this might not be the best of ideas. A group needs a strong leader that can bear the mantle of command. It seems that you are weak in more ways than one... The lesser point being your strength in battle. The greater weakness is your mind. The net is not so black and white as you seem to think. Everything is subjective, and you won't get far if you run on the trite, shaky ideals of protecting the weak and making the Net a safer place. If you have been robbed of your chips, how do you expect to protect anyone? If your only ideals sound like they were taken from a children's show, how will you be a strong leader?

I'm afraid I'm not going to join. Placing myself beneath a harlequin on a soapbox can only end badly, for harlequin, soapbox, and myself.

You're a good showman, but that's about it. I suggest you work on your strength as an individual before you expect people to rally around your face... And work a bit on your speech while you're at it.

"Ehehe... H-hello everyone. This is Rui's operator.... Um. I thought I should post that my NAVI wrote all that stuff and not me. I told him we needed to find someone to bust with.... Looks like it got taken a bit far...

Sorry for the trouble caused!
(And I guess you know my email if you would like to bust with me..)"

"But! The Sharo Ballistas are still open for recrui-"
--This NAVI has been muted--