Support Program Teams

Yes, the rumors were true: Support Programs have been expanded. The SP's now top off at level 10, instead of 5. As a result, the Bugfrag tables have been modified quite a bit, so anyone with an SP should drop by and check to see if their partner gained a level or two while you weren't looking.

In addition to those changes, it is now possible to acquire and control multiple SP's at once using a nifty new Navi Customizer Program known as 'SP Team +1'. These new Plus Parts programs will allow you to control one more SP for each of these programs you buy and install. The programs are fairly large, weighing in at 60 NC Points a pop, but they are also fairly cheap and already available at the Navi Shop in Sci-Labs.

For more info, the direct links are posted below.

Support Program Rules Thread

Navi Customizer Program List

Navi Shop Stock List

So, anyone wanting to build their own personal army or something else truly creative with a truckload of Support Programs... this is your cue to start planning.

Support Program sez: "So now we ARE their personal army?"

...I couldn't resist, I'm sorry. XD