Sharo's Link

You come upon an area of evergreen that is half covered in snow. The icy shimmer of Sharo's portal radiates a dim glow across the landscape as the frozen wind chills the air. A storm must have blown through the link recently, leaving snowdrifts piled about the portal.
SINNBAD ran around NetSquare, wondering at the seemingly impossible size of it all. Even though it was in the shape of a circle. Eventually he found the portal, covered in snow and ice. SINN drew his thick white cloak around him as he sent the coordinates to his partner. Then waited for Trent to show.
Trent wasn't many strides behind SINN, still dressed in his normal GMO. Muscles tensed, his form kept close together; Trent was visibly cold. "I haven't been to sharo in forever," Trent said, finding it very hard to maintain his harsh expression, letting an eager smile cross his face. Trent made no comment about his GMO, hoping that Mark would finish before the two crossed the threshold, into the Sharo net.

Trent took the first few steps towards the Sharo portal, letting the much welcomed and familiar sound or soft snow crunching under his feet. Trent moved to the icey portal, touched it with an open hand, and his body was moved through the frozen barrier.

{{To Sharo}}