((From John's apartment))

KaijuMan's data crashed down on the floor of the NetSquare with a loud thud, and sat on the ground for a few seconds. As the bright green glow began to subside, one of his clawed feet stepped out of the light, revealing more and more of his reptilian body as he moved forward. His yellow eyes glinted in the light, and a little less so on the armor on his forearms, thighs, and tail. The spines on his head were originally pressed against his skull before they twitched slightly and started to spread slightly outward.

The light faded, leaving the Navi there in the fairly busy NetSquare. He started to make his way forward, and noticed some of the Navis and Progs moving about started to stare as they passed by. His yellow reptilian eyes followed these programs as he growled, as if he was saying "you wanna piece of me?"

I'm heading over to ACDC. Unless these puny Navis get in my way... grr...

[Easy, Kai. You know what happened last time.]

KaijuMan started to chuckle, his spines moved as if connected to his maw as the Navi laughed.
That was fun... heheheh...

KaijuMan reminisced while he made his way past the groups of programs and walked up to the ACDCNet portal. He clenched his fists, causing his knuckles to pop, and walked in. His body was veiled in green energy and warped away.

((To ACDCNet))