From the colosseum, Pianissimo materialized in the netsquare, followed by a second, red beam of light that materialized into the support program Edana. Though her body materialized, she had still yet to be activated, as evidence by the complete lack of movement, closed eyes, and wings folded over her body. "I wasn't aware the dragon features were natural," Pianissimo commented, noticing this.

"It's what I had to work with, shut up," Duke said. "Anyway, which one will you be going to?"

"Going back to Hades Net seems too predictable. And it's just asking for this one to become baggage," Pianissimo said, gesturing at Edana at the second part. "Anyway, you might want to wake her up so we can go."

"Activating..." Duke pressed a few buttons on the PET, ignoring the error messages about corrupted personality files while muttering "Yes, yes, I know, it's all I had at the moment, I'll fix it later..." Eventually, he said "Done," and with one more button press Edana opened her eyes.

"Huh? What is..." the dragon-winged SP started, blinking and looking around confusedly.

"There'll be time for questions later. This way," Pianissimo answered, beckoning for the girl to follow and disappearing through the Yumland portal. Edana followed, still too disoriented to argue.

((To Yumland Net))