Netball Tournament

Slamming into the ground like a meteor from the sky, Djinni appeared in the NetSquare and looked around to find her contact. "Fhyre," she muttered as she took a ruby out of the flame levitated above her shoulder and threw it into the air.

Quickly Fhyre's form appeared with the ruby as core and started to sweep its fiery hands around. In front of him appeared the word 'Netball' and let his hands hang at his sides while the word remained.

Curiously Djinni started to look around, waiting for someone to appear, and held her arms behind his head as she muttered to herself. "Machman..." she said, followed by a sigh as she recalled the images of the fight, "Can strength beat speed? I want to fight him again when we get stronger... But for now we play ball, I think."
Djinni arrived in the NetSquare with the intention of having a contact find her, but it was pretty clear as soon as she arrived that wouldn't be necessary. A good chuck of the NetSquare itself had been replaced with a basketball court, grandstands, scoreboards, lights... the works. You'd have to be a combination of blind, deaf, and oblivious to miss it, and the lovely genie in question was probably only one of the three. As a result, she proceeded, with Fhyre in tow, towards the court.

There were already a fair number of people, be them players, fans, or officials, hanging around the place and taking in some of the pre-game festivities. Judging from the few people who were out playing on the court, it seemed pretty much just like normal basketball: dribbling, minimal contact, shoot for the hoop... Granted, these guys were probably just loosening up, and this wasn't a good reflection of NetBall. If it was... Why'd they bother giving it a different name? The only blatant difference was that there was only one hoop at the far side of the court. That didn't seem like much of a reason to rename the sport...

"Miss Djinniiiiii!" shouted an obnoxious, yet somehow familiar, voice from somewhere not far off. Who the hell could know Djinni here? That quickly answered itself as a NormalNavi, sporting white and black stripes, appeared in front of her with microphones in each hand. Because his voice clearly needed to be louder, the Navi lifted a microphone to his face and announced,"Miss Djinni, it is I, Referee #4! It was a true honor to judge your match in the ONB Tournament, and now I find you here at the NetBall matches! This must truly be fate! Please, tell me if there is anything, anything at all that I can do for you as an official for these games!".
Djinni pouted playfully as she noticed the announcer Navi, quietly listening to him and nodding at him a few times as he spoke. After he finished, she raised her arms in faked surprise and shouted at him with a joking tone in her voice, "It's such a surprise to find you here! I only heard you from far far away just now!" She then lowers her arms again and jerks her thumb towards the basketball court. "I see it's similar to basketball..." she started as she lowered her hand again, "But does it have any special rules?"

Na'im yawned, raising his hand towards his mouth as result, and looked over the surroundings in the net world curiously. "Guess we don't need our chips. Just fancy moves and flips," the Operator said as he shrugged and say back to enjoy the show.
Referee #4 managed to pick up on Na'im's lazy comment, and it made him laugh. "Ahahaha... Ah, I'm sorry, I couldn't hold it. Truthfully, that couldn't be any more wrong." The monochrome Navi then beckoned at someone over yonder, who nodded and promptly threw a ball his way. Referee #4 tucked his mics away and caught the orange orb in his hands and showed it to Djinni.

"It looks and feels like a regular basketball," he explained, giving examples by spinning the ball in his hand and dribbling it a few times, "but it really does a whole lot more, and the key to all that is Battlechips." With that, Referee #4's unknown Operator slotted in a simple Airshot, and the gun quickly appeared... on the ball? To prove his point, Referee #4 then tossed the ball gently up into the air, at which point the turbine on its bottom kicked in and blasted the leather sphere hundreds of feet into the air. After a few silent moments, the ball crashed back down to earth, bouncing up again a good hundred feet... then a solid 50 feet... and then another 25 before landing back in Referee #4's hand. "As you just saw, the ball absorbs Battlechips. If you make contact with the ball, it will automatically take in whatever chip you activated and adapt it to its own purpose. You can give it something simple like the Airshot burst I just did, but the real pros have some insane plays. You can be as fast and a good shot as anyone, but if you don't know how to use your chips here, you can't win a game." The talkative Navi then took a deep breath, having apparantly gone a little longer than even he was used to.

"Well, that's the gist of NetBall mechanically. The rules... Lessee, I have a list somewhere... Ah! Here it is." he said as he handed the slip to Djinni:

Quote (NetBall Rules)

1. A 1-on-1 match of unlimited time. First to 3 baskets or last player standing wins. SPs may participate as assistants.
2. Attacking the other player may only be done with the ball. Using an attack directly on the other player will incur a foul and give the other player a free shot at the basket.
3. The ball may only be moved through Battlechip effects or dribbling. Failing to do either, or "carrying", will incur a foul and give the other player a free shot at the basket.

"And that's just about it. Game's easy to learn, but hard to master." said Referee #4, laughing sheepishly. "Oh, that's right... One more thing." He then pointed to the court where some people had been playing while they talked. "That's not the playing field for the tournament. It's really just an eyecatch for people walking by. This NetBall tournament is open fielded, with all of Internet City as the court. The basket will be placed randomly with each match, so you need to watch out for that."

Referee #4 thought for a moment, then nodded. "Okay, I think that's everything. Do you have any other questions, Miss Djinni?"
Djinni and Na'im both blinked with a confused look on their face as they stared at the referee. After a moment of silence, Djinni scoffed and patted herself on the ample chest. "Of course I understand it!" she exclaimed, still patting her chest, "Piece of cake! In fact, I'm a star player!"

Within the fraction of a second Na'im had arranged a blissful meeting between his hand and forehead with a loud sigh. "Yes..." he groaned as his hand slid down his face and fell onto the PET, "We're professionals..."

"As he said!" Djinni continued to exclaim as she slammed her fists on her hips, or rather her floating ring, and smiled wide, "So let us commence with the games."
"Alright, then we just need to..." muttered Referee #4 as he motioned over some game organizer, who handed him a digital clipboard before running off again. "... Find out who you're playing against." He put away his mics and began scrolling through the event's database, and it soon became clear how inept at searching this guy was as mumbling and grunts accented each new page that came up on the board. After a few long minutes, Referee #4 finally stumbled upon the match listings and looked up Djinni's name.

"Here it is! Your first opponent is... Oh, jeez... I guess this is an all-star tournament, after all..." gasped Referee #4, but he quickly shook off the shock and tried to downplay the issue as much as possible. "Anyway! Your opponent is called PDO. He's only been in the league a few years, but his following is as big as some of the long-time favorites. Plus, there's the fact that he's... Oh, there he is over there. See for yourself." said the generic Navi as he cut his last thought short to point over to the warm-up area, where a swarm of fans had gathered, probably to beg for autographs. And of course, the fans were obscuring any view Djinni could've gotten of her opponent.

Eventually, the fans did disperse, and the rookie player could finally see what she was up against. A jet black body... Vivid red flames comprising his torso... Razor-sharp claws... and a dragon's head? Wait a minute... What the hell kind of sport was this?! Is this legal?! Is this safe?! Questions ran rampant as Djinni gazed at her opponent: PotDragon Omega.
"PDO?" Djinni asked herself after she heard her name, "People who use abbrevations are weak anyway." The tone of her voice was somewhat mocking and amused. "Like that DNR guy, right?" she asked, her question directed towards her Operator.

"He wasn't exactly weak, so to speak," Na'im muttered and took notice of the screen as the referee pointed into a direction. "Luck was on our side," he continued while waving at his screen as if trying to whisk away the fans and stopped once they had left. "But this ain't an easy ride."

"Vroom vroom," Djinni said jokingly at Na'im's comment, but quickly shut herself up as she saw the opponent she was going to be facing in Netball. She just kept staring with a blank expression, her eyes fixed on the Navi, and talked to Na'im with a flat tone, "Let's do this." Slowly she floated towards 'PDO' and crossed her arms as he did so, mumbling to herself quietly while staring at the floor. "What does this guy think he is anyway... How flamboyant," she then chuckled to herself before continueing, "Maybe he's gay. Or maybe the entire outfit is an illusion and he's just a small guy. Hah, I'm going to enjoy defeating him." Ending with her sentence, she looked up and noticed she had said the last sentence when close enough to PDO to hear her. A nervous giggle came from Djinni as she quickly created a notepad file in her hands, immediately holding it out towards PDO, and smiled nervously. "Autograph?" she asked sweetly, trying to hide her nervousness.
The only response Djinni got was a mild flare-up as bits of fire rose up from the edges of PDO's jaw for a moment. Looks like he didn't speak much. Still, this "Navi" was a sporting fellow, so he took a piece of paper from a stack of them and scrawled out his name in one of those ridiculous signatures that no one can ever read. He then handed the autograph to Djinni. Would've smiled too, but his dragon-like head apparently didn't allow for facial expressions.

PDO quickly finished up the autographs for the rest of the fans clamoring around him, then began to float off just seconds before an announcement came across the speakers:

"The matches for the first round are beginning. All players, please follow your referee to your respective courts. Thank you."

Referee #4 ran over and said, "C'mon, follow me. I'm in charge of your match, so I'll take you to your court. PD-" he said, as PDO was already off on his way. "-O... Okay, he probably knows where to go. Right." With that, he led Djinni off to Internet City's corporate district, all the while eyeing that PDO autograph she had.


Djinni and Referee #4 arrived at the corporate district, where PDO was already waiting. "Great, everyone's here." said Referee #4, as if he was actually surprised. "The basket for your match is... up there." he said, pausing a moment before point his finger up to the 26th floor of some indiscriminate skyscraper, where the basket was attached to a window in the middle. This one had a helipad attached to the 15th floor under the basket, so while the players would at least have some foothold... Well, it'd be interesting. The rest of the district was completely congested with buildings, narrowing the options for travel to either through the alleyways or over the roofs.

"Okay, then... Anything either of you would like to say before the match starts?" asked Referee #4, looking to Djinni and PDO.
Djinni maintained her smile, which seemed to be obviously faked, until PDO turned away and then turned her eyes to look at the autograph. For a moment she stared at it, but then crumpled it with a disgusted look on her face as her eyes swiveled to the direction PDO went to. After lifting her veil slightly she opened her mouth and devoured the piece of data paper, following it up with a burst of flames into the air from her mouth. "Show off..." she muttered while lowering her veil again and followed the referee as her tail waved around anxiously.

"Says the person who incinerated a gift..." Na'im muttered on their way to the Netball court, "The most ingrateful person who ever lived." A faint smirk appeared on Na'im's face as he started to browse through the chips they possessed.

The Navi pouted a bit, although this was barely visible due to the veil, and looked up at the building before her that was supposedly the court. Taking the size of the building in her eyes, she remembered something and started to look around frantically. "Fhyre!?" she exclaimed, then realized the Support Program had been floating behind her all the time and fell towards it in an awkward hug between woman and inanimate object. She then turned to the referee again and waved her finger around at the surroundings. "Are we allowed to use the area as much as we want to?" she asked politely and conjured a small flame above the finger she had used to point around.
"Of course, of course." responded Referee #4. "It didn't take the association long to realize how much damage Netball games could create, so as of 5 seasons ago, there's been a full crew of repair Navis and programs on hand at all times. They can restore just about anything to its original state, so feel free to go wild during the game.

PDO nodded slightly, as if acknowledging he was part of the reason the repair crew was established.

"Busting windows, smashing craters into the ground... Heck, there was one guy last season who liquefied the city's capitol building. There probably wouldn't have been Netball anymore if we didn't get that one fixed fast..." sighed Referee #4, recollecting the fear and anxiety that situation created. "Still, the fact that he got away with that means you can do just about anything in this match. If it's not blocked in the rules, it's probably fair game. Any other questions?"
"No questions," Djinni replied while small images of flames appeared within her eyes, "Then let the game begin." Her finger still iluminated by the flame covering it, she pointed at PDO and smirked. "Sorry for making you wait. I'm ready to play now," she said, ending with a playful tone in her voice. Waving her hand slightly at her side, the flame vanished, and then put her hands in her sides as she awaited the start.

Na'im just remained quiet as he looked at the screen of his PET, but then glanced towards his left at the keyboard section of his elongated PET. While keeping his eyes on the screen to view the Netball match, he spread his hands out over the keys of the keyboard and grinned to himself. "What is a game..." he muttered while calmly breathing out, "Without music?"
"Alright then, so you're both ready." said Referee #4, which elicited a nod from PDO. "Then..." began Referee #4, but not before pulling out one of his microphones, "This is the start of Internet City's 6th annual NetBall tournament, round 1, match 4! PDO vs. Djinni! You all know the rules, so let's skip the boring stuff and get straight to the action! Give the fans watching something to cheer about!"

Out of thin air appeared a ball in Referee #4's free hand. Just like all the others Djinni had seen up to this point, it looked no different from a regulation one from basketball. By this point, though, it was common knowledge just how differently this ball needed to be used if she wanted a chance at winning. Aside from the vast mysteries that enshrouded this bouncing piece of leather, there was that tiny matter of having to get to the basket hanging from the 26th floor. Even with a foothold on the 15th, that was 11 stories to overcome to make a basket. This was bound to be interesting...

"Ready, everyone?!" shouted Referee #4 as he walked up in between the two players. "Match starts in 3... 2... 1..."


The buzzer sounded, the ball was tossed up into the air, and the match was on. Tip off!


PDO: 400 HP, 0 points
Djinni: 180 HP, 0 points
Fhyre: 40 HP

Ball: (In the air above PDO and Djinni, tip off; no possession)

Terrain: 100% Normal (Various streets and alleyways through the city)

Objects: (Various buildings and skyscrapers; Basket on 26th floor of skyscraper to the southeast, heliport under basket on the 15th floor)
And with the sound of the buzzer, Na'im's hands slammed on the keys of the keyboard and started playing an upbeat and fast song without lyrics. The music streamed into playfield through the objects on Djinni's ears, who immediately felt the effects of the music.

Repeated shattering sounds came from Djinni through the music played by Na'im as sand started flowing around her and small bits of crushed rubies originating from her wrist bracelets fell on the floor below her. She clapped her hands together, making the sand flow into different directions, then slammed one hand on the ground after kneeling down through her tail. The sand quickly accumulated below the ball and formed a giant hand which reached upwards between PDO and the ball in an attempt to prevent him from reaching it. Djinni smirked faintly as she kept her hand on the ground, an ominous red glow surrounding her hand.

After swiveling around Djinni, Fhyre threw himself into the hand made of sand as a core of it and forced his own hands through it. His three hands moved around defensively in an attempt to stop PDO from reaching the ball before Djinni could get it.

Through the playing of the music, Na'im had swiftly inserted a chip into the PET's slot while never dropping a note from the song. "Let's play ball, everyone and all!" he shouted.

The wrist bracelet at the hand Djinni held on the ground started to spin while the rubies reformed themselves. From the rubies came long flames that eventually engulfed Djinni's entire hand, which were then released in a strong blow against the floor. Laughing loud as she was forced into the air, towards the ball, she reached out towards it with one hand while flying towards it with speed and being watchful of PDO. Her eyes shimmered by a fierce flame that had become visible within her pupils that locked onto the ball eagerly.

Djinni [Fire/Cursor] [FloatShoes/AirShoes]
1. Desert's Embrace [1T Hold; 1T Stun; 2 TCD] @ Between Ball and PDO; Defensive.
2. Magnum1 [120 FIRE; Breaking; Panel Breaking; 1/2 Charge For 1/2 Extra Targets; Ranged] @ Floor; Forcing Djinni into the air.
3. Attempt to grab the Ball; Added Seeking.

Fhyre [Fire/Shield]
1. Get between Ball and PDO; Defensive.
Referee #4 ran off to a safe distance right after throwing the ball, and it was a good thing he did. Right out of the gate, Djinni a giant palm of sand between PDO and the ball to play point guard in combination with Fhyre. PDO didn't expect a newbie to pull a trick like this so quickly and had to pause for a second so he could pull his thoughts back together, which provided all the extra time Djinni needed.

In what was probably a bigger effort than she ever would have needed, Djinni launched herself off the ground with the blast from her Magnum and straight for the ball. With PDO still a few seconds behind from getting around Djinni's defensive ploy, she had no competition in grabbing the ball and getting a secure grip on its coarse shape. The only thing she hadn't really accounted for was how much propulsion she really had given herself, and within moments Djinni realized that the basket was in the completely opposite direction. She managed to safely land on the roof of a 10 story building in the northwest part of the court, but now she had double the distance to cover, and a dragon at the halfway point hell-bent on making sure that she didn't get that ball in the basket...


PDO: 400 HP, 0 points (Center of the field, ground level)
Djinni: 180 HP, 0 points (Northwest area of the field, 10 stories high)
Fhyre: 40 HP (Center of the field, ground level)

Ball: (Djinni's possession)

Terrain: 100% Normal (Various streets and alleyways through the city)

Objects: (Various buildings and skyscrapers; Basket on 26th floor of skyscraper to the southeast, heliport under basket on the 15th floor)
Still airborn, slowly moving as the speed from her initial burst started to decrease, she grinned and looked towards the eventual goal which swiftly eradicated her grin. "F-" she started as she noticed the distance was only increasing instead of decreasing, but then noticed she did have the ball. "Let's do this," she said and let the ball fall out of her hands while the rubies on her bracelets shattered. Quickly she clapped her hands together, causing a stream of sand to move around her and the basketball. Using the sand as surface, the ball bounced upwards and Djinni started dribbling while airborn towards the goal. "Desert Manuever, Scorching Sky!" she exclaimed as she increased dribbling speed while the sand continued to form a suitable spot for the ball to bounce on.

"That's not a bad plan," Na'im said as he looked at the sand tornado Djinni had become, "What will you do now, man?" His sight switched towards PDO, curious how the enemy would react to an airborn threat without attacking directly.

1. Flowing Sand Barrier [2 Dodge; 2 TCD]
2. Dribble towards basket while airborn, using sand as ball's surface.
-- Turn Splice --
The sounds of heavy breathing and fuzzy static came over the city's loudspeakers for a moment before it came out: "Alriiiiiight! Having safely left the field and entered the judge's box, Referee #4 will now be providing commentary for this match!" Somewhere in the stands, a justified groan of frustration was heard. Just bear with it for now, please...

"Magnificent!" shouted Referee #4 suddenly through the microphone. "Not only is Djinni able to fly over the buildings, she created a platform of sand to dribble the ball on! This is her first game ever, yet this quick thinking an ingenuity is on the level of a pro! Normally a ball wouldn't bounce on top of sand at all, but when Djinni herself is controlling the sand, it's child's play to keep the ball moving! Truly astounding! How can PDO resp-"

While impressed with her technique, PDO wasn't about to let Djinni run away with this game... or fly, as the case may be. PDO took a little time to build up energy as Djinni dribbled the ball towards the basket. As he was directly between her and the basket, though, PDO wasn't going to let her pass without any resistance. He waited, waited... and just as Djinni slipped into his range, PDO attacked. As most PotDragons did, PDO burst out of his pot, his burning body extending endlessly as the black dragon rose through the air. 2 stories... 5 stories... 9 stories... Within seconds, PDO the 10 storymark where Djinni was. Rather than go directly after her, though, PDO crashed his head right through Djinni's sand platform.

"Un... Un... Unbelievable! Still so early in the game, but PDO is unleashing his Rising Dragon technique! Almost no one has a reach on the same level as PDO, who can stretch his body to insane lengths in his hunt for the ball! Speaking of that, where is the ball?!" shouted Referee #4 as he and the spectators began searching the combat zone for the elusive ball. "Wait... There it is! The ball's loose! It's flying through the air to the southeast, towards the basket zone! Make a race for it, players!"

Sure enough, PDO's haphazard headbutt into Djinni's sand platform hit the ball and sent it flying off. Thankfully, it was still moving towards the basket, but at the same time that meant... whoever got to it first had a great chance to score! Run for it!


PDO: 400 HP, 0 points (Center of the field, reaching up 10 stories)
Djinni: 180 HP, 0 points (Flying above the center of the field, 10 stories high)
Fhyre: 40 HP (Center of the field, ground level)

Ball: (Loose, flying to the southeast)

Terrain: 100% Normal (Various streets and alleyways through the city)

Objects: (Various buildings and skyscrapers; Basket on 26th floor of skyscraper to the southeast, heliport under basket on the 15th floor)
Speed. He used speed to get to me, Djinni thought as she noticed PDO's head in her vicinity and the ball out of the reach of her hands, Just like him. A small growl was emitted from Djinni's mouth as she turned her eyes at PDO in a glare, then looked up at the ball. I refuse to lose again, echoed through her mind and she quickly reached out to the ball with a hand while flying towards it.

"Strength can be used in many ways," Na'im said to himself as he looked upon Djinni's struggle while his fingers still moved over the keyboard to produce an upbeat tune, "Usually used as a powerful blaze. But is this not the same as a jet? A speed we cannot grasp yet? Then may our flames be our propulsion! Release them in a burst of expulsion!" His fingers slipped over the keyboard down to the chip slot, clutching a chip between two fingers while moving there, and slotted it in.

With one hand reached out towards the basketball, Djinni held her other hand upon the ring around her hips and loaded the chip data into it. Her crimson tail immediately started to move around wildly while a glow started to build in its center. "Burst," she whispered as the glow exploded and shot Djinni's body towards the basketball. Djinni swept her other hand towards the ball too in an attempt to grasp it firmly. Her eyes illuminated as her aiming system was initialized, the pupils of her eyes forming small crosshairs, and locked onto the ball. "I refuse to lose again," she told herself in a faint whisper.

Back on the floor, Fhyre looked around to check the surroundings then looked at his mistress who had become entangled in an aerial dance with PDO. Digging the fingers of two of his hands into the ground, he dragged himself towards the building the hoop was hanging from and slammed the door in with its remaining hand. Once entered he peered around to check for any way to get higher into the building, hopefully an elevator but he also kept his sensors out for any staircases.

Djinni [Fire/Cursor] [FloatShoes/AirShoes]
3. Tankcannon1 [80 DMG; Ranged] @ Ground; Shot self towards basketball.
4. Attempt to reclaim basketball.

Fhyre [Fire/Shield]
1. Enter building 'basket' is placed in; Look for elevator.

The shocking noise of an explosion rocked the court as Djinni fired her TankCannon, granting herself enough propulsion to outpace a rocket, let alone a basketball. The powerful artillery fire not only sent Djinni flying after the ball at ridiculous speeds, but also blew out the side of the mid-sized office building Djinni inadvertently targeted and caused debris to come raining down on the vacant streets below. The ear-busting sound the blast produced in itself was enough to blow out a few windows as well, sending the glass raining down to the streets in tandem. Referee #4 was shouting something or another from the pressbox, which itself was shaking a little from the sound wave, but the raw power of the noise completely drowned out whatever nonsense he was saying. With her astounding speed, Djinni caught up to the ball very fast and managed to reclaim it without any interference. Now the only problem lay in the fact that she was still rocketing forward, and prone to make a painful crash landing on the 15th floor heliport of the skyscraper with the all-important basket.

PDO's limits were shown at this point, as he had to withdraw his neck since he could chase the ball that far away. This gave Djinni ample time to get away from him, leaving the viral dragon's only option as sucking it up and chasing after the ball and his opponent. Djinni's advantage was clear though, as while PDO was pretty quick, he couldn't outdo cannon fire.

Amidst the race for the ball, though, Fhyre was playing to a different strategy. He had traveled straight to the basket's building and entered the 1st floor's main lobby in search of a better way to get to the basket than climbing straight up 26 floors. This being a skyscraper, what he was looking for was in plain sight: an elevator! And hell, there were even two of them right next to each other. Despite the vacancy of the building, the power still seemed to be on and the elevators to be in working order. There were stairs off to the side as well, but come on, this was way easier. Time to report back?


PDO: 400 HP, 0 points (Southeast, chasing after Djinni, ground level)
Djinni: 180 HP, 0 points (Southeast, airborne and flying towards 15th floor heliport of basket skyscraper)
Fhyre: 40 HP (Southeast, inside the 1st floor of basket skyscraper)

Ball: (Djinni's possession)

Terrain: 100% Normal (Various streets and alleyways through the city)

Objects: (Various buildings and skyscrapers; Basket on 26th floor of skyscraper to the southeast, heliport under basket on the 15th floor)
"That's one," Djinni said as she smirked while glancing at the ball in her hands while flying through the air, then turned her eyes towards the direction she was heading. It didn't take much time for her to understand what was going to happen if she kept it like this. "It won't be far beyond this," she told herself while peeking over her shoulder to look for PDO, then looked back at the heliport and raised one of her hands towards it. "If I can get past this, then the goal is-"

"Why not simply destroy him?"

"-not... That far..." Djinni ended her sentence while looking around from the corners of her eyes. "Na'im?" she questioned quietly to her Operator.

"What is it, Djinni?" he asked with a tone of slight surprise in his voice, "Surely you must know what to do. Over it isn't you, going through is the clue."

"A-Alright," Djinni replied, knowing what he meant but still lingering on the question of who the other voice was. It was a male voice, a bit gravelly and there was a faint echo, which didn't sound enjoyable in the least. Shaking her head slightly, she widened her eyes as the image of a crimson moon shone its reflection on her pupils. At the same time, the red moon appeared in the sky over the heliport and directed its luminance on the heliport which swiftly started to boil and form lava. Increasing her speed slightly, she dove into the lava with the ball while the veil at her mouth tightened around her face to form a mask so she could talk more easily while submerged.

"Alright and now..." Na'im started, knowing Djinni would appear from the other side of the heliport and knowing what would happen afterwards. But Djinni did not reappear. "Djinni, what are you doing?" he asked.

Djinni remained quiet for a few seconds, keeping the ball tightly between her hands and glanced at the bottom side of the heliport. "Waiting for him," she replied afterwards and smirked behind her new mask.

Djinni [Fire/Cursor] [FloatShoes/AirShoes]
1. Red Moon [Lava Full Stage; 3 TCD] @ Entire Heliport
2. Dive into Lava Heliport.
-- Turn Splice --