Encounters of a First Kind...

((From ElecTown))

A vibrant purple beam of light crashed into the ground before reforming into the purple navi that is Nachahmen. He looked around a bit as he waited for his companion to arrive. This would be his first time meeting Blitz Lightning, and was interested in what would appear before him...
Blitz was whisked away to the net space as i large lightning bolt crashed down in front of Nachahmen, blinding for only a second. Blitz' body had taken form now as her skin tight body suit light up with red lightning bolts that appeared throughout it. Her hair flowed down her back peeking out at her sides, classic bangs covering her face. Her left arm was lifted and positioned to hold the right arm. Her eye's were closed as a quiver rang through her body. She bit her lip slightly and gripped her arm tightly as she lifted up her head, face a little red as see peered at him through her hair. "Hi...um...i....um...<span style='font-size:21pt;line-height:100%'>I'M BLITZ."</span> She blurted out and then quickly turned away."sorry...i...."
Crosshairs formed over Nachahmen's eyes as he laid eyes upon the navi before him. his body twisting and contorting sporadically, he began to take on a curvier physique, his chest growing outward a bit. From his head sprouted long bright hair as his face began to take that of a young woman's. Psychedelic lightning bolts appeared on various spots of what now appeared to be a bodysuit, possibly fashioned of a plastic material. His mimicry complete, he now before Blitz as a 'she'.

"Y-You're...Very...Interesting." She replied with a smile, blushing a bit as she cupped her left breast.
"hey....i....um....your....me."She parts her large bangs with you hands as to get a full view of Nachahmen. Also revealing her face which was a bit redder now. Letting go of her hair so that if covered her again. "It's nice to meet you."She extends her hand to Nachahmen with caution as he had just changed form that looked a lot like her. Her eyes were locked onto its face.
Nachahmen giggled a bit, vibrating as he resumed his original form. He shook her hand, then pointed off to a portal. Nac gestured with his hand, telling her to follow as he turned around and ran ahead. As he approached the portal, he hopped off the ground a bit as he flew through...

((To ElecTown))
Blitz' moved through the same portal and disappeared just like Nachahmen. her hair waved behind her behind her as it was the last to disappear.
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