Check out the "bombs" on her!

Nitro appeared in a flash of green light in the middle of the Square, ready for another day of random destruction. Looking around, Nitro didn't see anything different, but something felt... odd about today. He started walking around, scouting out any new potential busting partners. A few Navis turned to look at him, some even waving and saying hi, but Nitro didn't think anything of it, simply waving back at them. As Nitro returned yet another wave, he bumped into the back of a rather large, metallic Navi. Nitro stumbled back, and as the Navi turned to figure out what ran into him, Nitro quickly said "Sorry about that." He heard himself say this, and became so bewildered about how strange his voice sounded, he didn't even notice the large Navi say "Oh, that's perfectly alright." Nitro caught his reflection in the Navi's silvery armour, and let out a piercing shriek, causing the large Navi to jump back, which in turn caused the entire Square to shake. The rather confused Navi then hurried off, as Nitro angrily called out to his operator.
"What, what happened, what did I do?" Chris stammered, unaware of what had just transpired.
"What do you mean "What did I do"?!" Nitro shouted back. "You've turned me into a- a- a girl!!"
"Oh, that, Chris replied. "Yeah, it's a new GMO I made."
"I suppose you've got some kind of explanation for this." Nitro huffed.
"I do actually," Chris replied, matter-of-factly. "You see, a lot of guys'll go out of their way to help out an attractive girl, in the real world and on the Net. I've done a lot of research and have almost five pages of data proving this. Realizing that, I made the GMO, so we can get a piece of that action!"
"Long story short, you're whoring me out," Nitro responded plainly.
"Well, I wouldn't say it like that," Chris said. "Look, just go somewhere and look fun and pretty. I'll make it up to you later."
"I'd better get some decent chips or something out of this," Nitro grumbled, finding a place to sit down, trying to ignore all the wistling and catcalls coming his way, and plotting how to get back at Chris.

Tranum appeared suddenly in a flash of blue light. Momentarily unsettled by the larger-than-expected number of Navis, he glanced around, looking for someone to talk to. For a brief second, a certain female Navi caught his eyes.

Two seconds later, he did a double take.

Once again, he was momentarily thrown off balance by the sight of the unfamiliar navi.


Hmm? Whassis now?

I'm sorry, did you say something? I was distracted by a truly amazing sight.

Right, I'll leave you to being distracting

Man, I'm telling you I could just...


Tranum turned back towards Nitro, and raised an arm in greeting. He did his best dazzling grin (which was more creepy than anything else, considering his fangs), and made his move.



Shut up, Dave! No one asked you!

Dude! I could've done better than that!((Irony!))

"I SAID SHUT UP!" Tranum paused, then blinked.
"I said that out loud, didn't I?"

Yeah, you did.

Nitro heard shouting behind him, and turned around, expecting some overly muscular stupid jock Navi hitting on him. What he instead found was... a squirrel.
Great, just splendid, Nitro thought to himself. I'm attracting rodents.
"Excellent," Chris said. "I couldn't have hoped for better. We've got the fish on the hook, now you just need to reel it in."
"Why're you using fishing analogies?" Nitro replied over the private line. "And besides, I have zero experience being a girl."
"Just say what you'd want to hear if you were in the squirrel's position."
Raking his mind, Nitro pictured himself in this senario. What would make him fall absolutely head over heels in love with an attractive stranger?
"The way you blow stuff up really turns me on!" Nitro blurted out. He suddenly got extremely red in the face, and tried to salvage what little chance he had of saving himself from further embarassment. "Uh, I mean, hi, I'm Nitro, what's your name?" He bent down and scratched the furry Navi behind the ear a little, praying that he'd completely disregard Nitro's earlier statement, or that he hadn't heard it at all.
As the female Navi spoke, Tranum blushed heavily, wondering if she was responding to the greeting or the thinking out loud, or the both. He wasn't sure what he expected, or even what he wanted to expect.

Despite his lack of expectation towards his expectations, there was one thing that he most certainly did not expect.

That was for the Navi to introduce herself as Nitro by leaning over and scratching his ear.

Immediately, two thoughts went through his mind.

The first: ...If it weren't for that damn navi symbol, I'd totally have a faceful right now!

The second was slightly less straightforward, more along the lines of a squirrel's ((or most animals for that matter)) instinctive delight at being scratched behind the ears.

...You're an idiot, y'know that?

Tranum made several immediate reactions. His eyes widened, and almost seemed to tear up with joy. Simultaneously, his tufted ears perked up slightly. When Nitro finished introducing herself, she also ceased scratching his ear. In response, Tranum glared accusingly at her.
After Nitro pulled his hand away, assuming the job was done after reading the squirrel's expression, he thought to himself Wow, this is incredibly easy! He looked back down, and his hopes for success vanished as he saw the still anonymous squirrel's face. The first thing to run through his mind was Oh, god! He's found me out! But after about twenty seconds of staring at each other, this seemed not to be the case. Nitro looked over his shoulders, then raised his hand and gave a small, quick wave. "Uh, hello?"
Tranum started in response to Nitro's attempt to get his attention. Momentarily off guard, he quickly gathered his wits.

"Oh... Uhh... Hey! I... ummm... I'm... I'm Tranum!"

Smmooooth, mate. Very smooth indeed. Have I mentioned you're an idiot?


Well, you are!

Tranum hissed loudly in response.

About five seconds of awkward silence followed.

"That... That was out loud again, wasn't it?

I'm facepalming for you. Are you even thinking about trying?

Stop bloody talking already!
"Well, we've got him tripping over himself," Nitro said to Chris over the private line. "What now?"
Let's try just stringing him along a bit longer," Chris replied. "Maybe start busting with him, see where that leads us."
"Well, alright, but we've gotta let him off the hook at some point," Nitro said, more for his benefit than Tranum's.
"So, Tranum," Nitro finally said to the squirrel Navi. "What do you say about busting with me? You seem like you'd be a good, ah, partner," Nitro added, putting particular emphasis on the last word.
At the mention of virus busting, Tranum's ears immediately perked up.

"Virus busting, eh?" He scratched his chin, thinking. "'Ow bout in Electown?" He accompanied his query with a slight cock of his head.

Hmmm? What's this about Electown?

She just asked me to go virus busting! Methinks she likes me!

No, she's probably just taking pity on you for being a total idiot who can't keep a coherant sentance going.

I'm going to ignore that. How soon can you get a bus to Electown?

Hmmm... Just missed the last one, next one comes in twenty minutes. Shouldn't take too long.


Alternatively, though, you could just use the portals. And then I can continue to play my Les Paul.

Oh... Yeah... Forgot about that...
"Alright, Electown it is!" Nitro said. "I've been there loads of times, the portal's over here." Nitro turned towards the portal, taking particular care to let his hair swish behind him.
"Laying it on a little thick, aren't you?" Chris said, watching Nitro's actions.
"Hey, this was your idea," Nitro replied in private. "I'm just making sure it's done right." Nitro walked over to the portal, with a lot of unnecessary swagger, and turned around in once inside.
"I'll be waiting," Nitro said as he dissapated and transferred to Electown.
Tranum stood still for a few seconds after Nitro had left.

What, may I ask, are you waiting for?

Well, I.. uh, How do I use the portal?

Well, the logical assumption would be that you walk towards the portal you want to use, then continue walking.

I guess that was kinda obvious

Slightly more then "Kinda", I'd say.

No one asked you! Tranum shook his head in irritation, then headed off towards the Electown portal.
((Topic complete. Requesting FXP evaluation))
((Tranum and Nitro +6FXP))