Well, first off, let's all congratulate our new Official, PaladinGC. If anyone deserves it, he does.

Second, you may have noticed a few staff changes. It's mostly cosmetic, and it shouldn't effect anyone too much. In short, Red Fist and Battle Program are now merged into the red corner a BattleMod, and Shakespearian and Thinktank are now merged into the blue corner as R&D. I also changed the colors of Offical and NPC around a little bit, because I hate that old nasty brownish color.

And while I'm up on my soapbox, Twi tells me that the event is on it's way and will be starting pretty soon. Look forward to it.
Staff has been... DE-frag-ed?! Gah! My reign's over already? NOOOOOOOOOOO
Yeah, I caught that as I was posting it.

I had just hoped no one would notice...