Guitchi's Cafe


Meltdown's data flashed onto the portal and reassembled into the shape that Meltdown knew as his own. As he stepped off the portal, he was once again in NetSquare, strangely enough for the second time today. However, this time he'd arrived through the Sharo portal, not the ACDC portal, so the cafe he wanted to visit was quite a far distance away. Nonetheless, that was his destination. After all, a little walking never hurt anybody.

When the cafe was finally within sight, Meltdown was feeling a little drained. Walking into the shop, Meltdown was met with the inside of Guitchi's Cafe: nine booths lined up against the main window, four family booths towards the back, and one long breakfast bar that lined the counter, positioned in front of the entrance. Behind the counter was a long bench where coffee machines and drink dispensers were set up.

As Meltdown looked around, only two faces stared back at him: a young brown barrister navi and one rather old red NormNavi sitting in the second booth.

Hey Olaf. What's with the lack of customers? Meltdown asked, sitting down at the breakfast bar next to the counter.

Your guess is as good as mine, Meltdown. Seems like there might be some event happening down at the Colosseum, but that's been going on for a while now.

Oh well, at least it's not packed with those damn punk navis. remarked Meltdown, remembering last month's... incident.

Too bloody right. So, what'll you be having?

Hot chocolate today. Just charge it to Alan's account.

Any sugars?


Great. If you wanna take a seat in one of the booths I'll bring it out to you.

Meltdown got up and walked over to booth 7. Most people didn't know it, but this booth had the softest seats. As he sat down, Meltdown looked at the clock. Damn, so many hours to pass before Alan would need him. Why did Alan have to have such a busy lifestyle?
Validus arrived into the portal with the same effect when he first entered the net: Sparks flying everywhere as he touched down on the ground. I'll never get used to that feeling...

"Hey, uh Validus. I've got something I need to go do, so why don't you amuse yourself here first."
"What?! but... he-!"

Before Validus could even finish his sentence, Tsujsa had already disappeared from view. Sighing, Validus made his way to a nearby cafe with a large sign on the side which said Guitchi's Cafe. ]Might as well revitalize myself with a cup of coffee while I wait for him... Validus thought as he sat down on the counter, reading the menu.
Here you go Meltdown. Watch out, it's hot.

Thanks Olaf. Meltdown said as he took the cup. Suddenly the door opened and a large navi with guns on his back. Hey, I haven't seen him before. I wonder if he's responding to my message... he thought to himself. I could go and talk to him... no, I'll wait first and see what he does.
Validus still sat on the counter, stuck between choosing a Cappuccino or a regular cup of coffee. He sighed until he decided to take a zeny coin out. He flipped it to decide which one he would be getting.

He flipped the coin...

And it went behind the counter.

For a marksman, Validus was certainly a horrible coin flipper. The Navi dropped his head on the table, despairing. He looked to one side, and saw a rather spiky looking navi looking his way.

The two seemed to just stare at each other for a moment, until Validus raised his hand. "Hi."
Looking at the dilemma, Meltdown looked at the navi. Uh, hi. You need that?

Concentrating on where the coin would've landed, Meltdown looked at the counter and wall, projecting a path. A small puff of smoke and the coin suddenly flew threw the air and landed on the counter in front of the navi in question.

My name's Meltdown. I believe that's yours. as he pointed to the coin.
Validus stared at the coin that suddenly landed in front of him. "How did... wha... just... What the hell happened?" He sputtered. "Are you an active netbattler? You certainly have the appearance of one..."

"Hey Validus! Sorry, I'm back. What'd I miss?"
"Company. Where did you go?"
"Um, personal stuff. Don't ask."

Validus shook his head, and turned back to the spike-adorned Navi. "My name's Validus, this is my NetOp, Tsujsa Reise."
"Nice to meet you." Tsujsa said as he made a salute gesture at the Navi.
Nice to meet you too. Yeah, I'm a netbattler. Still new to the concept though. Meltdown said as he looked at the gun on the navi's back. Sorry about the coin, I couldn't help myself. I love showing off fire tricks. he smiled as he pointed to the gun. That come standard? It looks powerful.
Validus laughed. "What, this? It's a pretty normal gun if you ask me... it just changes shape depending on battlechip data."

Tsujsa suddenly ut in, his voice irritated. "Hey come on! I worked my ass off just to add in that feature." And before the two of them knew it, they were chuckling. "Well, I have to say, your fire tricks are pretty nifty too."

"Hey, I got an idea. Why don't we go bust some viruses as a team? It's a lot better than soloing if you ask me." Tsujsa suggested.
Looking at the wall on the clock, Meltdown thought that was a great idea. Looks like I'll get to play after all. he thought to himself.

Turning back to Validus, Meltdown nodded. Sure, sounds great. We'll have to go to Sharo net though, that's where my operator is. I'll introduce you when we get there. Meltdown replied.
"Sharo... That's one of the cold climate regions, isn't it?"
"According to database, yes. But you're sitting comfortably at home so I'm not saying anything."

Tsujsa growled at Validus's remark. Validus merely laughed it off.