A quick jump...

Jumping out through the portal from ACDCNet, Nac quickly ran toward, and eventually through, the portal to the SharoNet...
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Junior walked into the square and inched over towards the link to Electown. He stopped nearby and just stood there, waiting to see if anyone would show up before Wes reestablished contact.
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A beam of light shined from up above which just floated high above the ground. From it materialized a creamy colored navi with a long black tail. Her face showed a thrilling expression as she began to fall to the ground.

"HAH! Let's have some fun with this!" She cried as she summoned her long red pole and spun it around a few times. She tucked her legs inward and began to do a few spins in the air before she was 20 feet from the floor. She then sprung her legs out as she touched the ground, making her bound in the air one last time which she then somersaulted back down standing both feet together.

"AH!" She squeaked, "I did it correctly! Not a single flaw! Lucky me! CHEEP CHEEP!"

"C-Capuchin..." Came the timid voice of Aida, "N-nows not the t-time to goof off. Pl-please find that navi."

"OH! I almost forgot! Hehehehe..." Capuchin gave out an embarrassed laugh as she scratched the back of her head. "I gotta find that Junior guy." Capuchin's index finger went straight to her lip as she looked up, "Lets see....what did he look like again? Hmm....glasses....ponytail....like Soulman...OH!" She gasped as she slammed a fist onto a palm, "He must look like a pretty boy!"
Junior waited for his netop. While he stood, he began to think to avoid boredom, Let's see.... navis who might show up. Most likely he was talking about one of the members he found. Its obvious that right now, he's going in search of.... that person right now, so he's out. Maybe Red-chan will show up, since she's one of the three. There's also that monkey navi. At least, I think he said monkey. He also stated that there's a good chance one of the navis who I fought Squalo with is one, so that means that Piano-kun, Volt-kun, or Nac-san might possibly be showing up, but which one? Why does he leave out so many details? He just runs around without giving any one else any info, figuring that as long as he knows what the hell is going on, things will be fine. Really, though, its just one big inconvience for me and anyone else involved. He let out a sigh and took another look around the square. He noticed one semi-familiar face accross the area: it was the girl he had a brief encounter with in the Onsen some time ago, Tail.... ears.... thought so. Monkey navi but..... is it the one I'm looking for? While uncommon, that's not to say that she'd be the only one. But her being here might be too much of a coincidence. Should I go up and talk to her? He looked her over carefully and was reminded that she was quite cute. Memories of his earlier run in with her entered his mind. He started to daydream, then snapped out of it before his mind began to wander too far, Crap! I'd like to go up and talk to her, regardless of whether she's one of the ones I'm supposed to meet, but I have a job to do! This is my parents' legacy. I can't just let my feelings/hormones get in the way. Talking to girls can wait until after I'm finished. She's all the way over there. If she was with us, then she'd be closer to the Electown link. Also, if she did come along, I might get to distracted to battle or search or do whatever properly. Better if she's unrelated to my current assignment altogether. He took another glance at her, then began to have second thoughts, But... if I don't talk to her now, I might not get a second chance. Father, Mother, what should I do?

His mental processes created an image of his mother in his mind. He smiling face lovingly said, "Just do what makes you happy." Next his father's advice popped up, "Well.... if she's cute..... I say totally go for it! Hey, maybe she'll have the same upgrade like your mother.... you know the one.... and you can..."

As these words resounded in Junior's mind, his eyes shot open and his face got red, "Thanks a ton, Dad! Nasty mental images and now I'm getting even more off track than before! Stupid perv. There's more to a relationship than that!" He calmed down, adjusting his glasses which had been misaligned during his indignation. It was settled. Talking to girls and trying to snag a date could wait. He leaned his back against the wall and stared off to the side into space. Why did his dad have to be so weird, even in his imagination?
Pianissimo silently appeared from the portal to ACDC. Even this long after the incident here, traces of it still remained. Perhaps it was his imagination, but Pianssimo thought he saw a navi in a green swordsman's outfit disappear into the Netfrica portal just as he arrived. He did, however, see two familiar faces near the Electown portal.

"Fancy meeting you here, Capuchin. You too, Junior," he said cheerfully, which seemed quite out of character for Pianissimo given his attitude during recent events.
Capuchin gasped, "OH WOW! You're Soulman Jr?" She back flipped over to the navi and stuck her head close to his face, examining all details. She then began to walk around him. When she finally made her way back to his front, Capuchin clapped her hands together, "I'm looking at the real deal here? Your a bit different than Soulman himself."
Voltman hopped out of the portal from Electown Net, looking around. He was about to jump into the Yumland portal for some virus busting there, when he noticed two people just standing near the portal he had just jumped out of. He recognized one of them as his ally from Sharo, and the other navi from their encounters in the Onsen and the Netsquare opening fiasco.
He shrugged, and was about to walk away when he heard the monkey navi say something that definitely piqued his intrest.
"OH WOW! You're Soulman Jr?"
Voltman recoiled as if he had been physically struck. Soulman? His old team leader? It couldn't be the same navi...
But then again, how many people wore purple jumpsuits? Not many, that's for sure. He decided to take a chance on his next move, and he planned his words carefully before stepping up to the two navis.
Sorry to interrupt, he said to Junior, but I never got a chance to formally introduce myself after our battle with Squalo. My name and my counterpart's name are Voltman.exe and MiniVolt.exe, respectively, and our operator Shigeru Yamada.
Shigeru gave a lazy salute.
Voltman switched out of Adult.GMO quickly to allow MiniVolt to talk.
Hi! I remember you! You yelled at that creepy bouncing guy at the netsquare! And then I gave you pie! Pie pie pie p...
But Voltman switched back into the GMO before MiniVolt could get too excited.
And now that you've met both of me, I have a question for you. Are you really Soulman Jr?
Junior felt a bit uncomfortable as Capuchin looked him over, like she was observing a piece of merchindise in a store or artifact in a museum. Her proximity, though uncomfortable, still managed to make him blush, though. After she was done, she gave a closing statement that seemed a bit disappointed, "Of course I'm not exactly the same. If they just merely copied his data and upgraded him a bit, I'd be Soulman.EXE V2. When they added 'Junior' to my name, they literally meant that I was his son and he was passing down his name. In other words, he wasn't my only parent, thus a few of my features come from elsewhere." He crossed his arms, a bit irritated. Was the differences that separated him from his father really all that bad.

Just then, Junior felt the link to his PET reopened, "Yo. You there, Junior? Ah good, looks like the others found you." As he said that, Voltman showed up too, "Voltman and Shigeru... they are on the roster, but they didn't have that many points, which is why I didn't think to track them down. However, being registered with the original Master is the important part..."

"So they're in, I take it? And yes, I am Soulman_Junior.EXE. Once we get on the net, I'll prove it!" Junior shouted. He then sighed. Why was his origins being brought into question? And would he now be forced to live in his father's shadow, without being able to display his individuality?
Voltman was a bit confused as Soulman and Wes talked, and seeing as they were mentioning "rosters" and "points", he had every right to be. Was he entered in some kind of tournament without knowing anything about it?
Suddenly, Soulman started talking to Voltman, replying to his question.
"So they're in, I take it? And yes, I am Soulman_Junior.EXE. Once we get on the net, I'll prove it!" He said. Voltman couldn't help feeling that he had said something wrong, and he tried to think of anything he said that could have irritated this navi. He came up with a blank. About to ask what was wrong, he was interrupted by Shigeru.
"In?" What are we in?
I don't know. Some kind of tourney, I guess. Rosters and points, etc.
Wait, wait. Hold up. Roster? As in the TEAM roster?
Voltman gave Shigeru his blankest look. He had no idea what his operator was talking about.
Yeah! You know, the one we had to get into by facing that Test-Virus? The fat Volgear?
The gears finally slid into place in Voltman's head. He turned to Soulman, an incredulous look on his face.
Are you... reviving Requiem?
"It would appear so. Anyway..." Pianissimo drew his sword and started tracing letters in the air, which lit up with dark red flames. "Unless you need me for something right now, I'm going to go now. This," he indicated the dark red flames, which now spelled out dukerigel@home.net, "is my operator's e-mail, if you need us for anything."

He started to walk away, then turned around to face them again, just in case.
"EEP EEP!" Capuchin happily jumped for joy at this, "This oughtta be fun! So...where do we go?"

"C-capuchin..." the stuttering voice of Aida came on, "I s-saw that we have a b-bit of money...and to make s-sure you don-nt get b-badly hurt...I w-would like to buy s-som chips before we go...."

Capuchin's eyes gleamed like stars as she quickly did a somersault. "CHEE CHEE! Really Aida?! OOH OOOH! I wanna powerful chip! And an Upgrade to boot!!!!"

"O-Of course!" Aida happily replied, "I-is that a-alright Mr.Jr? I-I would really l-like to he-help you but I would l-ike to attend to th-this first."
"See you around, Piano-kun. SO, what now, Wes?" Junior asked.

"Well, I need you to search Electown's net. Whether you go alone or if either of the other two wanted to tag along, that's up to you. Also, if Ambridge wanted to grab some chips, but Capuchin still wanted to come, you could still probably head out now. You'd just have to protect her until her netop came back, okay?" Wes said, "Of course, if you wanted to wait anyway, that'd be fine. Enjoy."

Junior turned to the two navis, "Either of you feel like coming along? And if so, did you want time to prepare or are you ready to go?"
Voltman shrugged.
I'm fine with going, but just give me a second to jack out and heal. I got hit by a cheap shot from a stinking Cacti virus...
And with that, he dissappeared from the net in a flash of yellow light, sparks playing around the area where he had been.

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Voltman reappeared, the gashes that had formerly covered his abdomen healed.
Alright! Let's get going, when you all are ready!
And with that, he sat down at one of the nearby tables, picking a drink from the menu and sipping from it as he observed the other navis.
"I'm ready whenever you are!" Capuchin cheeped.
Pianissimo meanwhile, left through a random portal. Waiting on things to happen was taking too long.
"Okay, then let's go." Junior headed towards the Electown link, then paused a minute, "Aida-san, feel free to run to the Chip Shop quick. I can watch over Capuchin-san for the short time you're away." He then proceeded into the warp.
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Voltman finished off his drink quickly as Soulman left through the portal. He sighed, knowing full wel that there would be more Cacti virii, but he just sucked it up and headed through anyways. After all, he still had Energypacks.
"A-are you s-sure you'll be o-okay Ca-puchin?"

The navi gave a nod to Aida. "Of course! Now hop to it! I can't wait to see the new chips I receive!!!" And then jumped to the warp.