Adults only?...WRONG!

After her plane touched down upon Netvegas, Her mind began to wonder towards gambling and slot machines. Unfortunately for her, Koumori piped up, snapping her out of her gambling stupor. "Mistress. I wish to know why you changed so many of my signature attacks. Now I have these "passives" and this...empowering signature." She said, before she could object to her signature changes, Kedamono pulled out her PET and stared Koumori in the eyes.
"Seeing as how you hardly use signature attacks any more, I thought I could give you more versatility to heal and gain more attack accuracy. And as for your empowering signature effect, you can deal additional damage to enemies now, being able to delete enemies at higher speeds. Also, Momo, I am in the process of giving you more versatility in battles. Your wings will be able to carry you over panel effects and I'll be able to increase your attack power. Anyways, I'm jacking you both into the network. I don't know how tough the viruses are, so, I want you to jack out if things get too tough for you to handle." Kedamono explained, pleading the navi and her support program to keep them off the next obituaries page in the Netvegas times as she jacked them into the net.
"D-Damn it all to hell...not again...why now? Of all times?" Kedamono questioned as she sobbed and slumped to the ground. "I-I can't believe dad would pull this, capturing Koumori like that as if she...No...the project, of course, he needed her for that years ago. He's still willing to conduct those experiments on her again? She was nearly deleted the last time he tried that." Kedamono said to herself as she got back up onto her feet, if still a bit shaky. "I should go home, come up with a plan...make a new navi somehow." She mumbled to herself as she hopped the next plane back to the closest airport to ACDC town and taking the train to, of course, ACDC town.