Break from the world

"You know," Pianissimo sighed as Duke got off the ferry to Hades Isle, "Somehow when I said you needed a break, I didn't mean for you to go set up here of all places."

"Whatever," Duke answered, choosing a somewhat shaded spot and setting up his portable shelter. "Very few people ever come here, so it was as good a place as any, so..." He broke off as he walked inside and noticed a light on the shelter's wireless. "There's still some sort of network here?"

"Seems like it. Should I check it out?"

"Hold on..." Duke answered, connecting the wireless. "There." He pressed a button and sent Pianissimo into the net.
Duke stepped out of the shelter, allowing it to collapse again, then stretched before picking it up. "Oh god...feels like I've been in there for eight months," he said.

"You need a life," the assassin pointed out.

"I do, I really do," Duke said, sighing, before suddenly perking up. "Hey, with all the intel we've gotten on those guys, we could be secret agents or spies or something. How's that for a life?"

"Let's....not." Pianissimo said simply. "And speaking of that, what've you got?"

"A portable shelter, the ability to go anywhere, a hiking stick,"

It was the navi's turn to sigh. "I meant for intel. Did you miss anything?"

"You should've asked this before I packed up," Duke complained. Nonetheless, he thought over the notes he took. "Everything you said, plus some notes on the weapons in the last room, the cleric, the Executioners, and the flying fortress. Plus, everything you recorded was saved. And I copied the bounty post. Was there anything else?"

"No, I think that was it," Pianissimo said. Duke nodded, picking up the collapsed shelter briefcase and boarding the ferry back.