The staff entrance door swung open with a muffled creak as Norton walked in, cheerfully playing with his favorite knife. The sounds of busy prep work echoed throughout the kitchen as he slipped the knife in his hand into a nearby wooden knife block. "Good morning, everyone," he cheerfully quipped, waving out to all of his employees. Bright faces smiled back at the man's greeting, but their hands continued moving, looking like a well-oiled machine with smooth-running cogs at every station.

"Good morning, chef." "Morning, chef!" "Hey, chef!"

Walking around the kitchen, Norton inspected each prep station at a glance, nodding in satisfaction at each one. "Good to see everyone's in top form today as usual," he said, reaching for the another knife from a nearby knife block and throwing it about, as he usually did.

"I'll be in the office if anyone needs me. Still have a bit of paperwork to get through. I'll see you all before service," he said, moving through the kitchen area into his office. The small room looked fairly cozy, with a decently sized desk in the center of the room commanding anyone's attention, with a few neatly stacked papers, a large flat monitor, and a small picture frame sitting atop it. Behind it stood an elegant office chair. Light filtered through some window blinds, along with a set of potted plants in the corners to complete the room.

Norton snapped the fingers on his robotic arm, lighting up the area almost immediately, before walking over to the chair and sitting down. Looking at the stack of papers on his desk, he sighed. "You'd think we'd have gotten rid of paper documents by now," he said, picking one up. Staring at it for a bit, he suddenly adjusted himself in his seat. "SliceMan!"

The holographic image of Norton's Navi showed up on the desk, looking rather anxious. "Y-Yes?"

"All this is going to be the paperwork for the re-opening of the Meat Hacker's net side. While I go through this I want you to go check up on some of our suppliers. You remember where they're at?"

SliceMan straightened up. "Y-Yes, sir, as far as I recall they're currently based at the various NetCafes."
"Good, go check up on the branch around here. Maybe find some new knives while you're at it, you fumble around really badly without one."
"U-Understood! I'll be heading off!"

The chef-like Navi saluted his operator with as much gusto as he could muster, before disappearing in a beam of light. Reclining in his chair, Norton sighed again as he looked at the piece of paper in his hand. "Right, I guess I'll get started on these..."

[Jack In - Netfrica Net.]