"So what you're telling me is that you've had a Mustang convertible at your house all this time and you haven't bothered to...you know...use it?"

"One, I haven't need to," Duke sighed, walking up to his house in Sharo, "Two, I haven't BEEN to my house since before you existed. So shut up."

"Whatever," Pianissimo answered.

Duke walked into his house and was greeted by the usual half-frozen interior. "Now, where the hell did I put those car keys?" he asked himself before finally finding them in a basket next to the door.

Minutes later, he walked back outside and locked the door to the house once again. He had to dig through a mound of snow to get to his car, a dark blue, eight-year-old Mustang convertible that still looked almost new, despite spending most of its life under large amounts of snow and only being used every few weeks...or sometimes every few months. He opened the door and immediately cringed at how much colder it was inside than it was outside, quite an achievement. "Maybe I shouldn't have ditched the cape after all," he muttered, looking down at his bare arms.

It took several tries to start the car. Duke was used to this, but every time he had to do it, he considered the fact that he should probably actually use it more often. Finally it started, and more cold air blasted him from the air conditioning. "At least the cold air won't be a problem in Netfrica," he said, pulling out of the driveway and driving off.