Jay's home......

Timmy jumped off the plane that had dropped him off at sharo and wraping his coat tightly around him he walked through the snow until he reached a large house painted sky blue, he opened a pocket on his coat and pulled out a small key and he quickly moved to the front door and unlocked the door, he walked through with the door flinging open from him pushing through and turned on the power, lighting the house up, showing the dust that gathered from the last time he had come here, he grabed the feather duster and started to get rid of the dust that had covered the home.

*half an hour later*

"Ok, finished, whew......i'm not dusting this house again."
"Heh, seems like looking over Jay's home is more tiring than you thought."
"Shut up Nikko, YOU still have to bust some viruses, as usual."
"DAMN IT! i was HOPING you would forget!"
"Ya, well......time to jack you in."
"Can't we SKIP it this time?"

Timmy walked up the stairs that were to the left of the front door and walked into a large room, painted with a light red coloring, and he sat down at a PC that was at the far part of the room, sat down and turned it on, he then jacked Nikko into the PC, most likely filled to the brim with viruses.
Timmy jacked Nikko out of the net and within a few minutes, Timmy had shut off the power to the house and locked it up, it was gonna be a while longer before he would come back to the house as he jumped on a plane that headed down twords electopia and the next thing he did he jumped on a metro headed twords scilabs.