As soon as she got off the metro, Penny felt the wind whip up, the scent of the sea filling her nose as the waves rolled well as noisy travelers, loud children and the occasional dog as she began to wonder her way around the area. Apparently she had come at a busy time for the season, but despite that she wound her way towards the public beaches. The operator quickly finding an empty spot to sit down, blanket and all, a picnic basket and large travel bag at her side as she spread her beach blanket out and lay out in the slightly overcast day, a thin layer of sunblock covering her arms, legs and face to make sure she couldn't get burned nearly as badly. The operator letting out a sigh as she watched the sea roll in and out, her navi propped up beside her as she let out a yawn.

*sigh* the sea breeze feels so nice. Wish I could stay out here forever. Just watch the sea roll in and out. Unfortunately...we don't get that simple luxury. Gonna have to go back to work tomorrow, back inside of Scilab to do more research and decoding of the world's secrets and all of that...*sigh* She went on and on, the operator completely oblivious to the world around her, at least until her navi made the armor piercing question.

Why not leave then? Find a new job? You don't need to stay around a place that has actively- Fenixia began, but quickly cut off.
I was told to stay there...I can't just leave...unless they decide to fire me.'s also where I found you...and if I had handed your data over to them...You'd still be without a navi. I'm sorry what happened to your commercial model. I'm sure you were close to him...where did you say you lost him at? The navi asked simply. Yoka. But why- She began to say something else, but Fenixia had jacked herself into a nearby landline not more than a few feet away. F-Fenixia?