Rule Edit: Buster System

Alright, since the old tweak to the buster system didn't seem to really solve much of anything, we're changing it again!

The old system formula was [(Attack*Rapid)+5] for the regular shot, and [(Attack*Charge*4)+20] for the charge shot.

Well, we're so crazy, it's now (Atttack*Rapid*2) for the regular, and (Attack*Charge*8) for the charge! It still takes three actions to shoot a charged shot, though.

ALSO: Since that doesn't change the fact that it costs your first born to change your damages, and since I'm such a zany guy, I'm gonna edit the price of the NaviCust Expansion packs as well! What was once 2000 Zenny+500 for each next expansion, is NOW 1000 Zenny +500 for each next expansion! With prices this low, I must be mad!

Act now and I'll even throw in a free undercoat! Er... These changes come into effect now. Please make a note of it for your damage summaries and such.
Quick heads-up: Thanks to a brilliant insight from Eon, Recov types now heal only 1/2 their buster damage with the Conversion ability.