Stalker Beach

It had been a long and awkward trip to get here via metro with Finny following him, but Roger made it to Beach Street. He wasn't sure what she wanted from him but figured the sooner she got it, the sooner he could get back to his regular life. Part of him wondered if he was in the middle of being scammed or conned somehow. He passed another glance at Finny and saw genuine loathing in her eyes.

Nope. Not a con.

"I- Uh... I don't know what you're after, but I was just going to sit down somewhere and relax for a bit." Roger said. "I figure DubloonMan and I could use the change of scenery from Scilab."

Taking a seat on a bench, Roger was fortunate enough to find a jack-in port on one of the arm rests. He nodded to Finny with a slight grin as if to reassure her he wasn't up to anything before jacking-in and leaning back.

((Beach Net))
Finny stubbornly followed Roger all the way through the metro and up through the beach till the sailor stopped at one of many benches on the street. She barely uttered a word through the whole trip, and at the same time, Roger constantly peeked at her as if he was checking up on something.

When Roger tried to explain about why he came over to the Beach street, an idea came along the Creamland girl as she took the seat next to the man. "Alright, how about this?...There's no doubt that your navi is strong. Really strong to make a fool out of my already-foolish navi!" Finny took out her PET and jacked in to the same port Roger used as she smiled at him.

"Your punishment is to train Cambiare into a stronger navi. Who knows? Maybe he might become strong enough to beat the 'master'!" She did not wait to hear what Roger had to say about it all. The operator pressed the jack-in button in her PET and waited to see how thing would unfold over at the digital world...