Tour de Beach

"And we're here!" Sabrina looked up at the towering building in front of her, which had but three letters to denote what it was for: DNN. "I don't remember this looking so big the last time I was here...oh well!" SNAP!

"Wh-what was that?!"

"Hey, I'm being a tourist today, so I thought I'd take some pictures!" And now, she had a nice picture of the DNN building. "Wonder if they allow photography inside?"

"I, Sabrina?"


"What time is it?"

"Uh...8:58...aww, shoot! We're way too early!"

"Yeah, the MetroLine was a lot smoother than we, what do you wanna do to kill some time?"

"Umm...well, we're already in front of the station, so I think we shouldn't go very far off...but!" The Netopian girl turned towards a parked van in front of the station. "Television vehicles like that one can connect to the internet, so they can give and receive information at maximum speed!"

'...You want to jack into it?! Isn't that illegal?"

"Well, I've never heard anything about it being that. Besides, we're just going to do some busting. It won't be anything that'll get us in trouble!"

"I hope not...but I guess you have a point. All right, send me in whenever!"

"That's the spirit!" She was pretty close, so she just needed to find a port accessible from outside...aha, perfect. "Jack in! SplashMan, Execute!"

As soon as he was back in the safety of his PET, SplashMan initiated its recovery program, rapidly restoring him to peak condition. "Phew...that was rough!"

"I know...those Marinee were tough! Wonder what their chip does? If it's like their attack, it'd be pretty awesome to have..."

"I am NOT battling those things again anytime soon!"

"Oh, chill! For all we know, the BattleChip sucks!"

"Attention please! Those scheduled for the Den Tourism tour of Beach Street, please form a line next to entry way." A pleasant sounding voice rang in the ears of everyone nearby, including one Sabrina Christine Jetto.

"Ack!" A look at the time revealed...9:58. That was close. "I gotta get going!"


"Welcome, everyone, to the Den Tourism Tour, Beach Street Edition! My name is-" A man running by dropping something with a loud noise, preventing her from hearing the identity of the person responsible for her having fun for the day. "As you can see, this is the world famous DNN television station! Even though it was built in 19XX, it still stands strong today, and DNN shows no signs of slowing down!"

Cue the montage!

"This is DNN's lobby. It's large and spacious, allowing them to use for anything from welcoming large groups, to prop storage, and even the occasional impromptu rehearsal! Occasionally, DNN's biggest stars can be seen relaxing here, as it's rather laid back compared to the rest of the station. None here today, though. Sorry!"

"This is...well, it's just a hallway. To your right leads to a large storage area, but you need the proper ID to get inside. And an elevator! Normally, the public can't access it, either, but as part of the tour, we can go in and check out the next floor!"

"This may look like another hallway, but see that window? Not everyone knows this, but DNN also airs a radio broadcast! They're airing as we speak, so we can't take a closer look, but audio magic occurs in that room! Though, I've heard that it's always very hot in there, so it might be better to stay out here where it's nice and cool!"

"And, welcome to the editing room! The entire building is run from this room, which everything is spliced, combined, and formed into the quality programming everyone loves!"

The dozens of monitors, however, decided that they no longer wished to show that quality programming, and they began to form a sea of static.

"What's going on?"

"Urgh! Viruses! They breached the firewall!"

"What?! How? Even our Navis couldn't smash it down during the tests!"

"I dunno...but they look super tough!"

"We can't waste any time here! Jack in!"

"Er...looks like they're having trouble. Let's head back, shall we?"

The group turned and shuffled out of the one. Sabrina sidled up against the wall, allowing everyone to pass her, then started to walk towards the action.

"Excuse me, miss! We shouldn't disturb them..." The tour guide didn't miss a thing, apparently...

"Disturb 'em nothing! I'm bailing them out!" The walk became a run, as the Netopian girl rushed to the scene...

"Hang on! Ugh, there's one in every group...everyone, wait here! I'm going after her!"

As she approached the room's main console, the employees in charge suddenly became distraught as they looked at their PETs. "No, my Navi!" "The viruses are too strong!" "Why? They've never been this strong before!" "So much for my job security..."

"Hey, what's going on?"

"Some viruses created a crack in the station's firewall, and now they're wreaking havoc on the main console! We tried to defeat them, but they're just too powerful..."

"Not a problem! SplashMan, are you all healed up after that last run?"

"I'm still a little tired, but I'm not gonna stand around and watch the viruses destroy this station!"

"There you are!" Sabrina promptly found her PET holding arm grabbed by the tour guide, who started trying to drag her off. "You're not getting yourself in trouble! They're trained professionals, and they can't do it! So c'mon! You're holding things up!"

Luckily, despite being at least several years younger, the Netopian girl proved the stronger of the two, and freed herself from the grasp. "Are you serious? You think I'd try this if I didn't think I could do it?" Button pressing engaged, causing some numbers pertaining to SplashMan to pop up on her screen, and was promptly shoved into the guide's face. "Here's my Navi's specs! Still think I can't at least try?"

"...That's...quite a Navi..." She took a few steps back...but only a few. "Everyone should be fine outside in the hallway, since only DNN personnel and myself can work the elevator. So, as your tour guide, I-" A sudden burst of static prevented Sabrina from hearing her name...again. "-am going to stay here and watch over you! Everyone! You should let her take a crack at it. She's a lot tougher than she looks..."

"...Oh, all right, it's not like we have time to wait on the NetPolice..." A path was cleared for her to jack directly into the console's computer. "Just be careful, will ya?"

"Sure. All right, SplashMan, let's get to it!" Standard jack-in pose, initiated. Pointing infrared sensor at the console's, done. Shouting procedure, commence. "Jack in! SplashMan, Execute!"

As soon as her Navi finished transferring, Sabrina bent over and placed her hands on her knees, mentally drained from so much tricky busting at once. "That was...something. But at least we did it!"

"You sure did! And with that..." SNAP! Something sounded like a camera clicking echoed through the room. "There! I'll make sure all the security Mr. Progs get this picture of you. With that, you can go anywhere in the studio you want! ...Of course, I have to ask you not to disturb anyone. That would be bad. But you've saved us in our moment of's not much, but I'm sure being able to check out all your favorite DNN shows is a pretty nice reward!"

"Um...sure!" The guy really looked like he meant what he said...she didn't have the heart to tell him she thought Electopian TV was silly. "I'll check it out sometime!"

"Phew...that was Grade A busting!...Ahh!"

"Now what?"

"The time..." A look at the room's clock revealed the exact reason: 3:30 PM. "The tour's wrecked!"

"...Shoot! I didn't even notice, I was too wrapped up in the fighting..."

"Oh, don't worry! We'll do a reschedule for another day! You can hop in Beach Street's tour group any time, though, free of charge! I can do that much for you!"

"Cool! Thanks!"

"Well, I think we need to head on out. I've gotta report this, and you...well, I guess you can do whatever, now that you have permission from the station."

"Well, so much for a nice, relaxing tour." With a sigh, Sabrina walked over to the door. "There's some things I need to do, so I'm outta here. I'll make sure to stop by and check things out sometime, though! Later, everyone!" And she left the room...left the building...left all of Beach Street. There were things to do, after all.