Final Hidden Bomb

Stepping from the Train, Mark walked along the beach, gazing over the water at the next area he would have to go, Hades Island. There was a near by boat that made runts to the island every few hours. Mark wondered over to it, and checked the time until the next trip.

Two hours.

Mark had a strong feeling where the last of the bombs was, but as to not waste time, he quickly set his feet into motion and moved in the proper direction. "Let's hope I'm right about this so we don't have to worry about missing the boat. If I can get this right, we shall be good and able to enjoy the beach. Maybe get some lemonade or something. Enjoy the water some."

Mark looked over his attire. Maybe that wouldn't be a strong idea, he was still wearing his very formal clothing and nice shoes. Simply walking along the sandy beaches was an issue, having to roll up the pants legs and hold his shoes and socks in his hands, the Sensation of sand between his toes strong.

"Maybe we'll just get the last bomb done and wait on the pier."

"You change your mind a lot. You get flustered as well. Maybe you shouldn't plan things so far in advance until you get a grasp on the present."

Mark thought about the words and responded, "I don't get flustered!"

Trent rolled his eyes and turned off his holo display. Mark walked along the boardwalk, steeping in own anger for a moment before walking to the front of a bigger boardwalk store. He inspected he target area where the bomb should be. A security camera. He turned on the wifi for the program, and held his PET closer to the camera.
Regardless of how close he put his PET to the security camera, it didn't seem Mark was getting any activating from the trigger program. So nope, that wasn't it.
Mark pulled the PET back and shook it once and held it back up to the camera. Still no reaction. He was gathering rather odd looks from the other members of the store for fiddling with the camera. He pull the PET back down and said, "Huh. Well I have a few other ideas for what this one could be. It shouldn't be nearly as much of a chase as the last one." He stepped back into the bright sun of the beach, reattaching his PET to his hip while he walked barefoot through the sand. Good thing it was midday by now, making the sand much less heated.

Trent still hadn't brought back up his holo display, which made Mark wonder what he was doing, or what Mark had done to upset the Navi. As much as Mark tried, he couldn't shrug it off, and started to walk more slowly when the next store came into sight. "Trent?"

No answer.

Mark sighed and walked into an electronics store on the beach front, and migrated over to the TV section. He pulled out the PET, flicked the displays into place to hit the switch for the Bomb, and began searching the TV section of the store. "It should be here somewhere, I would hope."
Despite standing next to every TV in the store, and drawing a couple of stares from store employees, the trigger program failed to, er, trigger. Guess that wasn't it, either.
Not to be deterred, Mark bolted from the store, his items in tow behind him. Once his eyes laid sight on the sand once more, his head turned from side to side, scanning for the next item in his thoughts for what the clue might happen to be. Trent's hologram popped up revealed the warrior standing with his arms crossed, a deep scowl on his face. Maybe the activation of the trigger twice and the lack of viruses has annoyed Trent.

Mark cast a glance down to the hologram. "There are several things that this one could be, don't look at me like that." Mark hit a button on the PET dismissing the Navi. This action served him in no way towards earning the respect of the navi as more than just a useful tool, instead of an ally.

The structure came into view, the large wooden stilts of the beach relic standing tall among the people and umbrellas on the beach. Mark moved along the boardwalk at first, not wanting to interact with the sand again, and moved closer to the lifeguard stand. As he approached the stairs down to the beach, several umbrellas feel as the midday sun no longer burned and fried people with as much intensity.

Walking through the sand, up to the lifeguard stand, Mark unclipped the PET and visually scanned the object before turning on the PET. He didn't see anything immediately off hand, but maybe it was hidden, or in the seat itself.
After a thorough inspection, and the lack of trigger program activation, it was pretty clear that the chair wasn't the spot.
Pulling the PET back to his side, he gave the chair a dirty look, as though it had failed him in some way or was unsuccessful to him. The soft sand preventing him from stomping away in rage, his hard footsteps only sending small billows of sand up, the cloud of rocks hovering over his feet for a moment before falling back down the rest of its allies.

"I will get where I this bomb is. I still have more ideas yet," Mark said determined and unable to be deterred. This was the last bomb. Trent wanted this SP and mark wanted to earn the respect of the navi. Failing on getting him his dog again wouldn't be good at all. He had to find the bomb. The edge of the boardwalk was near, and another one of the objects on his list came into view.

"There has to be a bomb around one of those somewhere," Mark said causally nodding towards the telescopes on boardwalks to view the ocean for the cost of a quarter. Mark washed the sand from his feet and dried them with a nearby complimentary towel. He quickly threw his socks back on and careful put his now dusty black leather shoes on. Rushing over to the telescopes, he turned on the trigger program and walked around a small section of the telescopes, checking under and around them as well. While he looked Mark found he couldn't resist the temptation to look through one of the scopes.
He got a lovely view of the ocean, but Mark found nothing resembling a bomb. Additionally, one had to wonder exactly what the 'quarter' that they were asking for was.
Mark sat down on the boardwalk under the telescopes and placed his hands on his hands which rested on his knees. He thought a bit more. Maybe the object wasn't meant to see in a literal way. "But how else could it be?" Mark muttered under his breath as he read the email over once more, flipping through other screens on his PET, thinking to himself about what it could be. All the while he eyes were fixed upon the ground.

A few minutes passed, with Mark not lifting his eyes, and his thoughts becoming more and more frustrated towards this clue. He repeated it once more. "Even though it views all, it does not see....views all...views all." Mark's words became more and ore spread out as time passed on this subject. "Maybe the person wrote the clue wrong? I mean nothing else I can think of views all. Other than sensitive equipment in the hospital. Maybe it is supposed to be is viewed by all. Ugh I don't know."

Mark took a breather from thinking and leaned his head back letting the hot sun cover his face. His eyes closed as he did so, the warm sun bathing his face. A deep sigh of calm of released as he opened his eyes and saw the TV stations tower above him. "It is high enough to view all," Mark thought.

He stood up and moved towards the TV station, now with much less enthusiasm in his step. Once he arrived he found the facade of the station to open into the lobby, but getting to the actual tower wouldn't be best done this way. He moved around to the side of the building, seeing the enclosed fence of the broadcast tower. No one was around, but still Mark was sneaking like a secret agent as he moved around the building he was pressed up against.

He moved to the gate and checked the lock. It was, very luckily, undone. Sliding the gate open and stepping in, he pulled out the PET and flipped the trigger around the base of the tower.
After a moment, it became clear that the tower wasn't the location of the bomb...mainly because that trigger wasn't doing much triggering, sadly.
There was one more location inside of the station itself that Mark wanted to try, before heading to the location of interest in the area, the hospital. However, both of the locations would require a degree of...stealth. Mark rather thought he stood out like a sore thumb in all honesty. Not so much at the station itself though, now that he gave it some thought. "Trent, do you have any ideas on this clue? There are a lot of possibilities I think, and I'm running out of options. I only have a few ideas left for what it could be."

Trent didn't answer. The PET screen flickered slightly for a moment before going dim once more. Mark was on his own for what he should do here. Letting out a sad sigh he started his movement to the front of the station building, leaving the tower itself in his trails as he adventured onwards once more for the correct location of this vague, and rather tricky bomb.

Pushing the door open, his hand leaving a greasy hand print on the cooled glass surface, the air conditioning on the inside of the building clearly running on full blast. The lobby of the building was void of a vast amount of people, with a dozing Secretary sitting behind the front desk, her head resting in her hand, and her mouth uneloquently draping open. Mark quickly walked on the shiny title floors past her and down the long hall way to the back of the station.

He could hear sounds of TV shows being filmed and ever so scripted audience applause resonating down the halls. The room he was looking for was tucked into the back corner o the long hall, the TV viewing room. The simple wooden door held behind it a wall of tv monitors, each a different show, some on commercials, as the people inside viewed the screens, some fiddling with the controls.

Mark pushed the door open.

A single head rose to look at him, and stare for a second. Mark nervously kept walking, trying to not say anything. After a moment of prolonged eye contact with the other man, he gave a gentle nod in his direction, showing he noticed the man's gaze. The man returned the favor and looked back at his own section of screens. For once Mark's over fancy dress gained him some form of benefit, as he seemed to blend into corporate environments. He flipped out his PET and dimmed the screens before starting the trigger. He walked around the back of the room to start his scan, figuring if the bomb was here viewing all of the screens, it would be closer to the back of the room.
Hmm...hmm...HMM...nope. It wasn't responding. Wait, was that-nope, nada. Still nothing. The horror...THE HORROR...
Mark had a few more plans for the TV station before determining that the bomb was not in this location. He quickly grabbed a small item, a pen maybe, and headed back out to avoid anyone noticing he simply walked in and walked back, all the while waving his PET like a weapon. Mark reattached the PET to his hip, and walked further into the halls of the TV station. Only a few doors from the first room he visited, he found the camera storage room.

He looked at the handle. Locked. How was he to get in? He thought for a second before he heard a noise from inside the room. He pressed his ear to the door, and no sooner did he do that, was he greeted with a lovely wooden door to the face. Stumbling backwards, he opened the way for a headphone wearing young intern of the station, wheeling out a camera. Mark held the door and slipped in afterwards, the lens and the metal of the tv cameras all showing the reflection of the intruder of the room before the door closed.

Mark flipped a light switch and pulled out the PET and scanned the cameras in the room, checking under and above every lens and box frame.
Hmm...nope, nothing on any of the TV cameras. Seriously, where was this thing? But before Mark could look somewhere, in came a cameraman, who appeared to be rather exhausted as he carried a shoulder mounted camera in the room.

"Ugh...this is the last time I work the morning shift! Seriously, we've got people, why do I have to go around shooting soap operas, talk shows, AND that weird sci-fi movie back-to-back?! I think I've shot just about everything with this thing..." He reached and rubbed his right eye, which clearly had markings around it from camera usage. "And this thing! I dunno what it is and why they put it on that, but it's irritating the heck out of me!" Setting the device down, he reached to grab something atop it, and tried to yank it. He failed, but it looked highly familiar...

"Huh?" And just like that, the searcher of virus bombs was found. "Hey, what are you doing here? Personnel only!...What the?!" The trigger program activated one final time, as the bomb's contents spilled into the PET...

(TO THE NET...and don't worry about the random guy, he's in stasis until the battle is over)
Mark checked over the status of the PET quickly as the battle ended. Everything seemed to be in order yet again, and the health of Trent quickly returned to full once the viruses had been executed. He placed the PET back onto his side holster and looked at the cameraman. He gave a quick bow and left from the room. "I'm sorry sir, I'm new and I was lost. Didn't mean to enter here!"

With a sharp turn to the left he moved down the hallway, keeping his feet moving quickly but attempting to not look in haste to be leaving the building. The sun blinded him as he stepped outside, the heat of the beach near assaulting him as he moved out of the cooled building. His normal clothes ere a great hindrance here, and as he cast his eyes out of the ocean to Hades Isle, he thought of how great the heat there would be. In the netbattling chambers of the volcano.

"Are you Ready Trent?"

"Yes," Trent said blatantly with a hint of disappointment and anger in his voice.

Mark was concerned but ignored it, knowing Trent would have nothing more to do with him until he managed to get assist in getting the SP unit for him. He placed Trent back unto his side, connected the headphones, rolled up his sleeves, and stepped unto the boat to leave for the island. He grabbed a seat near the edge, so that he could watch the water as they rode. The boat wasn't to leave for another 30 minutes, so Mark closed his eyes and enjoyed his shady sitting spot.