Fun in the sun in shop?

Vincent made his way up out of the monorail system and set foot upon the famous Beach Street. Taking a short glance around as he started towards the meeting place, he was early by half an hour for his appointment with another operator. Not to bad a place, a little warmer then I'd prefer, but that's natural I suppose.

Stepping into the coffee shop he'd order himself a peach iced tea before finding a table near the windows facing the beach, a perfect backdrop for today's venture into the net.

Taking the time to fold his coat and tug the top button of his shirt free he'd take a seat and draw his PET to flick it open lightly. Bringing up the current specs of his navi after her latest updates. "How are you feeling Lucia?"

Said navi seemed to stir from her slumber and sit up slightly from her resting place, letting out a very un-lady-like stretch and yawn, only to fall back against her new pet. The large bestial wolf that easily dwarfed the fiery spirit. "Mmmmm, I wanna sleep some more, Arty is comfortable."

Arty seemed to not mind one way or another at being used as a pillow, or in this case a bed as fluffed tail curled around the navi, sniffing at the air "Sir, if there is no hurry she may as well rest, where are we going today?"

Vincent would smirk as he shook his head slowly. "The beach, not the best place to take Lucia were she alone, but with you keeping an eye on her, as well as a potential new ally, we should be able to handle what comes our way. For now let her rest, she'll be very busy once our guest as arrived."
Sullen was just glad how affordable public transportation was even if it meant that she had to carry around pamphlets with bus and subway info. It was good that she didn't have to dress out of the ordinary; her usual sandals halter and shorts did just fine on the beach. Just different colored earth tones today. She was tugging her one trolley suitcase up the metro stairs; it was with her in case she wanted to buy something or needed a change of clothes. It felt good to be out and in somewhere new; she had lost track of how many days she spent in the hotel or how many nights she had visited Si-labs.

She started to wander about slowly looking for a coffee shop; wondering if it was close by or if there was more than one of them. Her old P.E.T. was in her pocket for now; so she could check the Board if she truly needed to ask for directions. Sally really didn't have anything to say or maybe she was just getting used to her complete sidegrade.
Vincent would glance down at the clock on his PET before quirking his brow faintly, noticing the time and the missing member of his new party. Rather then wait for her to greatly he'd go back to read through the BBS once more. Chuckling at what he'd discovered. Strangers meeting with nothing to go on but names..

He'd quickly fix that mistake, then it was just a matter of miss Sullen to check the board again.
She hadn't given up, but she did sit down on a bench to try and think about what she was going to do next. Pondering if she should just walk around asking his name around and hoping that she would get lucky. Her train of thoughts was broken when her PET started to beep in her pocket.

She flicked the wallet sized thing open and pulled the grip down so she could hold it comfortably "Your subscription to the BBS has been updated." Saluki said in a rather dull tone. After all going from such a long string of net battles to doing mundane services was just boring.

After a few taps of the keyboard and dragging her finger around the touch screen (for mouse purposes of course!) she loaded up a current picture of the person who made the request. She held it up and got a good look at the picture. Great he is tall, tan, hazel eyes and a pony tail. It was a start at least she could start ambling around looking for anyone that met the description and more importantly a coffee shop; she really could use an ice cap right now.

She pressed her hands against the glass of the coffee shop and tried to peer inside it; it was the closest one to the rail's so she just hoped that it was the right one.
"No Lucia, I'm not sure what type of navi Saluki is, she claims its a beast navi, perhaps an animal like Artio there, either way the point is for you to get more experience with a partner."

"But I already got good at playing with others, besides that SINNie was fun! If alittle dull personality wise, but he was all knightly and the like, and I never did get to see the castle's dungeon!!"

Vince was about to question her sudden desire for seeing a dungeon when a girl pressed her gaze to the glass near by. Quirking his brow before smirking faintly and shaking his head. Taking up his cup of tea to sip softly as he closes his eyes. "Seems our guest has arrived, if she realizes its me that is, so you'll get to meet this Saluki shortly my dear."
She held up the PET once last time to do a double check before she put it away and made her way into the little coffee shop. She waved before ordering and ice cappuccino topped off with caramel and whipped cream which just looked huge in her little hands.

She sat across from you with her little wheeled bag rested near her seat. It did somewhat intimidating with you being literally a foot taller than her. "You are Vincent right?" offering her free hand to shake; while she took the odd sip from her drink during the pleasantries.
He'd smirk faintly at the wave and travel bag as well before giving a slow roll of his shoulders as he waited for the girl to come in and take her seat. Give a soft nod in response as he extended his hand to take hers and give a shake. "Yes, please call me Vince, and I take it you are miss Sullen, a pleasure."

After the momentary greeting was out of the way he'd bring his PET around, calling up the holo screen to let his little navi wave with a big smile.
This is my navi, Lucia. Behind her is her new support program, Artio."

"Hi hi! Ooo, you look pretty!!" Lucia gave a giggle before throwing her arms back around the large wolf like creature behind her, which simple gave soft nod as a greeting.
She gave you a soft handshake in return "Kari works if you don't want to be to formal about it" she looked down at the little projection and waved her fingers back and forth through it a few times "interesting. I'm guessing that these are your programs?" She kept her PET in her pocket at least for now, in less they were going to jack into something or exchange homepages or something.
"That is correct, they serve well, if a little more energetic then I'd prefer, but Lucia is strong enough to deal with the dangers of this network I'm sure. Speaking of the network, all I could say is that it may have some water elements to befit the surroundings, beyond that is a mystery."

"Wait, water! But master I don't like water!!" Lucia gave a pout after as she hugged her new dog-wolf-thing tighter. Which just made Artio shift and roll her up atop him.

Well, all the same, if you have nothing else you want to go over before we start, I'd suggest we begin."
She took this time to take her PET out from her pocket and open the thing up and laying it flat on the table. She agreed with you there was no reason why they shouldn't get started right away; besides they could talk and enjoy the weather "Sally shouldn't have any problems with water viruses; Can we just jack in here at the table?" she fumbled with the little plug looking for the correct port.
Giving a light nod of his head he'd point towards the wall socket that was half hidden behind the napkin stand on the table. Pushing it aside he'd smirk faintly to himself and turn his PET towards it, "Right then, lets get started, Go."

Soft tap was made upon holoscreen, causing both navi and support program to light aglow and beam off screen, shooting into the jack in port on the wall.

[Lucia.EXE Jack In]
"thank you very much" she plugged in her PET before getting comfortable on her seat; handling the device with one hand while she started sipping the cold drink with the other hand. Sally was more than happy to get back into the net, especially one that she hadn't been to before.

[Jack In Saluki.exe!]
With navis both on the net Vincent sat back and took a long drink of his tea, taking the chance to study the younger woman before him. And when cup was lowered he'd give a faint smile. "So Kari, what sort of experience do you and your interesting navi have. Is she capable in a fight, I'm here for the gaining of power, and willing to take steps to gain it. So what is your reason for joining a stranger on a trip around the world?
Her eyes would scan down towards her PET every 10-20 seconds or so; she wasn't being rude it was mostly out of habit. She sort of expected that she was going to be asked some personal questions; it sorta sounded like she was reading off a mental resume "Well after getting used to the weather
in ACDC town I spent a few nights exploring the net there"

She looked down at her PET just in case before she sipped her drink and wiped the cream and Carmel from her lips. "Then I went to get some upgrades and explored Si-Lab's nets for an evening or two" she left out the fact that she frequently lost track of time and stayed up at odd hours.

She was taking it one question at a time and in the order she could remember "Yes, sally is quite capable and has faced a few hardships on her own. From bully swordsmen and flaming boxers to to punching bags and bats"

She shrugged alittle at his last question "Honestly it's just something to do between schooling, Sally is my first real customizable navigator and playing with her is starting to become a hobby"
He'd quirk his brow slightly at the continued glancing down towards the PET, though he could understand such a habit well enough. "Yes, the weather here is quite different from back home, nights you say? Well I'm surprised you wanted to meet so early then."

Still it was a nice change of pace from his previous partner, they got along well enough. Nodding his head faintly while he listened to her speaking of her navi's abilities.

"Sounds like you've faced a few challenges then, I'd hope that would mean we'd not have to much of an issue on this network then."

Still the mentioning of schooling was curious, taking a sip of his tea once more. "Schooling, later years of college I'd guess? What is your major if your willing to share."

Vincent would have asked more, but the soft beeping of his PET caught his attention, glancing down to the device's holoscreen in time to see the group of viruses. Smirking again he'd reach for the PET and glance back towards Kari. "Seems they have company, mind if I kick things off?"
"I'm on my last year for becoming a Funeral Director" she had a pretty wide grin on her face now that she was about to get to do her round of questions; at least till there conversation was broken up with the beeping.

"Oh sure go right ahead...Sally you play support for now." she had to turn her attention to her own PET. It wasn't holographic but it did give her some privacy; but at the same time she really wished that she could have just laid it down on the table so they could casually talk while busting.
"Funeral Director? Interesting choice in a career, family business maybe?" Still any more questions would have to wait as he frowned down at the screen. Faintly shaking his head before glancing towards Kari briefly. "Lucia, why don't we give your new partner a helping hand, and get rid of this sand and water while you're at it."

Grin was offered to his partner across the table while he tapped a few buttons to get things going, along with drawing out a chip to ready it for use. "You might think it odd, for a fire navi to have this, but really, it will be a benefit to us both."
She would give a faint nod in agreement "Uh huh, it wasn't the career I thought about when I was little that's for sure" interrupted for a second time so she was just going to wait till the battle was over before she asked him her questions. "Not at all I just end up using whatever I can find, it just means you have to think alittle harder sometimes for its uses" She wasn't really sure what he had planned but she warned her Navigator"Stay off the grass if you can Sally"
Sitting back, Vincent took another long drink of his tea as he set his PET down for the moment. "Lucia, that should be enough, swap places with your partner, and tend to your own wounds, we can't have you getting to exhausted when we've only just ventured into this network."

"Well then Kari, why not show off your skills and deal with the last of them? I'd not want Lucia to take all the fun by having your navi play backup. So they can switch roles."
Kari had almost complete finished her ice cap, but it was the kinda thing that you drank cold before it melted anyways. She was twisting her straw about the bottom of the cup in order to stir up what was left of the whipped cream; taking the odd glance back to her PET and back up at you.

"Whoa like first off I'm not going to show off or anything, I mean looks like your little doll face needs a breather. And Like second you ask way too many questions without giving me a chance to ask my own." She was going to start with the basics, she spoke them slow enough that he could write them down or even answer them between if he was quick enough "Where are you from? What kind of formal schooling do you have? How old are you? Why is Lucia your pet?" bam bam bam bam.