Nude Beaches

Waves crashing on dry earth. Sand beneath her feet. Giant buildings blocking out the sun. ...Well, at least the waves and buildings part were true. For the time being, Sabrina chose to stand atop a concrete sidewalk instead. "So, this is Beach Street? Not bad!"

"Beach Street? Sounds nice! But, I thought you were going to wait until tomorrow to do touristy stuff?"

"I am, but I came to scout around and plan out my day! Let's see...I bet the TV station gives tours. Maybe if I ask really nicely, someone would show me around the hospital, too. The cafe here probably sells something I could make a lunch out of. And of course, there's the beach itself! I guess I should make sure to wear a swimsuit tomorrow in case I want to head there! ...SplashMan, are you getting all this?"

"Yep!" He was way too used to having Sabrina for an operator to not be inputting all of this info. "Oh, and I've read that the TV station has a free ferry that run to and from Hades Isle!"

"...Hades Isle?" That did NOT strike her as a very appealing place. "Pass!"

"Come on, you've never wondered what it's like to be in a volcano? I bet it'll be neat! ...Or are you scared?"

"Of course I'm not scared! It's supposed to be inactive, right?"

"Right. But still, there's probably some props and stuff back when the station did programs there. It's probably creepy in there!"

...Gulp. "W-Well, I'm not afraid of any silly p-props. Fine, we'll go there, too! long does the ferry take?"

"Let's see...says here it's 15 minutes per way. So it's not too far out of the way!"

Ugh, she was trapped. "Fine, if you really wanna go there, I will. And now that we've got our day about some battling while we're here? We've never really checked out Beach Area before."

"Sure! I'm ready whenever you are!"

Now, where was she going to jack in...oh, right. TV stations always had terminals so that they can send over information and stuff. And there just so happened to be a van in front of the station that wasn't in use. Let's see, was its connection still up...yep, there was a jack-in port that appeared to be fully operational. "Okay, let's just hope they don't have any security on this. Jack in! SplashMan, Execute!"

With her Navi safely back within the confines of her PET, Sabrina quickly turned around and started heading for her transportation. After all, she didn't want to spoil herself too much about what she'd see tomorrow.

"So, where to now? Going back to Yoka and calling it a night?"

"Nah, I'm going to SciLab and get a couple of things before I forget! Before SplashMan could respond, the Netopian found herself in a MetroLine station, where it was too noisy to hold a conversation. Oh well.