"Class dismissed," sounded a voice at the front of the classroom. Students were packing their stuff and leaving the room in groups or alone, with a few students remaining in their seat to work or chat with others. One of those was Zoe, who was sitting by the window and staring at the sky while her Navi was messing around on the PET's screen.

"Come on, let's go!" Auri exclaimed, raising her arms and waving them from side to side. "Class is over!" she continued.

Zoe was still staring out of the window, chasing various things with her eyes. People, cars, even some pets, whatever she could get her eyes on. Whenever she got her eyes on something, she tried to guess what the worth of the object was. Clothes on people, feeding of pets, car prices, maintenance of electronics. "Is it worth it...?" Zoe asked while staring at various things.

"Definitely, I think," Auri replied, relaxing her arms by her sides, "It is for me at least. And it'll give you a nice change of atmosphere."

"Monetary value?"

Auri just pouted at her Operator, sat down and crossed her arms. "It's always like this when I want to go on the net," she complained, "Can't we just go for fun?"

"You think combat is amusant?" Zoe asked with a raised eyebrow, finally looking at the screen of her PET.

Auri nodded. "It is when I turn my enemies into gold statues!" she exclaimed happily, thrusting out her arm. "And bring them back home and polish them and give them names and admire my victory." Auri started to laugh with a hint of desire and madness in it.

"Bon, it'll raise your worth," Zoe gave in and tapped a few buttons on her PET, "I'll just stay here for the time being. Any place you want to go?"

"How about just sending me over to ACDC?" Auri suggested, ignoring commenting on Zoe estimating her worth to not blow this chance on busting.

"D'accord," Zoe replied, sending Auri to the network of ACDC.