Jar Gone? Nope

DenTech University...nope, this was one place Hector wasn't familiar with. It wasn't exactly crawling with people that needed...his services, so to speak. "Hmm. Well, I suppose this is where we get on track."

"Whatever. Like I said, if I can tear things apart, I'm all for it!"

"And that's different from normal how?" Hmm...ah, a statue next to a bench. That tended to signal that the former was capable of being jacked into. But...why would they put a statue of a jar in a university park? Maybe there was some abstract meaning or something, but he couldn't think of it. Either way, he sat down on the unoccupied bench, and noted that the base of the statue did indeed have a port for jacking in. "Well, shall we start?"

"You have no idea how happy I am...Dawn always used me for stupid errands instead of busting!"

"I'll take that as a yes!" Point infrared sensor at port, press button. "Jack in! SharpMan, Execute!"

As soon as his Navi was safely back in the confines of his PET, Hector pocketed his device, and stood up. "Well, that was productive. I think we did better than expected, given all the rust we probably developed."

"Meh, I guess. But getting all excited for a CornShot...bah!"

"That's what makes it mystery data. At least it wasn't a trap this time." ..Hmm. His zenny total was pretty high. Enough for a certain upgrade, for sure. "Well, guess I'll go spend this cash we got. That fine with you?"

"Do whatever the hell you want!"

"Will do." Now, for SciLab...