School Parking

"Ahh..." It was starting to cool off, and to Ariel, it felt wonderful. "This is pretty nice..."

"DenTech, eh? I'm going to go out on a limb and say you're not here for a keg party."

"No way! I'm still a little hungover from last night...I am feeling better, though."

"Excellent to hear! I, too, am in good condition, after applying the Speed Upgrade and ShadowShoes!"

"That's the way, what're the ShadowShoes for? I know they're not actually shoes, but..."

"Well, they're very simple, really. They allow me to move over cracked panels without breaking them! As a very light Navi, it wouldn't make sense for me to break them!"

"Oh...that's it? I thought it'd be better, with a cool name like that...oh well." Phew, she was getting tired of walking...maybe she should sit down. And thus did Ariel find a nearby park bench and sit down. "Phew...yep, not 100% yet..."

"About that. I didn't think you'd be in flying shape by tomorrow morning, so I called in to rearrange your schedule again."

"...Dammit! That's the second time! They probably think I'm a horrible person that skips their job to go get drunk!"

"Ho ho! You and I both know that's rubbish! Besides, even if it wasn't, they'd have to tolerate you. You ARE the only pilot that also qualifies to be a tour guide, after all! Firing you would be firing two people, in effect!"

"Oh, stop! You're just making me want to work tomorrow! And you're right, I don't think I'm up for getting up early tomorrow..."

"Precisely! So, just sit back and relax tonight and tomorrow, so you'll be all set to return!"

"Right!...Eh?" A glance leftward caused the pilot to take a closer look at a nearby statue, bizarrely shaped as a jar. Maybe it had some profound meaning...or maybe someone just really liked jars? "Hey, there's a jack-in port on that statue! I thought that statue was supposed to be really old!"

"Hmm...let's see..." Search engine, loaded. "Aha! It's simply supposed to look ancient! But it was clearly dedicated in 20XX!"

"...Huh. Well, I just got an idea!"

"If it's what I'm thinking, I'm ready, willing, and able!"

"Let's do a little upgrade test!" Point the PET at the port like so, and..."Jack in! ZephyrMan, Execute!"

With her Navi safely back in her PET, Ariel pocketed her handheld device, and stood up and stretched. "Aaaaahhhhhhh! Hmm. Oh, right! Now I remember why I came to DenTech!"

"Besides the fresh air?"

"Yeah. The mall just off campus has a really highly rated lingerie store! And since all my bras aren't fitting me that well lately, I figure I could buy a few with bigger cup sizes!"

"And you have the money?"

"Yep, no problem there! Just don't let me try to use the account with our NetBattling cash in it!"

"Very well, then! Let's be off!"



An hour later, the pilot was outside the mall, carrying a fairly large bag that, though no one could see what was inside, clearly had a certain lingerie store's logo on it. If one looked inside, one would find exclusively underclothes, with a balance between those for comfort, and those for...aesthetic appeal. "Well, that was fun!"

"If you say so." Her Navi was surprisingly calm, considering his operator had basically played the part of underwear model in front of him. "Now, shall we head back home? It'd be unwise to do much else with a bag like that..."

"I know, I know! I'm feeling tired, anyway!" Now, to locate that pesky MetroLine station...ah, there it was, right in front of her. How convenient.