"No! No! No!" Persephone shouted out loud. The location is a room in the girls' dorm at Dentech University where Letitia practically lives. Tapping with her foot on the surface of the table she was standing on, Persephone kept her face turned to Letitia with a mean look on her face. "Are you going to explain this abomination already!?" she continued and pointed at the opened book to her right.

More precisely it was Letitia's holographic projector which was just put in a book for ease of carrying it around. "But isn't it cuter like that?" Letitia asked Persephone, tilting her head to a side. It was evening and both girls were in their sleeping wear. Persephone simply had her Nighttime.GMO, while Letitia was wearing an oversized white shirt with two 'strategically' placed faces of teddy bears and a pair of panties.

"I can't even think of entering that!" Persephone continued and walked over to the book and climbed onto the projector's surface. On it was a large bed and a small comfortable lounge place with cushions and soft plush animals. The bed, however, was a stereotypical bed for a princess including all the accessories and a mass of pink in its color scheme. "You can't expect me to sleep underneath those sheets!" Persephone stubbornly continued.

"Then what do you suggest?" Letitia replied with a questionable tone in her voice, not really sure what the Navi wanted. The room they were in had just enough place for Letitia's bed, which she was sitting on with her knees by her chest, a desk, a closet, some bookcases and mini fridge. For preparing food she had to go to the dorm's kitchen. "I'm not familiar with what you like yet," the girl continued, playing with Persephone's PET in her hands.

Ticked by that comment, Persephone stomped over to the bed and grabbed her grimoire and held it out at Letitia. "This!" she shouted, "Something dark would be nice, OK?" Once again she turned her head to the bed and clicked her tongue. Taking the nightcap off of her head and throwing it on the ground, she pointed at Letitia and continued to shout at her. "We're going to fight some viruses! I need to attack something that won't hurt your feelings!"

Letitia blinked as she heard her Navi's comment about 'feelings' and smiled, "It's OK if you want to tear down the bed... I'll adjust the colors for you tomorrow."

"Get the damn hint and send me into the network already!" Persephone retorted with an eyebrow raised, maintaining her mean look.

"Alright..." Letitia just said and twiddled with her thumbs while keeping the PET in her hands. Looking over the table she found her chips and crawled off of her bed to get to them. "Got them," she said with a smile and glanced at Persephone, who didn't even need words and just replied with her impatient face. About to send the Navi into the network through a link to ACDC Net, Letitia crawled away from Persephone and to the mini fridge in the corner of the room.

"Hey!" Persephone exclaimed, "Get back here, pig!" But the fact still stood that she was going to be sent to the network. Opening the grimoire in her hands, pages flew out and surrounded the little Navi. As the pages disappeared, Persephone had her standard attire back on with her eyes properly covered.

"Mhmmm," Letitia replied, a long piece of chocolate hanging from her mouth. Once she landed with her body back on the bed, she initiated the Jack-In Process for Persephone with ACDC Net as destination.