Contrary to the harshness of the words themselves, what followed the altercation in front of the Donnelly Public House (that's 'The Donnelly' to you) was a bout of uproarious laughter, from both involved parties. The bouncer cheerfully wished his ejectee a good night, and Eoghan O'Seachnasaigh picked his drunken self off the pavement and shouted one back, staggering off on his way.

As he went, Eoghan stuck his hands in his dirty pockets and grinned wide; it had indeed been a good night. When he'd first arrived in town, the Donnelly had just been a wee shabby pub trying to imitate the feel of his own heritage. Three months after his first visit, he'd gotten the place feeling good and home-y, complete with good eatin' and brawlin'! Yes, the Donnelly was now a class little joint for pissin' up, and he felt proud of a job well-done. He continued his walk home, savouring the cool night air on his bare arms and whistling a little tune as he went. Around halfway home, he dug through his pockets for his PET, opening up a window to his Navi. "Oi HandyMan, it's a right lovely night for it!"

"Good den, sire. What dost thou propose, this fair even?" HandyMan's gratuitous mustache twitched as he spoke, the loyal knight prepared for whatever shenanigans his Operator was feeling that night.

"When we get home...let's go millin' on the Net! Can't have me hoggin' all the fun, can we?" Eoghan's lips twisted into the sort of leprechaun's grin that always, always meant trouble. They rounded a corner, and came up on their street, rows of townhouses stretching on into the night.

A gloved hand came up to stroke a finely clefted chin. "Hmm...'tis true, mine quest for a land of order hath waned of late. Aye, sire, we shall fighteth onward to the morrow," HandyMan mused, adding a gentlemanly 'harrumph' of agreement for good measure. Eoghan grinned in reply, and entered his home with only a minor fumbling of keys. Lights were flicked on, his poor abused chesterfield was flattened under the man's weight once more, and HandyMan's PET was pointed towards the TV.

"Well, Navi mine, we're off on SHENANIGANS! HANDYMAN.EXE, YER GOIN' IN HOT!!" Eoghan hooted, and the TV turned on to live-feed as HandyMan was ported off to that brave new world.

[Jacked in to NetSquare]