Oversized Mansho... Mahnsion!

"Pyaaaaaa! Gaaawds, thingsjustcannotgetanymoreboring!" a child groaned from the dining table, trying to stare down at the plate of greens in front of her, as if willing it to melt. "I don't wanna eat this..." she mumbled, before hopping off her seat, leaving the contents on the plate to rot. Happy skips lead little Rini of the Merck family to the living room, pouncing at the sofa face first into a cushion.

When she looked up from the cushion, a hologram flickered into sight, sitting on the edges of the ornamental coffee table. "Well, what you want to play today then?" the frame started briefly, a gentle smile plastered on his face even as he playfully swung his leg in the air. "Don't feel like doing anything..." Rini mumbled some more, her head looking ready to nod off into sleep. The hologram blinked, and the figure codenamed Shisho just gave a small smile.

"Take a nap then."
Elsewhere in the mansion, Na'im had received a job from the Mercks as temporary maid, slash, butler. They didn't quite know what to call him as the only outfit left was that of a maid and, luckily, was a good fit on his body. With a sigh he walked through a spacious hallway with a small piece of paper with some notes about the living situations. "So they have only one child in this giant building," he said to himself as he scrolled over a note about the daughter, Rini Merck, and continued reading. "I suppose it'll be like finding a needle in a stack of hay."

"At least they agreed to you living here for the time being," Djinni said as she appeared as a hologram from the keyboard-shaped PET Na'im still had strapped to his back. The Navi was sitting calmly on Na'im's shoulder as she looked around. "But this really is a big place..." she cood merrily, "They must have big money to get all of this! What do you have to do here anyway? Just walk around?"

Na'im just shook his head and flipped the piece of paper he was holding to reveal a map of the mansion. There were so many rooms, Na'im simply didn't know where to start searching for his task. "I have to take care of their daughter mostly. I figured it would be an easy job, but this place is a maze. I was told she was at the dining room..." he said while putting his finger on the location of the dining room on the map, "Before I put on this dress." With those words he looked down at himself, and took hold of the sides of his skirt. "But this dress... It's really not my thing," he complained. It was a dark blue maid dress with a white apron on the front. There were frills at the bottom of the skirt, frills at the apron and even at the shoulders and end of the sleeves. And besides all of this, he was still wearing his sunglasses.

"I think it looks alright!" Djinni said, floating in front of Na'im's face and held up a thumbs up. She then looked away and said to herself, but loud enough for Na'im to hear it, "...For a cross-dresser."

With an agitated look, Na'im lashed out at Djinni's hologram as she floated away from him. "Get back here, you!" he shouted, forgetting his manners in a house not belonging to himself, "I'll get you!" The hologram ended at a door, which Na'im fell against and opened in the process. Quickly he stood up again, looking for Djinni's hologram with an angry look on his face but instead found a little girl on a sofa. He coughed, dusted off his apron and made a polite bow towards her. "My name is Na'im, a temporary maid," he said with his most charming voice possible and took off his sunglasses as he arched his back, "For the coming days I shall be your aide."
Upon hearing a loud voice coming from beyond the door, Shisho stood--floated-- and readied himself to contact any relevant hotlinked contacts. Rini herself was blinking at the spectacle dumbly as the door opening and greeting occured, but brightened considerably at the sight of a newcomer. "Ooooooh! New maaaaaaid!" she chirped enthusiastically, rolling off the sofa to run towards the tall, er, man, eager to introduce him to the giant mansion. "Hi! I'm Rini!" she beamed.

Shisho, however, was not as enthusiastic as yet. "Your identification?" he asked, keeping his guard up at the suspicious character. ....... A man in a maid's outfit was definitely not normal, nor was the sunglasses combination. Then he recalled something from his memo.

- .
- ..
- ...
- ... Lacking servant's clothes.

... How did that even happen? Regardless, Shisho followed Rini's footsteps to float right next to her head, before slowly settling down to sit on her shoulder. He was still waiting for a green light in identification before he could relax himself.
"It's very nice to meet you, lady Rini," Na'im replied to Rini's introduction, hoping that calling her 'lady' was good enough for his current position. He was amused by the happy reaction the girl showed, but then looked at the other voice. "She has a Navi... I didn't know this..." Na'im thought as he examined the hologram with his eyes. He then took his keyboard-shaped PET from his back and to the front. The little window lit up and revealed Na'im's I.D. card. Na'im took a few steps over to Rini and Shisho, then kneeled down for the two to look at the image properly. "Na'im bin Asad is my name," he said again, this time adding his last name, "I'm only here to take care of the little dame. I am travelling musician more or less. I was low on funds, so here I am in a dress." He groaned quietly at himself for once again verifying he was in a dress.

The PET still at the front and in Na'im's hands was the perfect opportunity for Djinni to show herself as she popped her head out of the window without any warning. "Hi!" she exclaimed and jumped out of it, landing perfectly on the screen and saluted playfully, "Djinni has arrived!" After saluting she started waving happily at Rini, but mostly at Shisho.

"And this is my Navi, lady Rini. Her name is Djinni, she's a genie," Na'im said and put his PET back onto his back while putting his hand underneath Djinni's feet. "So, lady Rini, what do you like to do?"
"Verified." "Nawwww who cares about that! Look Shisho, frills!" Rini exclaimed happily, tugging at the end of the apron. The household's maid dresses were equipped heavily with frills to delight the young mistress. The hologram housing the Navi seemed to relax a bit, seeing that it was a prearranged meeting.

Even as Shisho acknowledged the fact that the household hired a man to be the caretaker for Rini (what an outcry), he realized that the terminal used to display Na'im's ID was of a PET, and prepared himself for the worst...


Shisho was blown away. No degree of readiness could have prepared him for that. The Navi almost fell from the seat he had secured on Rini's shoulders, quickly rebalancing with a few flails and tugging himself back into his former sitting position. He quickly looked away at the sight of Djinni, for the obvious reasons-- holy crap, she's scantily clad and is totally not safe for Rini's eyes. "Uhh ah, greetings, Djinni... Would you mind putting on some clothes?"

Rini, however, had a totally different approach on that. "A GENIE!" she pointed enthusiastically, then moving her fingers to the PET. "Magic lamp!", she giggled. When Na'im introduced his Navi, however, she gave a small frown at the new maid. "No 'lady', makes me feel old! Just Rini's fine," the brown haired girl beamed once more. Then she blinked, her ears not catching Shisho's conversation.

Rini stared long and hard at Na'im, as if trying to figure out something. "Doooooooooo? What's there to doooooo?" she sighed audibly, running back to the sofa and diving into the cushions once more. "There's nothing to doooooooooooooo."

Rini had picked up Shisho and left him floating there before Djinni before diving back to the sofa. Ouch for Shisho.
Djinni immediately pouted at Shisho's comment about her outfit and crossed her arms below her breasts, pushing them up without wanting to achieve anything with it. She turned away from Shisho, but then tilted her head to the side. "Do I even have other clothes...?" she asked herself curiously, then turned back and sat down on Na'im's hand. A couple of windows appeared around her and she browsed the contents to investigate in her files. "Hey!" she exclaimed, one of her hands on one of the screens, "I don't have other clothes! Na'im!" With this she stood up again, puffed up her cheeks stubbornly and turned her face towards Na'im.

"We will have to do that another time, Djinni," Na'im replied to his buxom Navi and then looked at Rini, who was seemingly ecstatic with the presence of Djinni. He wasn't sure of not calling her 'lady', but it was a request his 'mistress' gave him so he couldn't exactly deny it. He then saw the girl basically bounce around for a moment until she landed on the sofa. "What an energetic girl. Hard to think there's nothing to do for her," Na'im thought and then looked at Shisho which had been kept hanging in his original spot, "But has she tried everything..." "So there is nothing to do, Rini?" he continued to talk, suddenly realizing the girl's name rhymed with his Navi's.

While Na'im had his attention on Rini, Djinni stomped on the hand stubbornly like a small child that wouldn't get what she wanted. "Fine! I'll go make something on my own!" she yelled at him, then vanished from sight while the PET's screen lit up.

A playful smirk spread across Na'im's face, a glint visible in his small eyes, and put a hand out towards Shisho. "Rini, have you ever tried to use this fellow in combat?" he asked her while taking a few chips from a pack he had taken out of a pocket on the back of his apron. "I'm sure some of these came with that. If you have nothing to do why not try it out with him? Djinni and I will stand by you two in case things turn grim." He then realized what he was asking the little girl to do. Making her march out into a battlefield at this age, what was he thinking? But despite everything, the internet had never been a safe place. Better to learn the ropes of combat now than to wait.
Shisho gave Djinni a brief glance before quickly turning away. Looking ready to fall over from embarrassment, he went to focus his attention on his Operator, instead. ... And found her peeking at the group from behind a hugged cushion. "... Na'im talks funny," Rini noted, her voice muffled by the cushion. "But that's fine with me!" she giggled after adding the latter sentence. Her big grey eyes stared into the small pieces of things that Na'im was holding, not comprehending a word of what he just said.

Shisho blinked. Did Rini just rhymed?

"Uh, I think I still have them somewhere, I'll go look! Sounds fun!" Rini said enthusiastically, literally pouncing the stairways to her room upstairs. Shisho just gave a smile, turning to the man. "I'll have to apologize for her behaviour. Not what you might expect from a rich family's only child, yes?" he said, but after giving it a bit of thought, continued. "... But are you sure it's fine? I have no qualms about it, though it might be pretty violent for a child her age." Shisho spoke with a level of intellect different from when Rini was around, which raises suspicion on whether Rini really was his operator or not. "And I'm certainly not being brought into creation for that purpose--"

"I'm baaaaaack!" Rini's enthusiastic squeals came from the stairways, slipping at the final step and falling face first onto the soft carpets. Shisho visibly winced the moment Rini hit the floor, and just stared at Rini, controlling his laughter. The child was comically faceplanting the floor, her two legs pointing at the air and her two hands stretched forwards. She quickly dusted off her embarrassment and rushed towards Na'im, holding up three chips at his face-- or as near to his face as she possibly could reach. "I got them! Sounds fun let's get started!"

Shisho was starting to doubt if Rini understood what they were going to do next.
Na'im smiled as Rini went off to her room, then turned his attention to Shisho who started to talk to him. "Why shouldn't it be fine, Shisho? I think it's good for her to know," he said before the Navi could continue, "The true nature of Navigators is to fight and protect. This is something not even you can reject. To her it'll just seem like a show of pretty lights. You are the one who'll participate in the fights." With his short speech done, he let Shisho talk again just before Rini appeared again.

Noticing she was about to slip, he instinctively made a short dash towards her but couldn't make it on time. "That was rather reckless," he told himself and examined her face once she stood up to see if she was injured. "Looks like you are-" he said, but was interrupted by Rini's enthusiastic voice which broke the rhythm in rhymes. Glancing upwards for a moment, although barely noticeable due to the size of his eyes, he lamented the loss of a good rhyme and then looked back at Rini. "Starting chips. Looks like she's never tried it before. A total beginner," he thought and patted Rini on her head.

"Now where is your PET, Rini?" he asked her as he went through his knees a bit so his face was closed to hers, "Shisho has shown you nothing, has he...?" He rubbed his chin as he thought deep about how to handle this. "She's never done anything related to Netbattling. Am I really going to have to teach her everything?" he thought and sighed. "Let's sit on the sofa and I'll explain what we'll do, Rini. Would you like some candy or tea?" he said, following the question, and stood up properly again. He then glanced at Shisho and nudged at the chips, hoping he'd also teach Rini a bit about it.
"I suppose that's true..." Shisho added after Na'im's comment, staring idly as the man patted Rini's head. The Navi then proceeded to use both hands, hidden under the gigantic gloves, to pat on his own head to emulate the scene. "It's a pretty nice feeling," he murmured to himself, quickly dropping his arms, hoping that no one noticed.

Giving a wide grin at the new maid, Rini giggled a bit before producing a PET from a hidden vest pocket. "Hereee it is!" she chirped, and seemed to sparkle at the mention of candy. "CANDY! Candy please!" Rini cheered, both her hands up in the air as she ran her way headfirst at the sofa. "What do I do next?!" the girl squealed with anticipation, looking hopefully at both Shisho and Na'im. "I-I still think this isn't a good idea," Shisho said, getting slightly anxious and worried. "We're not authorised by her parents to do this." "Ehhh? Papa and mama said no?" "Well, we never asked them if it's OK."

"Shishoooooo~ Nobody but us and Na'im and Djinni will know about thisssss, so papa and mama won't know, right?" Rini pointed out, her eyes moving back to Na'im. "If you would so please, Nanny Na'im!"
Na'im made a small bow towards Rini after she had stopped talking. "Then I shall go get the snacks first," he said and turned around as he left through the door while taking the map in his hand again. The screen of his PET lit up on his back again while he was looking around the halls and searching for the kitchen. "Shisho getting hurt is what might happen at worst," he said to himself quietly, thinking about Rini and her first round of NetBattling.

"Hey Na'im," Djinni's voice sounded who had settled herself on Na'im's shoulder, "Don't you get tired of the rhyming...? Or like get your tongue in a knot?" The buxom Navi had surfaced from her PET and was rummaging around with a picture file on Na'im's shoulder while also peeking at the map to make sure Na'im was going the right way.

"Not particulary, but when I'm with you I can take a break. I enjoy doing it and it's not like it's fake," Na'im replied, putting a hand against the door where the kitchen was supposedly behind, "What have you been doing while I was busy with the lady? After leaving for the PET you started acting all shady."

The two entered the kitchen, immediately getting odd stares at them by the other workers in the mansion. Na'im smiled a bit agitated as two started to laugh at the dress he was wearing, knowing it was a silly look. Djinni, however, couldn't be damned about the present people and floated into Na'im's sight and held out the picture file in front of him. "Ta-dah~!" she exclaimed happily. On the picture was a very very crude drawing of an outfit Djinni designed as a reaction to the realization she had no other clothes. "I made it all by myself!" Djinni exclaimed again and put her hands proudly against her sides, pushing her chest forwards, while the image file just remained floating in the air.

Na'im just continued to get the candy and tea for himself and Rini, pondering which type of candy to get but eventually just grabbing a bit of everything for a nice assortiment. He didn't really pay attention to the design at first, but once he did he had already put a bowl with candy and two cups of tea on a serving plate and continued his journey back to Rini. "I think a 10 year old could've done a better job than you," Na'im bluntly replied, "I think you should ask Efreet for some help. You'll probably be better if you're with two. And if you need my comment, just yelp."

Looking at the image file again even though she drew it, Djinni pouted sadly and held it out again towards Na'im. "B-But I did good, right?" she asked sadly, as if trying to find some sort of appreciation for what she did.

"A gold star for your art, while crude it certainly has heart," Na'im replied as they entered the room Rini and Shisho were in again. "I apologize for being late, but I got what you wanted on this plate," Na'im said, a kind smile on his face, and put the plate on the table in front of the sofa Rini was sitting on. He then settled down next to her, made sure his skirt wasn't in an awkward form and put his keyboard PET onto the table as well. "Then let's get us started, shall we?" he asked, not really expecting an answer, and immediately continued talking to her, "Can you tell me what you already know about the PET?"

Djinni had jumped off of Na'im's shoulder and landed with spread arms on the screen of the PET, then sat down with her back towards the other while continueing to work on the image file. Due to the safety encryption on the image file, nobody except Djinni could see what was on it and what was being edited.
"Hey hey Shisho! Don't you think the new guy is fun?" Rini giggled, swaying left and right on the sofa. "Yeah I guess," Shisho said, lightening up a bit from conversing with his bubbly Operator. "It'll be fiiiine, Shisho! You worry too muuuuch. And you never told me anything about this! You'll be..."

Rini hollered, giving a loud laugh while slapping on the sofa next to her lap repeatedly. Shisho feigned fear and ran about in circles on the coffee table, entertaining Rini even more as she laughed harder. The spectacle continued for a short while after Na'im returned with the sweets, which Rini's attention was at. As soon as the plate was set down, her hands dashed for the contents and popped a few into her mouth.

"Hmmm...." she played with her PET, as if browsing through the functions. "It works like a handphone! And alarm clock! And and and it's where Shisho comes from!" Rini counted, pointing at the screen with a finger, as if counting the functions that she know of. "Shisho's from the PET! He's like a talking pet!" she added, giggling some more. Shisho shrugged, floating over to once again settle over her shoulder, watching the PET screen with her. Flipping the PET around here and there, she found a peculiar slot the size of the chips she retrieved earlier. "Found a place to put the thingies in!" Rini announced, excited at the new discovery.
"That is right," Na'im said after Rini showed him the chip slot of the PET, "You'll need it for the fight." He pulled his own PET onto his lap and turned it around so the actual PET area of it was pointing at Rini. Djinni just remained sitting on the screen and didn't notice the change of position. "Djinni," Na'im said as he nudged the hologram of his Navi, causing her to realize that at least Na'im wanted her attention, "Let's put up a little show. This is the fastest way for her to know."

Djinni stood up, crossed her arms across her breasts instead of below them this time and nodded at Na'im before looking at Rini and Shisho. "We will show the basics of NetBattling through holograms. I think your Navi already knows this kind of stuff as we are, despite what you say, made to fight viruses," Djinni told the two students and created a holographic panel where she inserted a few commands. Across the keys of the keyboard section appeared the lowest form of viruses, Metools, which just remained in place.

"I suppose we should keep this easy to follow. This way she won't have too much information to swallow," Na'im said and took out his pack with chips again. "Netbattles are like a game," he said calmly while taking a few chips out, "And it all happens in a small frame." Na'im pointed at the screen of his own PET and then held out his hand out towards Djinni. "Your Navi is the character you'll be playing. The viruses are the targets you'll be preying," he continued to talk, "The goal of the game is to basically beat these guys. And once they're gone, you'll win a prize."

Djinni formed a pillar of flames next to her from which she grabbed her staff and turned to Na'im, "Let's start already."

He took a chip and brought it to the slot on the PET. "Chips are attacks your Navi can perform by slotting the chip in," Na'im said and inserted it into his PET. Djinni then promptly had her staff light up and perform a standard Heatshot attack at one of the test Metools. The Metool had vanished within the flames and not a trace was left of it. "Your Navi also has customizable moves which are used to get closer to a win," he continued.

While Na'im spoke, Djinni summoned a flaming orb with golden rings floating around it. It was the first time she had actually used her creation Signature programs despite having seen battle since her change. Curiously she kneeled down and poked the orb, realizing it had a ruby inside of it like Fhyre. Tilting her head, remaining silent, she wondered if she had more similar creations hidden in her repetoire.

"These are different for each Navi, so make sure to memorize Shisho's," Na'im told her, deciding this ought to be the last thing Rini should learn about fights in the Net. "I think we can try going into the network now, I suppose? Have you understood all of it? Or even just a bit?" he asked, thinking he'd better verify Rini's current knowledge before plunging the two into the network.
If one thought that Rini's eyes couldn't get any bigger than a few minutes ago, they were dead wrong.

Rini, engrossed with the fireworks display, was going all round with a non-stop "ooooooooooooooooooo~" while looking hopefully at Shisho every time Na'im and Djinni mentioned something new. Taken aback slightly, Shisho knew that there's no stopping Rini now from exploring networks. "So it's a game! Yay, I love games!" Rini exclaimed, as if as a conclusion. Her eyes roving over to Shisho, she remained optimistic. "So Shisho can shoot fireballs tooooooo?" SHisho gave a troubled smile, starting his response slowly. "I... think not, Rini," the Navigator said apologetically, bowing his head slightly.

Rini seemed to depress a bit, then was back at full force. "Oh well! It's PUNIIIIIIIISHMENT!" the child exclaimed, pointing to Shisho. "Rini cannot remember! Take notes of Nanny Na'im's classes!" she said, her face puffed up cutely. The obedient Navigator saluted with comedic effect, producing an oversized pen the size of a spear (to his ratio), proceeding to scribble in thin air-- though that was mostly for show as he processed and recorded under a hidden program.

Rini turned to Na'im at last, waving her arms in the air. "Understooded!" she said happily, her eagerness to start evident on her actions.
"Will he be alright..." Na'im thought as he looked at Shisho penning away, although he probably already had the knowledge in his database. He then looked back at Rini as she directed her attention to him again and smiled politely. Again he glanced over at Shisho and then at Djinni who had decided it was time to make all holographic Metools vanish. "Then let's put it to the test," Na'im said as he pushed a button on his own PET to make Djinni's hologram vanish and send her back into the PET's system. "Make sure to do your best," he continued to talk, "The best way to learn it is to just do it. Just try to not get hit." His hand moved over the PET's buttons as he executed the jack-in program after finding a connection. Once Djinni had been jacked in, he turned to Shisho. "Follow the path from my PET to the internet, Djinni will wait for you there. I wouldn't let you two guys alone for now, so we'll go as a pair." He then looked back at his own PET while putting it on his lap while sitting on the sofa, next to Rini. Na'im turned his head to look at Rini, smiling kindly at her while making sure she'd get Shisho into the network.
"T-Try not to get hit? You're not serious, are you?" Shisho exclaimed, surprised at Na'im's suggestion. "That's nigh impossible--"

"LET'S GO! Good luck, Shisho!" Rini hollered, mimicking the buttons pressed on Na'im's PET and sending Shisho into the network before he could complain. She giggled a bit, pointing at the screen excitedly. "Look Nanny Na'im, he's inside that tiny screen! Djinni, too!" she said excitedly, bouncing on her seat with hyperactivity.
Once Djinni had been returned to the PET, Na'im turned towards Rini and waited patiently for her to make Shisho go back to the PET. "You really should take that nap, Rini," he told her again, not really knowing if she'd comply to his command immediately. Meanwhile he started to think up ways of getting her to agree that a nap would be pretty nice at the moment, in case she didn't want to.

Maybe because she had used a lot of energy or just because she wanted to, Djinni decided to take a nap as well as she was seen on the PET's screen while using a resting Fhyre as pillow. While the ruby that made Fhyre's core wasn't exactly perfect for a pillow, the flames surrounding it were.
Rini greeted Shisho with puffed cheeks and a pout. "Bad Shisho! Bad bad Shisho!" she repeated a few times, throwing the same look at Na'im. "But Rini good girl, so I'll take nap!" she huffed, just as Shisho's hologram once again appeared on the table. Shisho gave a respectful bow to all in the living room, Na'im included. "I shall update my activity log and resume my duties," the Navigator announced, before dutifully stare at Rini. "Rini needs a nap too right?" he said, with a slightly more childish tone. "Humph! Of course! I'm a good girl!" Rini retorted, running off to the stairs to her room. "And when I come back, Shisho is in biiiiiiiig biiiiiiiig trouble!" she pouted before disappearing into the hallways upstairs.

Shisho sighed, turning to Na'im. "I apologize for the troubles she has caused. It is not common for this household to be occupied and lively such as this-- I appreciate the rowdiness for her mental well-being," he said politely to the still oddly-dressed man. "Do you still require orientation around this vicinity?"
"Troubles?" Na'im asked as he picked his PET up from the table and swung it around his body to his back while putting the strap around his chest, "She's a good kid. Just a little on the active side." He scratched his chin with a single finger, thinking about the previous battles, while he continued to speak to the robed Navi, "But maybe that's a good thing. Except her urge to think viruses look cute." Lowering his finger, he continued to speak to Shisho, "At this point all she really needs to realize is that enemies are enemies. Viruses cannot be friends, even if you try it." Na'im shrugged a bit, showing he didn't really cared whether viruses could be friends or not, and turned towards the door. "I'll be fine from here on," he said to Shisho, raising his head but not turning to look at him, "Take good care of the little princess, won't you?"

As he opened the door, the screen of the PET on his back lit up and a sleepy Djinni sat there with Fhyre in her lap as she waved at Shisho. It didn't last long though as she swiftly fell over on top of Fhyre in a sleepy daze.

The screen dimmed to darkness while Na'im closed the door behind him. Once outside the room, he took out his map to find the exit. It didn't take long for him to leave the mansion, although it was still awkward to walk over the street in his maid outfit.
It was quite a while afterwards that Rini dreamily walked down the staircase. "Mrrrrrrrr," the child slurred slightly, making her way to the kitchen. "M?" she blinked, looking for someone, apparently. Once again, silence descended upon the lonely mansion once more. "Hey, Rini. Your food is ready in the warmer as usual," a voice greeted, and a hologram taking the form of Shisho.EXE materialised on the dining table. Rini rubbed at her eyes at the hologram, and the experience of netbattling rushed back at her once more.

"......... Shiishooooooooo! Let's go, let's go!" Rini exclaimed excitedly, rushing to the dining table and hitting herself on the sides slightly. She climbed up a chair, and landing two hands onto the face of the table, made her face close the distance with the hologram of her Navigator. Shisho gave a small smile, somehow knewing that she wasn't going to let the matter of netbattling go away so easily. After all, it was a new and exciting experience. ... Sort of like getting addicted to a new hobby, or a game. "Okay, okay. But have your food first, alright?" "Nooooooo! I want to go! Oh, I know! I'll just eat while we bust!" Rini squealed with delight at her genius idea, and proceeded to take a plate of sandwiches from the kitchen.

Sandwich ready and her PET ready, Rini gave a salute and repeated the commands learnt from before, sending Shisho in without waiting for his approval.

[[Jack in-- Netsquare]]
Rini, upon watching her Navi running away, pouted quietly in dissatisfaction. She was kicking at the dining table, her two hands on the back of her chair to balance herself as she did so. However, her intersts perked slightly when Shisho stopped in front of some digital shop...

... of which she couldn't see the shop name. Convenient. Just before she could ask what it sells, there was some commotion at the mansion entrance.

[DING DONG] The doorbell rang, Rini turning towards the entrance slightly. She squinted long at hard to figure out who it was. "Um, Rini, there seems to be a parcel delivery at the door," Shisho told her, reminding her that Shisho had access to the video doorphone feed. A delivery man! Rini jumped off of her seat in excitement. "Oh? Rini'll get it! Big girls know how to pick up deliveries!" she said, running off like the child she was towards the gate.

Unbeknownst to her, Shisho was up to something else in the net world...