Trillian's House

Trillian grabbed his bags and walked to his new hou- err, home in Netopia Castle. As he walked in the door, he told the tour receptionist that he was moving into the castle. His wage was somehow paid, and she kindly guided him to his room.

Dark Boy, lets plug our laptop in, and then do some virus bustin!

Fine by me. Lets set up.

Trillian noticed inside his room was, a mini-fridge, a king sized bed, a 32 x 32 inch high definition television, that had a few ports in it so various electronics could display on the large screen. Under the television was a bureau that has one large drawer in the center, and above that was a small drawer for small things. On each side where medium sized drawers and underneath those are wide large drawers.

On each side of the bed is a night stand, and on the left of the bed, the nightstand had a small analog clock, and to the right, is a lamp. Along the right wall, is a large window with a great view of the field and gardens in front of the castle. To the right of the TV is a desk, with a chair and a cord coming out of the wall for a desktop computer to connect to the internet. The size is basically a high class hotel room, but not quite a suite.

In the meanwhile before the desktop arrives, lets plug in the laptop!


((Dark Boy's Homepage))
Netopia Castle. Definitely not the first time he had been here. Christopher headed in after parking his car, and headed for the front desk.

"Hello, may I help you?"

"Yes. I'm Christopher Jetto, here to see a Mr. Trillian DaVoulas."

"Just a moment, please." A few moments passed as confirmations were made. "Mr. DaVoulas will see you now. Do you need directions?"

Did he need directions? He had plenty of clients from here before, so..."No, that won't be neccessary, thank you. I've been here a time or two..."

A couple of minutes later, he reached his destination: Room 3335. The door was slightly cracked open...whether it was intentional or not was beyond him. "Hello?" He opened the door to see if anyone was find a boy that would be lucky to say he was a teenager. Apparently this was who had made that post earlier...though that suited him just fine, considering the likely age of his Navi.

"I take it you're Trillian DaVoulas?"
The young kid looked up, and invited the man to come inside.

Are you Christopher Jetto? Its so nice to meet you in person! I set up my laptop, and connected it to the television. Jack in your navi, and we can talk! You want something to drink or eat?

Trillian walked into the room, and then turned to the tv screen.

Dark Boy was clearly standing there, just waiting. I take it your Christopher Jetto? Nice to meet you! Dark Boy said with a smile. Jack your navi into the laptop to the left. Trillian, give him the P-Code so if he wants to come in later from an external port.

Trillian attached his P-Code to a file sharing website, created a password, so when Christopher plugs in his PET he can download it.

Ready to fight? Trillian got out two bottles of water, handed one to Christopher, and sat on the edge of the bed, chips ready.

That reminds me, your navi is a fire type, correct? I have a battlechip you can have. I wont need it, ever. My navi is a cursor type navi custom made for long ranged attacks, and this Firehit1 will be of no use to me. You can keep it.

Trillian set the chip aside on the bed, and grabbed his PET which was wirelessly connected to the internet at the moment.

Dark P-Code
Battlechip: Firehit1
"Well, thank you." Christopher unscrewed the top and took a sip from his water battle before setting it down on a drawer. He looked over at the television and nodded, in part to acknowledge the Navi, in part because he'd finally found his excuse to put a TV in his office. "FlareMan, are you ready?"

"I always am. Jack me in at will."

" you'll see, FlareMan's not exactly the overly talkative type." The elder Jetto aimed his PET towards the laptop's jack-in port, despite the fact he was still a fair distance from it. "Let's begin! Jack in! FlareMan, Execute!"

(to the Net!)
Where should we fight? ACDC? Netopia? I'm a little stronger then average, but I can still fight in ACDC area.

Dark Boy warped to the net from where he was standing. Lets do it! said Dark Boy as a beam of light left the screen, and the screen then displayed FlareMan and Dark Boy standing in Trillian's homepage, wondering where to go.

So...where should we net battle? And you hardly took notice to the chip. Is something the matter? Trillian said as he wondered why the mini-fridge bar was already stocked. Hmmm...
"Hmm? Ah, sorry. It's not like me to blank out like that." Christopher shook his head, then grabbed the FireHit1 chip and examined it. "It's greatly appreciated. Thank you. FlareMan, we've got FireHit in our arsenal again."

"I see. Not my favorite Fire chip, admittedly, but whatever chip you send me shall be used without hesitation, of course. Not to mention that it's a Fire chip."

"Heh...FlareMan prefers distance chips, himself. Though I've trained him in the arts of all types of chips, to be prepared for anything we might receive." The flame Navi nodded from his PET screen, then the operator continued. "As for where to bust...if it's all the same to you, I'd prefer ACDC Town. Netopia's viruses are definitely too advanced, for me anyway, at this stage, and I think we should stick with an easier location for now."

In the PC, FlareMan nodded once more. "It appears to be settled, then." He looked over at Dark Boy, giving him his usual stern, yet emotionally lacking glance. "Where is your link to ACDC Town?"
Hmmm...well, if my calculations are correct, my Homepage is not completely linked to the Netopian net yet, so we should be able to get to the ACDC Net from that link.

Dark Boy pointed at the portal, and walked off into it at a medium pace into it. With a spiral of data, Dark Boy warped to the ACDC Net.


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Almost as soon as Dark Boy stepped onto the warp, FlareMan walked towards it, but stopped short. "Leaving for ACDC Town now." With those parting words, he stepped on the portal himself, and once more found himself warping halfway across the world to a town in Electopia.

(to ACDC Net!)

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Almost immediately after his Navi returned to his PET. Christopher turned around and began to rush out of the room...but knew better than it, and stopped. "I'm sorry, Trillian, but as I'm sure you've guessed, something's come up. I can't tell you what it is, but don't worry, it's nothing bad."

He took out a piece of blank, crumpled paper from one of his pockets, and quickly jotted something down before handing it to Trillian. "Here. This is the address to my home, which is probably about an hour and a half from here. While I probably won't be around for some time, I have a daughter that's getting pretty good at virus busting herself. Tell her I sent you, and perhaps she'll bust with you. But be warned...she can be a bit headstrong."

"Christopher, we really should get going. We need to be prepared before the meeting."

The middle aged man glanced down at his PET, and nodded. His Navi was certainly right. "Well, I need to get going. Goodbye, and I'm sorry that we weren't able to actually bust any viruses."

And with that, he was gone...

(exit Christopher and FlareMan, stage left!)

ATTACHMENT: Jetto residence address
Trillian just looked at Christopher as he walked out the door, and pressed the button to jack Dark Boy out of the PET whithout even looking down. That was odd. Oh well, lets hit the sack. Its getting late anyways. Dark Boy said to Trillian who was not paying much attention.

What? Oh yeah...that was pretty odd. We didnt even get a single battle. Ah well... Trillian sighed as he put his PET on the dock, closed the door, got changed into his night clothes and lied down to go to sleep.

G'night Dark Boy, see you in the morning. Trillian said as Dark Boy's data compiled into a nice little folder and went into sleep mode. Before going to bed Trillian put the paper on the scanner and transfered it to a .txt file and left it on the PET.

The clock stuck 8 AM, and Trillian's eyes slowly rose, as he knocked his analog clock to the ground, wondering why he even set the dang thing. Dark Boy was still asleep in a cozy little folder, and everything was peace and quiet. Trillian grabbed the TV remote to see what was on, but strangely, the TV was all static. Trillian sat up in the bead and tried making sure the receiver was on, but no luck.

I'll ask the receptionist later...maybe there's a virus in the satellite or something.

Dark Boy started getting up to, and you could see a slit in the folder and Dark Boy's data tumbled out onto the PET screen.

G'Morning, Trillian. Dark Boy said in a sleepy tone while rubbing his eyes. Time for the morning exercise. And with that, Dark Boy pulled his arms out a little, lunged, and then splashed some CyberWater on his face. Hey Trillian, can I go for a jog, and maybe some virus busting? Sure, Dark Boy. Mind if we eat breakfast first? Sure, take your time.

Trillian then put on his red coat and all his gear, and then his signature scarf and boots and walked out the door and down to the castle buffet from 8-10 AM. As he walked in, he was more amazed than he ever was before. Even more then when he saw Dark Boy's speed for the first time.

WOOOAAAHHH, this place is huge! And look at all that food! Trillian & Dark Boy sad in unison as he rushed up to grab a plate, silverware, and a cup. Lets see here....those pancakes smell good, but those muffins do to. Oh are those waffles!? Trillian said excidedly as he shoved some peanut butter pancakes on his plate, and filled his cup with milk.

I can see why the princess loves to live here. This place has awesome food.

Yup! Well Dark Boy, I'm almost done, but I've been thinking, after our jog, wanna head over to the Navi Shop? I'm thinking of buying some process upgrades. And then head to ACDC and buy a few Subchips. Sure, lets do the jog first, so we can maybe earn some extra money. Trillian got up, gave his plate to the maids and walked back up to his room.

He sat down on his bed, aimed the PET at the laptop, and said the famous words. JACK IN! DARK BOY, EXECUTE! Dark Boy appeared on the tv screen, and dashed into the link which was for some reason still connected to ACDC Net, and warped off into the internet!