New area again

*after departing from his plane, timmy walked the streets of netopia and looked around the area for a while, finding a jack in point after a while*

"you ready Nikko?"
"Jack in Nikko, execute."
timmy then jacked in Nikko to the main net of netopia
*after jacking out*

"wow, what a workout."
"Ya, made us some good zenny too."
"which makes me wonder why viruses would be carrying human money, and how humans and navis can ACTUALY use it or...."
"Nikko.....your makeing my head hurt."
"Hehe, sorry. anyways, where to now?"
"ACDC town, gonna buy some battle chips."
"*cough*CHIP OTAKU*cough*"
"what was that Nikko?"
"Oh nothing, lets get going."

Timmy then hoped on a plane and then the metro headed twords ACDC town.
Timmy hopped off the plane and headed down twords a bench near a jack in point as he jacked Nikko into the net once more.
*after jacking out*

"Ok, navi shop?"

Timmy then rushed over to the airport and caught the next plane over to electopia, then a metro down to scilabs.