In the Inn

After finishing up some night time bet battling, Joseph was exhausted. Unplugging the PET, he let out a deep yawn. "Tomorrow is gonna be a good day." He smiled as he read the return email from his friend. "Sparks, set alarm for 7 am. We gotta get up early." The navi did as he was told. The operator walked to his bed in the small room, laid down, and passed out into a deep sleep.


7 in the morning came way to early for his liking. The alarm was booming right beside his head. "UGH.... Sparks... snooze for fifteen more minutes." Joseph yawned, rolling away from the PET. The time passed and the PET started raging again.

"Get up master." Sparks pleaded. "We have a lot to do today apparently."

He finally got himself out of bed. Went to the washroom to take care of morning personal hygiene. Coming out feeling super refreshed, "Ah that shower felt great Sparks." The young man walked over to his closet and picked out a khaki colored graphic tee that had different shades of olive and tan in it. Some vintage faded slim jeans, and some Olive sneakers that a little camo design on the back. Once he got changed into his outfit it was time to go. "Let's head to SciLabs first, and get some shopping done."

This is where he is going.

Joseph is coming back from the Navi Shop.

Joseph returned home after a long day of events. It was late, but that didn't stop him from grabbing his tools from his closet and installing the upgrades that he bought from the Navi shop, and customizing his partners move set. Once that was finished he moved on to the .SP Core that his father had given him. "Hey Sparks you remember Lucky, the Chow dog that we used to have?"

"Yea, why?"

"How about we model your first .SP after him? Except make him a companion fit for a warrior such as yourself."

"Hmm..." Sparks thought a moment. "That sounds like a grand idea. I can't wait to meet my new partner."

Joseph worked even later into the night, until it was almost four A.M. He finally finished, giving a loud restless yawn after all his hard work. "Say hey to the world Lucky."

Joseph plugged the PET into the computer and got on to his homepage. Sparks found himself in a plain dojo styled room, much like the one he was in earlier, minus any lava of course. With the click of a button, the big black Chow Chow program began to digitze itself inside the dojo besides Sparks. It took a moment, but finally the pixels and data all steadied giving of the image of the large dog covered in samurai armor. "Hello there, my name is Lucky. I take it you are Sparks, and that is Joseph in the real world."

"Yes." Sparks reached his palm out for the dog to smell, before taking a step closer and petting the pup on the head. "It's good to meet you my friend. Let's have many adventures together." Sparks, and Lucky seemed to have an instant bond, maybe it was from Joseph programming, but they'd put that new bond to the test bright and early in the morning.

"Let's get some rest guys, tomorrow we hit Hades Isle to hunt dragons." Joseph laid down, and went to bed, but as he said once morning came and his alarm sounded... it was time to get busy because he was ready to see what his team could do in the harsh net of Hades. "Sparks.EXE, Jack in, EXECUTE!"

This is where Sparks was sent.
Sparks jacked out after getting a new bounty.

"We have enough to get the final Speed upgrade... or we could buy a lot of other upgrades making you stronger in different ways." Joseph counted his zenny, and pondered the many different scenarios. "Heath.... Abilities.... Speed... Chips... Guess I'll decide when I get there." He strapped the PET onto his belt, and headed out the door.

"Whatever makes me stronger... we should be able to push further into the net after a few more upgrades." Sparks added.

"Further... Didn't we go far enough last time." Lucky whined. "I'm gonna need some treats if we go any further." Na

"Haha, I got you an upgrade as well. You can now navigate any terrain with ease. So you've gotten stronger yourself buddy." Joseph praised. "We are all getting better as a team. Were returning to Hades, so make sure yall rest up good while I'm out and about. I want to make quick work of this new bounty."

"Yes master." The Navi, and Program said in unison.

Headed to the Navi Shop.
Coming back from the Navi Shop

It wasn't long till Joseph returned ready to test out his Navi's new found speed. "Yall ready to get back to it?"

"Do we have to?" Lucky questioned. "I was taking a puppy nap."

"I am eager to see how we benefit from our increased speed. Back to Hades we go. May our enemies be deleted in honorable fashion." Sparks was ready to unsheath his blade.

"Alright then! Sparks.EXE, Lucky.SP jack in , execute!"

This is where they were sent.
Sparks is still here.

Joseph stood, it was getting late, but he figured he still had plenty of time to make it to the Navi shop and buy some upgrades, while Sparks and his friends celebrated another hard fought victory. As usual the Zenny was burning a hole in his pocket so he took off, ready to make some purchases.

This is where Sparks jacked out from.
This is where Joseph came from.

Joseph finally returned home, and went straight to work on upgrading his PET. Sparks would feel a surge of power growing inside him do the amount of work that was going into them. He didn't stop at just upgrades, he began to alter Sparks' design as well. His Navi had gotten plenty stronger, and it was time to change up his look before they decided to move into the stronger networks.

After many years of up keeping Sparks' PET himself, the upgrades didn't take long, and he was finished by the time Sparks had made his way to receive a new bounty. A quick jack out, returning the Navi to the PET would finalize the changes, and they would be all set to head back in and meet Drago once more.

Sparks and Lucky were transported back from Netfrica, and into their PET home. As soon as the samurai touched down he could feel the finishing touches of the upgrades.

Sparks new design
In honor of Sparks turning level 20, I wanted to roll out a redesign I have had sitting on my mind for a few weeks now.

Gender: Male
Element: Elec
Subtype: Sword
Appears to be age 25
Height/Weight without armor: 6'0 165 lbs
Height/Weight with armor: 6'2 190 lbs
Hair style: Long slightly wavy/spiky silvery grey hair to his mid back with a few bangs.
Eye color: Olive
Body type: slender athletic body type with defined muscles. Tan skin.

Sparks clothing consist of a basic olive green Navi suit. A thin feint yellow lighting bolt design runs down the length of the Navi suit on either side. The design on the arms however is hidden by a cream colored, high collared tight fitting jacket. The sleeves of the jacket slide down his arms, and tuck into the edges of his dark olive samurai styled gauntlets. The jacket is worn open, and is long, in the style of a trench coat but not as straight and basic looking. After the waist, the back of the jacket extends, and fans out slighty all the way down to his ankles. A loose fitting cream colored belt rest slightly crooked around his waist where two bladeless katana handles hang upside down from an unnoticeable magnetic clip at his left side. One handle is an olive color with cream colored trim. The other consist of a cream color with feint touches of red here and there.

Not very noticeable unless you were up close, but the chest and waist area of the Navi suit are a little thicker and more padded. In the center of his chest, a cream circle emblem can be seen. The design on the emblem consist of a dark olive katana surrounded with tiny streaks of yellow lighting. The same emblem is visible in the center of the backside of his jacket.

On top of having the gauntlets, Sparks still dons a matching set of fur trimmed samurai armor. The armor is now of a lighter weight, and only consist of his kabuto helmet, some shoulder pads, and the mid shin high boots that cover his feet. Each piece of armor is a deeper, darker shade of olive, with golden yellow outline, which is then trimmed by a cream colored fur. A golden yellow demonic face mask covers his face during battle, two gaps left open in the mask so that he could see.

Sparks looked over as much of his body as he could see without a mirror's assistance, and responded gratefully. "I like the changes. Thank you master." He bowed to where Joseph would see him through the screen. Lucky rested beside him, bathing in some digital sunlight before they headed off. "I think it's time we see what challenges the Rouge Net can bring us."

"I think you are right Sparks. Lucky wake up, and let's get to work. One more busting run today should be good, then we can take a break for the night." He commanded then sent them back into the net with the usual command, "Sparks.EXE, Lucky.SP, Jack in! Execute!"
"That was a fun battle guys." Joseph chuckled as his partners returned to the PET. "We've already made enough Zenny to head Back to the shop. So let's head out." He slid the device into the belt at his waist and took the usual path on his way to the Navi Shop.

Back to the Navi Shop.
Returning from the Navi Shop.

It didn't take him long to get back home and take care of the upgrades. He already knew what he wanted to work on, and it was fairly easy to tinker with. Once he was finished, Joseph sent his team back into Naxa Rogue Net so they could link back up with Drago and company.

Jacking in his team here. Naxa Rogue.
"While youre turning in your bounty, I'm going to head to the shop for some upgrades alright." Joseph said, and headed out the door for the Navi Shop.

To the Navi Shop.
Returning from the Navi Shop.

Joseph quickly performed maintance on the PET while Sparks was cleaning up his bounty hunt and getting ready for a new one. While that was going on he received an email from Birdy the waitress he had been in contact with from the ACDC Coffee Shop. It read-

Quote (From: ItsBirdyCheeks@ACDC.NetTo=JAkers@YokaInn.Net)

Hey, so I was wondering if you'd want to get together again sometime soon. My parents are throwing a party at their luxury property in ACDC. If you know anybody who would be interested, bring a friend and come on. I'll send you the location once you reply.

Quote (From: JAkers@YokaInn.NetTo: ItsBirdyCheeks@ACDC.Net)

Hmmm I might know somebody, but I am down to party either way. Go ahead and let me know when and where, I'll be there. Looking forward to seeing you again.

Quote (From: ItsBirdyCheeks@ACDC.NetTo=JAkers@YokaInn.Net)

Awesome, I'll be looking forward to seeing you again. It is casual, but it's indoor/outdoor. So nothing toooooooo fancy, but make sure you dress up nice and cute, bring a bathing suit. Can't wait to see you again. Oh, and I know how much you like your virus busting, so that is very much welcome at this party. Attached: PartyLocation.

Joseph's cheeks were red once again as he replied, and read the emails. It seemed the cute waitress had taken a liking to him, and the party wasn't that far off, so if someone was gonna attend with him, he would have to find out who asap. Maybe Destin would accompany him, they had spoken through the PET a few times, so it could be an interesting place to meet up. Joseph went ahead and sent the operator an email offering an invite. Wasn't much more he could do from there.

Sparks and Lucky had finished up, and returned to the PET. "Why are you so red?" Lucky questioned, "Did you eat something spicy? I love spicy bugfrags." The pup blew a smoke ring from his jaw.

Sparks searched through the data of the PET and quickly found the answer, "Our master has been speaking to a girl again. He always gets a little read when he talks with someone cute."

"Mind your business and get ready to move." His face got a little redder, as he jumped up and ran to the closet to find something to wear. "I'll jack yall back in soon, were gonna go to a party."