((From Scilabs))

John hopped off the bus, back into a more familiar area. He was thinking about just exploring in the Scilabs area for some food, but he had a hankering for ramen, one that could be appeased only by one of his favorite restaurants: Rasen Ramen.

Inspired by the traditional stall designs, it's a somewhat small wooden building, though the wood is very well kept and stained to a beautiful finish. Draping down from its large overhang are orange curtain-like pieces of fabric embroidered with the ramen shop's name and logo: three white spiral brush strokes, arranged in a triangle. It was rumored the number of spirals equate to how many generations have owned the shop.

When the shop first got its start, it had a single bar with only a couple of barstools, so it could only serve approximately 4 customers at a time. Nowadays the bar is much longer, allowing at least 6-7 customers to sit comfortably, and there are a trio of circular tables, adorned with the shop logo, arranged in front for groups to sit and enjoy their ramen. The bar has one subdued jack-in port for each customer at the bar, allowing them to log into the YokaNetwork, a frequent activity for those waiting for their ramen to cool down, since they have a tendancy to serve their ramen at a temperature comparable to magma.

John smiled as he approached, greeted by the rich smell of freshly cooked pork and ramen broth. The gentleman behind the counter saw a pair of legs approaching (the rest of him was mostly covered by the ~1.5' long curtain), and he started to grab a laminated menu. John lifted the curtain with his right hand and ducked in to the covered bar.
"Ah, John! Irashaimase!"

John looked up at the gentleman with a wide grin, almost salivating as his stomach was practically rolling around in his chest.
"Hello Mr. Nagano! How are ya?"

Mr. Nagano put away the menu and smiled back, happy to see one of his regulars again.
"Good, good. What can I get for you today?"

John rubbed his stomach, trying to calm it and indicating his hunger.
"I'm starving, hit me with the biggest pork ramen you got!"

The man belted out a hearty laugh, he was not only entertained by John's enthusiasm towards his ramen, but also since not many people order the much larger (and more expensive) servings.
"Hahaha! Alright, just a moment then!"

As the shopkeeper walked over towards his cooking equipment and started preparing the requested ramen, John took a seat at the bar and pulled his PET from his pocket. KaijuMan was looking up at him from the screen, perched on a literal pile of digital rubble.
"How about we do a little busting while we wait?"
I thought you'd never ask! Let's wreak some havoc!

John pulled the small jack from the PET and slotted it in to the port in front of him, before pressing the exagerattedly large red button on the face of the PET to send the reptilian Navi into the network.

((To YokaNet))