John's Apartment

Description: John's apartment looks more like a hotel room than an actual apartment. Other than the small bathroom, the apartment has only 1 room. There is a single bed in one corner, a small kitchenette on the other, and not much in the way of furniture/appliances. He had a table, chair, mini-fridge, microwave, and a conservative desktop computer.

John stirred in his bed just as his alarm went off, playing a local radio station. He blinked a few times before he hopped out of bed and grabbed a set of clothing on his way to the bathroom. A few minutes later, he emerged fully clothed and with a toothbrush in his mouth. He then walked over to his computer before he checked a few screens.

{Hm... still haven't gotten my grade back yet... Well, I could use a day off.}

He returned to the bathroom momentarily, then walked over by the table, where his green and gray PET sat.
Good morning, Kai.
A deep, abrasive growl came from the speakers in the PET before the Navi spoke
Hmm... G'morning John.

Looks like I'm free for today, how about we do some busting before breakfast?
Kaijuman perked up as the spines on his head twitched.

Yes... Lets!

John chuckled as he sat down and stretched his arms and back, before he picked up the jack in cable from his PET and jacked it into his PC.
Here we go, logging in.
He pressed the initiating button and had his Navi beam out of the PET and into the network.

((To NetSquare))
((From ACDCNet))

KaijuMan returned to his PET, still disappointed to no longer be in the wide open spaces of the Network. He grumbled a bit under his breath as John rolled his eyes.
Aw, stop grumbling, Kai. I'm not gonna be like that jerk who left you in your PET for months. I know a Navi like you needs a nice big area to stomp around in.

The Navi's voice was barely heard over the speakers.
Hm? Didja say something?
[[b]Nothing. I just want to get back out there. Hmph.[/b]]

KaijuMan blew smoke out of his nostrils in frustration, but deep inside his teeny tiny reptilian heart, he was overjoyed to hear he wouldn't be caged up like before. It was absolute torture that never seemed to end. He got to know every inch of the confines of his PET for those months and months of captivity, and now the PET feels more like a jail cell than a home. He leaned back as he curled his tail around him, and crouched down to relax his slightly atrophied muscles.

John turned off his PC monitor and grabbed his black leather jacket before he grabbed the PET and slid it into one of the pockets. He headed out the door to his apartment and down the stairs to the sidewalk below. He jogged quickly to the bus station, since a bus was already there. The driver managed to see him before pulling away, so John managed to make this one.

((To SciLabs))
((From Scilabs))

John walked back to his apartment building from the bus stop, and climbed the stairs up to his floor. He made it back to his door, and opened it before he popped his shoes off and walked into his small living room. He sat down on the old couch he brought from home, and pulled the PET out of his pocket.

How ya feelin' Kai?

The reptilian Navi inside the PET was pacing restlessly, and huffed in response to John's question.
That bad, huh? I'm about to install your upgrades, so how about you hibernate for a bit while I set it all up?
... fine.

KaijuMan crouched down to the ground and rested his chest on the floor, before he slumped to his right side with a dull *thump.* His tail twitched a bit, but eventually rested as well. The Navi closed his eyes, and went into sleep mode. John knew his Navi was a bit odd, but this behavior was very strange to him. He knew something was wrong, and he had an idea what that might be. He looked at his watch; it wasn't even lunch time yet. He had more than enough time to set up the upgrades, and make something to hopefully cheer up his Navi. Hopefully his grade will be posted by then.

He got up and moved to his room, before he plugged the PET into his computer, and opened up the package he purchased at the shop. He opened each individual box and read the instructions carefully before he went to work. He installed the programs within minutes, but the attack upgrades and his "gift" for Kaiju took much longer. He grabbed a leftover sandwich from the fridge and ate as he continued working, pausing only long enough to check the web to see if his grade was posted. Still no luck, so he kept working diligently. A few more hours went by, then he finally finished.
Hey KaijuMan, just finished your upgrades.

The Navi started to stir, and slowly opened his eyes. He stood up, and stretched his muscles before he looked over to his NetOp.
Alright, I'm up.

I got an upgrade to increase the toughness of your programming, so you'll be able to shrug off more damage. I also programmed in a new attack for you to try. But since testing out an attack on an empty floor is kind of boring, I decided to put something else in.

John activated his newest, scratch-built program, and the entire floor started to glow. KaijuMan looked at the floor curiously as "wireframe" objects started to rise out of the floor. They were of varying size and height, with the largest ones just about as tall as KaijuMan himself. Just after a few seconds, the frames started to fill in and become solid structures. Most of them looked like miniature houses, stores, and a cluster of sky scrapers, while others turned into tiny trees, lamp posts, and streets. KaijuMan's spines twitched rapidly as he eyed the miniature landscape laid out in front of him.

What do you think? Go ahead, give em a whack!

KaijuMan took a step forward, then swiped his hand across the closest building, causing it to shatter like a fragile piece of pottery. KaijuMan's spines splayed out in excitement, and started to swipe at more of them.
The animations are still a bit basic, but I'll improve them as we go along. Do you like it?

John's words were barely heard over the sounds of the buildings being shattered and crushed as KaijuMan worked his way into the city, smashing and stomping everything in his path. He occasionally turned back to pulverize the occasional building with his tail, then approached the largest of the skyscrapers. His teeth started to glow red as he turned his head and opened his mouth. He manage to get his mouth around the building and sank his teeth in, before he literally tore it out of the ground. He stood there with it poised in the air like a massive dog bone, before he snapped his jaw shut and cut the entire building in half. The Navi then belted out a triumphant roar, bits and pieces of the building flying out of his mouth as he did so. He finally went quiet, and looked over the path of destruction he made in his own mini-city.

This is... fuuun!
The last word of his sentence was more of a growl than a word, and he had a very toothy grin on his face.
Haha, I knew you'd enjoy it! Now, how about we test out your newest attack. Pick out a target, and act as if I uploaded that shotgun chip to you.

KaijuMan nodded and faced towards a large shopping mall-shaped building a dozen or so feet away. He felt a warmth in his gullet as he lined up. A crimson glow started to appear in his mouth, and his jaw opened wider before he fired a glowing red ball of what appeared to be lava. The chunk of molten rock seared through the air before it landed on the short, wide building and exploded with an impressive spray of sparks, flames, and chunks of lava. The entire mall was decimated, and the adjacent burnings started to burn, giving off black trails of smoke. The Navi made a low, rumbling chuckle and again looked over the mostly devastated landscape.

That should help you deal out some serious damage from afar, and the explosion will take out multiple targets if used correctly. But now, the best part: Say "reset."

The Navi paused before he repeated what John said like a 10 foot tall, scale-covered parrot.

Almost immediately the entire landscape reverted to wireframe form before they sank into the floor. New wireframes then rose from the floor, and after a couple seconds, an entirely fresh city materialized in front of him. The buildings weren't in the same locations as before.
Now you have your own little playground, feel free to destroy it again and again!

KaijuMan gave an excited roar as he leaped into the air, and landed on top of one of the wider sky-scrapers, causing it to buckle and crumble under his weight. John laughed as he saw his Navi go buck-wild in his new cityscape, and put the PET down so he could rest while Kaiju played. He tried to take a nap, and turned down the volume of his PET, otherwise the near constant sound of destruction and the occasional "Reset!" coming from its speakers.

John managed to nap for a few hours, and woke up just as it started to get dark outside. He took a peek at the screen of his PET, and smiled at what he saw. He saw his Navi sitting up against a pile of burning rubble as the rest of the city around him was literally burned to the ground, leaving only blackened outlines of where the buildings used to stand. KaijuMan was sleeping peacefully, seemingly worn out by rampaging through an essentially endless city for several hours nonstop.

John put the PET back down on the desk before he hopped on his computer and checked the web for his grade. His eyes went wide as he drove both fists into the air. He just finished this semester off with another 4.0 GPA. Normally he'd be rather unimpressed, but this semester was incredibly tough for him.
Hell yeah!

KaijuMan stirred and woke up before he looked at the screen and saw his operator making a rather odd pose.
Just got myself another four-oh, baby!
... and?
Oh right, you wouldn't know what that means. It means I got perfect grades in my class, and I now have the best grades in my entire year group.

KaijuMan perked up.
So you're better than everyone else?
I guess you could say that, yeah!
Now that's something to be proud of!
Hell yeah! We're gonna go out tonight and celebrate. I'm thinking we should go to Jyve again.

KaijuMan nodded. He wasn't particularly fond of the loud nightclub, but he felt like he owed his NetOp for what he designed for him just a few hours ago. John got up to get some dinner before getting ready to go to Electopia and to the club.
After dinner, John took a quick shower and put on his best looking pair of dark blue jeans, a crisp green polo, and one of his newer pairs of shoes. He didn't have much of a selection, since most of them had to be specially ordered to accommodate his size 16 feet. He brushed his teeth and grabbed his PET before he pulled his black leather jacket from the closet and headed out the door. KaijuMan was perched on a partially shattered bridge in his little cityscape, and looked up at John.

You look more... energetic than normal.
That obvious, huh. I'm still jazzed about that exam grade. Who knows, my luck might stretch all the way to tonight, if you know what I mean. Oh wait, you probably don't. You need to go out more often.

KaijuMan grunted and blew smoke from his nostrils.
I didn't exactly have a choice. I was caged up the whole time in this damn PET...
John kept walking towards the bus stop, and nodded in agreement to his Navi's statement. KaijuMan looked down at his clawed feet before he looked back up to John and spoke again.
About that... I... appreciate what you did for me today. I owe you one.

John was surprised by this sudden change of mood; he has only known KaijuMan for a few weeks, but he knew something like that would be very hard to say for anyone with Kaiju's particular personality. It was very evident his Navi hasn't really felt thankful for much since his creation, probably a combination of how he was viewed by his previous operator, and simply due to his personality.
Don't worry about it, Kai. Consider it a gift for putting up with me for so long. I owed you one, so now we're even.

KaijuMan huffed again, but the subtle grin on his face gave away his amusement. It didn't seem so bad to stick around with this NetOp, at least for a little bit longer. John waited for a few minutes for the bus to arrive, then hopped on to head towards downtown.

((To Electown))
((From ACDC))

John slowly made his way off the bus and made the somewhat short walk over to his apartment. He yawned and rubbed his eyes as the built-up fatigue from the night started to wear on him. KaijuMan was already sleeping soundly, and John didn't really see a need to wake him up, since the plan for him was to take a quick shower then crash.

He trudged up the stairs to his second floor apartment, and unlocked the door before he slowly walked in. The curtains on his single window were still open, so he didn't even need to turn on the lights; there was enough ambient light from outside to let him accurately navigate through the room. He put his PET on his computer desk before he started to hang up his jacket, and put his clothes in his hamper before jumping into the shower.

A few minutes later, he emerged from the bathroom, put on a new pair of boxers, and practically stumbled onto his futon and quickly passing out, he doesn't remember for sure, but he might have actually konked out while falling into bed.


John's radio did chime in at the normally scheduled time in the morning, but John was essentially comatose, not even an act of god would get this guy out of bed; KaijuMan very quickly abandoned any attempts to wake the NetOp and proceeded to chuck buildings at eachother and generally wreak havoc.

Time ticked on, and at around noon John finally opened his eyes. He looked at his watch, and stretched as he yawned.
*yawn* Man, what a night.

He got out of bed and wandered into the restroom to brush his teeth, and pop a few pain pills. He had just a slight headache, but it wasn't too bad; he knew he'd have to remain very hydrated for most of the day, or his hangover might get worse. He walked out of the bathroom a few minutes later, and turned on his computer to check his email.

KaijuMan, noticing movement in the room, looked up towards the view window of the PET, using the small camera on its face as his window to the outside world.
[[b]About time you woke up...[/b]]
Haha, yeah, I was out like a light! The best thing to prevent a hangover is plenty of sleep afterwards, at least for me. At least now I can go do stuff, if I had a hangover, I'd just veg out all day.
[[b]Ugh... sounds way too boring to me[/b]]
Yeah, it sucks when your entire day is shot, and you've gotten absolutely nothing done.

John's stomach started go growl, causing him to look down at his abdomen.
Right. Food. Probably a good idea.

He got up and made his way into the small kitchenette in his room, and opened up his fridge. As soon as he opened it, he made a realization, and he hung his head low as he made an annoyed sigh.
Damn, I knew I should've gone to the grocery store yesterday... Looks like I'm gonna be running errands today. But hey, we got some pretty decent funds from those busting runs, I should be able to get you some nice upgrades.

KaijuMan's spines perked up as he quickly developed an interest in John's monologue.
[[b]I like the sound of that.[/b]]

John chuckled as his expectation was confirmed by his Navi only speaking when the subject could possibly relate to him smashing stuff.
Hahaha, I thought you would! We'll head over to SciLabs to swing by the Navi shop, but I think I need to pick up some lunch first. I'll hit one of the ramen shops on the way out.

John started to get dressed, his stomach growled several more times in the process, and he picked up his PET before he headed out the door.

((To SciLabs))