Maybe it's in the hot spring?

"Unless it was in a waterproof case!!" Mark exclaimed into a microphone, the words aimed at Trent. Trent just let out a harsh sigh. He had a hand on his forehead, rubbing his temples. Clearly Mark and his crazy guesses on the area of Yoka was starting to get to him. "I don't think it would make it through the water, let alone the heat. Its not in a hot spring. But if you're so persistent, go check them out first." Trent turned off his holograph, not wanting to be observed by Mark or others at the moment.

Mark felt rather silly, but Yoka was rather famous for its hot springs. He slid back down into the hard chair of the metros. His mind raced a bit more at the thoughts of what he could be. If only he knew the Yoka area better. Clearly he needs to go out more often to more regions and zones. He might know this one off the top of his head. The ACDC clue he knew regionally, along with the Electown bomb. The Yoka one didn't seem to be lining up quickly with any of the biggest area descriptions. Mark closed his eyes.

The train pulled to a stop in the next five minutes, as Mark stood to exit. He exited the trains and quickly looked for the signs pointing to the hot spring area. The hologram of Trent was off, so he didn't have to worry about hearing anything from Him as he went to quickly try the Yoka springs for the bomb. If it was there, Mark would get the heads up over Trent. Trent most likely was correct though, hot springs did seem rather silly after thinking about it.

Heavy steps moved towards the entrance area of the hot springs. He knew how awkward it would be if a man dressed in full nice clothes and dress showed would fit in well at a spa like place with a hot spring. Mark knew how harshly he stuck out, and decided to Brave the embarrassment movement into the hot springs area. He had every eye glancing in his direction.

"Well, Lets try it." Mark activated the Wifi and walked around, PET out, looking even more suspicious and out of place.
And he was walking, and walking...and walking...but nothing came up. The fact the trigger's range was only about 3-4 feet didn't help; it ensured that one couldn't simply stumble on the bomb.
Mark sighed loudly, before retreating from the hot spring area quickly. He knew after rereading the clue and thinking about it again, that this area most certainly wasn't the right spot in the Yoka area. He should have listened to Trent a bit more in this case, but Mark was supposed to be the brains side of this mission. He hung his head slightly before checking the email once more, trying to figure out the correct spot for the bomb to hidden. Nothing was really coming to mind about what it could be, so Mark decided to check out the other areas and zones of the Yoka village.

Trent kept his holographic display turned off while Mark walked around, not wanting to see where he was or how long it was taking Mark to figure out the clue for the mission. Trent was too busy training regardless.

Mark moved towards the entrance to the zoo, thinking that maybe this area would hold something more promising. When it came to height, nothing else besides large trees caught his attention for what could be the answer to the problem, and that might take days to figure out which tree in this location held the virus bomb. Mark kept his eyes to the sky, trying to compare which objects in the area repeated themselves enough to be justified as one being the tallest for the point of the clue. Nothing to much was coming to mind as he walked around, on his way to the zoo.

Mark stepped inside the iron front gates of the big zoo, and started to look around at each of the animals, and all the animal enclosures to be seen. Several animals were there, giraffes, snakes, lions, birds, horses, and elephants to name a few. For a low population area, Yoka sure did have a rather impressive zoo. "The hot springs and the zoo must be what draws people to this area, family even more so,' Mark though, temporarily falling back into an analyst point of view.

"Figured it out yet?" Trent questioned.

Mark gave no answer other than his continued movement around the zoo. Trent let out a sigh and turned off the display again. Something that caught Mark's eye on each of the zoo's animal areas, was the tiny statues carved near the information signs. He thought for a second, reread the email in his head, and walked quickly over to the giraffe enclosure and stood next to the statue, and turned on the program's wifi.
As he approached the statue, nothing seemed to be out of the ordinary. A look down at the information computer didn't reveal anything new...wait, there was something weird about its shadow, like something was attached to the bottom of the console. That shape...yep, that was it. And as the trigger program was activated...


Ask, and ye shall receive, apparently.

Mark happily smiled as Trent took his advise for the attacks, and pulled the PET away from the virus bomb. "Check the PET over for infection once more," Mark said without glancing down at the PET. Trent had already started the inspection and scans. Mark carried on his sentence, also missing the glares and glances being delivered to him by Trent. Once the PET dinged that the scans were finished, Mark started to head back out of the zoo. Before doing so how, ever he moved over to other animal pens, to take a look around the zoo.

Trent was actually slightly curious about the animals in the zoo. He kept his holograph on, and requested Mark explain various animals to him. The whole interaction between the two was slightly awkward. Trent was used to just ignoring or blowing off Mark, and Mark was used to trying to earn his respect. But here, Trent offered the opposite to Mark. Trent could have easily searched databases for the various information he sought, but he choose to ask Mark. Mark took it as a positive sign.

The two turned to leave the zoo, and go check out the last two clues. The one at Dentech was still confusing to Mark, but a few ideas were running through his head on the matter. Once this one was finished, the only that remained was the Beach, which he thought he had figured out, then the final battle.

"Time to head to the place of higher learning!" Mark said, his fancy shoes striking the metro platform confidently.

{To Dentech}