Hot Springs trip!

"Why are we here? Do you have to work today? Koumori said, bitterly at her netop.
"No, not today, I thought we could try these hot springs, haven't had a chance to try them yet." Kedamono retorted, looking down at her navi.
"Bah." Koumori spat, unaware this ment she could do a little more virus busting.

Sveral minutes later in the hot springs...

"Ahhhh...this feels so good..." Kedamono said, towel wrapped around the top of her head and glasses, chip pouch and PET set off to the side as she let the waters soothe her body, though Koumori wasn't in much of a mood to relax.
"Jack me in." She said impatiently, looking around at the hotsprings as best as she could, though fog just clouded her screen.
"Oh, alright Koumori. Just...try to grow more paitient in the future. Kedamono said, before jacking her in as Koumori thought, Fat chance.
Koumori returned to the PET without a hitch as Kedamono looked up from her relaxing in the waters to see Koumori in the PET. "Bad run?" she asked cutely. "Yes." Koumori said angerly as Kedamono picked up her things, dryed off, got dressed, and left for the navi lab on the metro.