Red Blossom Tree

The sound of Area's motorcycle became less as she slowly came to a halt on the side of the road. "Why did we stop?" asked Divinity who looked at Area from over her visor with questioning look in her face. She had been sitting on Area's shoulder, enjoying the wind blowing through her hair and herself as she was still a hologram.

"I think I'll stay here for a bit. Isolation is not good for me," Area said and stepped off the motorcycle while taking off her helmet. "We could use some peace after all the teaming up. It feels like months," Area continued as she put the helmet on the steer while taking hold of it with both hands to roll the motorcycle on her own power. Making a tight turn she headed for the grass field with her motorcycle and looked for a place to sit.

Divinity had taken to the air to help searching. "There!" she shouted as she pointed out at a huge blossom tree in the distance, surrounded by other somewhat smaller blossom trees. "Plenty of shadow and a good view around yourself. Also a beautiful tree above you," said Divinity as she floated in front of Area's face.

Dragging the motorcycle to the place Divinity had pointed at, she merely nodded for now. Passing other blossom trees, she looked around while taking the fresh air in her nose and eventually arrived at her spot. Making sure the motorcycle couldn't fall in its position, she took the key with her and started to take things out of the bags that were mounted on the motorcycle. First came a red plaid blanket, followed my some various food products and finally her laptop. Laying down the blanket, she laid down on it with her back and turned the laptop on. "Much better," she finally said and sighed of relief and peace.

"I'm guessing I won't be sitting still, huh?" asked Divinity as she noticed Area starting to work on the laptop's internet connection, "It'll be weird to fight alone..."

"Who said you're alone?" said Area with a grin as she turned her head towards Divinity before looking back at the screen of the laptop. A few taps later she had the connection up and looked at Divinity. "Ready?" she asked thinking she already knew the answer.

"Yesterday you told me about the blue blue sky... And all that I can see... Is just a red blossom tree," Divinity replied and started to turn her head up and down, while also turning around to look from other angles. "But all I can see is just another red blossom tree," she continued with a bored look on her face as she faced Area, "Send me into the Net, so I can see the sky."

"Got it," Area replied and sent Divinity into the Yoka Net, while taking out a cigarette and her chips.
"We need to go to Soryu. Quickly," said Divinity, safely having reached her PET while still in the strangely altered form. Standing a bit wobbly on her legs, she suddenly passed out as she felt forwards and landed with a soft clunk.

"Yes," said Area softly, knowing her Navi needed her rest and turned the laptop off. Putting the laptop back in the right bag of the motorcycle, she muttered something about having no time to eat anything of what she took along. But as she grabbed the red plaid blanket, she heard a sound from the other side of the blanket. Slowly lowering it, she noticed a bull staring at her with fierce eyes. "I've got no time for this... Animal..." she muttered, staring at its eyes directly and tossed the red blanket to a side, "Out of my way." Shifting her feet slowly into an offensive position, she awaited the charge of the bull. Her PET was on the seat of the motorcycle so it couldn't be damaged in the fairly odd fight. Holding her hands out, she braced herself for the incoming impact as the bull started to move his hoof over the ground to eventually charge out for his target. "Get away!" she shouted as she took some steps forwards and grabbed the horns of the bull tightly, making it impossible for the animal to commence its charge at her. "I'm not your average person," she whispered and pushed the bull away while getting closer to it with her fists at her hips. "ZENSHIN!" she shouted and thrust her fists at the bull's face repeatedly, "HYAA!" With quick movement, she jumped backwards and turned around to face her motorcycle. "We've wasted enough time already!" she shouted as she swept up her PET into the air while placing herself on top of the motorcycle's seat. "I hope this thing can ride over rough land," she said as she catched the PET, immediately clipping it on her belt, and started the engine of her motorcycle. Hold on, Divinity, Area said in her mind as the motorcycle started to move on the grass plain, leaving the bull behind, and headed for the road. Eventually on the road, she decided to put some speed into it and raced for ACDC to find out what was exactly going on.