A new place...

*after geting off the metro timmy headed twords the nearest jack in point*
"This should be good."
"Ok, *meow*, jack me in."
"Ok ok, jack in Nikko, execute!"

*jacked into yoka net*
(after jacking out from the long fight)

"what Nikko?"
"there was this navi that was invisible......somehow.....she got behind me and blew into my ear and pinched my little kitty butt."
"Ok ok.....no need to shout."
"so....where too?"
"how about the navishop? we need to upgrade you."

Timmy then hoped on the metro and headed to scilabs.
Timmy got to yoka just fine, but he forgot to take the metro and he ached.

"Ugh.....why did i WALK all the way over here!?"
"Becuase you forgot the metro existed."
"Shut up. i'm going to the onsen."
"I'd like to use it ONCE before we do another busting run, and your fight with wolfgang doesn't help much either."
"i do need a chance to relax."

Timmy then heads to the onsen, he quickly got changed and walked into the onsen, jacking Nikko as well.
(after the Internet police mission)

"Man......that realy must have hurt......"

Nikko was curently sleeping off the battle from the mission, though she was still battered and brused.

"I'd better get over to the shop, i should upgrade Nikko before i see sieg again."

Timmy then walked out of the onsen, drying off and got dressed in his usual cloths and walked over to the metro and headed over to scilabs.
after hopping off the metro timmy headed twords the nearest Jack in point and jacked Nikko in quickly, he was intreged by what he had learned on the BBS.
after jacking out, timmy started twords the metro as soon as Nikko was safely back in her PET.

"Where to now timmy?"
"Scilab, i want to check it out a little bit before we head to sharo and check on Jay's house, he told me to make a trip down there every now and again to see how it's holding up without him."

Timmy then hoped on a metro twords scilab.