Shopping Gone Wrong

Aida rushed off down the street with her pet close to her and a bag clentched in her right hand.

"WHY ARE THE BULLIES IN YOKA TODAY?!" Her navi yellped, "They never go here unless theres something up!"

"M-mu-mus-st be a s-sale!" Aida said panting as she ran away.

Three girls took after her.

"HEY! GET BACK HERE YOU LITTLE CHIMP!" Teh first girl growled, "You still owe us your wekly fee!"

"Eeeaahh...." Aida eeped, "There go-going to get me! Wh-what do I do?!"

"Quick aida!" Capuchin cheeped, "I have a plan!"

Aida quickly sped up teh pace and disspeared around teh corner.

The leader of teh girls gave a grin, "She wont get away that easily! That's a dead end."

The three of them skidded to the corner only to see a dead end....and no one there.

"What the?!" The first said.

"Well sherlock, she aint here." The second said.

"Grr that little chimp!" The first growled again kicking a box in teh alley. "Lets get out of here. We'll get her next time!"

"Yeah!" Teh thrid said witha grin, "We can cut her hair. The little monkey needs a new one."

The three of them laughed as they ran off and went to another street. After a few seconds of silence, the box that was kicked moved and opened up to reveal Aida.

"Ooooh." She moaned, "I-Ill de-def-definitley be sore later."

"you alright?" Capuchin asked recieving a nod.

"Y-your really smart Ca-capuchin."

"hehehe. I was a master trickster! Now lets get outta here and find someplace to go."

Aida began to walk down the road and into a library. "We-we should be s-safe here." The young girl immediatley sat on a chair next to a computer.

"Hey! Lets go on the Net!" Capuchin cheeped, "We can find tons of people there. We can get friends!....AND I CAN BATTLE!"

"N-no battleing to-oday."

"But can we go on? PLEEEEEEEEEEEAAAAAAAASE?????"

Aida stared for a few seconds at Capuchin adn gave a small nodd. "A-Alright...w-we'll head t-to teh onsen. J-just be c-ca-careful"

And with that, Capuchin was downloaded to the net.
((Hey, think I can join?))
Looks like the Onsen's put on hold so Pianissimo can have his stupid pie Rigel thought as he finished saving Pianissimo's seat. He had ducked into a nearby library when Pianissimo decided pie and punch was more important than the hotsprings. He chuckled as he watched Pianissimo try to calm down the childlike navi, then noticed the girl at the computer next to her. eyes...Rigel could have sworn he'd seen her before.

Of course. That's the one I saw running away from three other girls in ACDC a couple days ago.

What really surprised him was the fact that she'd made it to Yoka, despite the fact that last he saw her, she had enough trouble getting between the school and her house.

He didn't think it was a good idea to bring that up right away.

"Um...hey." he said.
Aida turned to see someone standing beside her. She immediatley looked at the ground and silently replied, "H-hello."
((sitting! He's at the computer next to Aida. Not standing!))
((Eh, whatever.))

Rigel didn't quite understand why the girl reacted the way she did. Shy? Depressed? Did those other girls do something to her? Not wanting to make it seem like he was stalking her or something, he simply asked, "Is...something wrong?"

Aida's face truned bright red as she avoided eye contact.

"N-no n-nothings wrong! I-Im fine." She said in an embarrased tone.
Nothing wrong? Rigel didn't believe that for a second. He looked at her for a moment. She looked seriously shaken up, and Rigel seriously hoped he hadn't caused that. He HAD had that effect on a few people. But something was bothering him, something he had heard her say as he had walked in. Safe? What had she meant by that?

Finally, he decided to cut to the chase. "Has someone been bullying you?"
Aida sat there frosen in place. Not saying a word, she looked at the ground in despair. She said nothing, she was too ashamed.
Now I've done it. Just wonderful. Rigel said to himself, trying to think of something else to say.

"Listen," he finally said, "If someone HAS been bullying you, I may be able to help. What do you say?"
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Aida gave a slight nod, "Y-yes...I-Im bullied const-constan-antly..."
((Eh, don't worry about it))

"Well, if you have a problem with them...After this silly netsquare event I'll be in ACDC for a few days. I'd either be there or at the hotsprings right now, but my navi just HAD to have his pie," said Rigel, looking at the holoscreen. Pianissimo was talking with a monkey navi, and it looked like the pie had finally arrived.

"The name's Rigel, by the way. Duke Rigel."
Aida gave a slght smile and a nod. "Th-thank you."
"I understand," Rigel whispered to Pianissimo, bringing up a view of the Internet City netsquare. There was definitely something going on. Several navis were reading as being seriously injured, and though there didn't appear to be any pattern to it...

Rigel turned to the girl nxt to her. "Hey, is your navi at the netsquare event? If she is, I recommend getting here out of there unless she can fight. There's...definitely SOMETHING going down there. And it's not looking good."
Aida nodded, "'s there..." She pointed to the navi on teh pole. "Th-that's my's st-strong though."
"The one Pianissimo was talking to earlier, then," said Rigel as he watched Pianissimo head toward the Sharo portal and Capuchin toward the Scilab one. "Pity she didn't join him, I wanted to see how she fought. I guess I'll have to look at your PET's screen every now and then as well."

Rigel looked back at his, where Pianissimo had arrived in Sharo and was looking for the trail with his scanner. "Pianissimo, just follow the footprints!"

"What? OH!" said Pianissimo, the second word coming out rather suddenly. "Right. But I'm going to wait and see if anyone's going to join me before continuing."

" do that."
"I take it you heard all that, right."

"Yes. Indeed I've heard the name, but I can't remember where from. Did he say where he lived?"

Pianissimo told him what he knew, which wasn't very much. Leaving Rigel to do...whatever he was going to do.

Rigel turned to the young girl and said, "I believe an old friend wants to meet me. I'll probably be back, though. See ya."

He got up and disconnected the PET, leaving Pianissimo in the net but unable to jack out until he reconnected it somewhere, and walked out of the library. As he headed for the metroline station, he gave a certain group of three girls a penetrating glare, as though he knew what they were plotting.
Aida watched as the newcomer had left the building.

He's verry kind. She thought. I hope I meet more people like him.
Suddenly, Aida realised, "OH! I should he-head over to SciLabs. It w-would be easier t-to give you ch-chips ca-capuchin."

"Good idea Aida!" capuchin said, "Your really smart!"

Aida gave a slight smile, "Th-thank you Capuchin.....y-your a g-good friend." She then unplugged her PET and headed to scilabs.
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