Alda's Apartment

"Home, sweet home!" Alda walked into her apartment, and promptly walked over and flopped onto her couch. "Parties are nice, but I'm totally drained!"

"I'd think you would be, since you spent a lot of time chatting with the owner of the company you work for. I bet you were a total bundle of nerves!"

"Well, yeah, who wouldn't? Though, remind me to slap my sister if she ever starts talking about anything that ends up with her having sex...the way Miss Heart-Payne looked, I thought for a sec we were both gonna get canned right then and there..."

"Will do."

"Ahhhh...I guess I need to install those upgrades, huh? But I'm gonna just lay here for a few minutes first..." Quite frankly, her body probably wouldn't let her get up right now if the apartment spontaneously combusted. "But, I want to be're absolutely certain you want to go through with it? The installation, I mean."

"Of course!"

"It should enhance your ability to generate chemical compounds, but...well, there's always the chance of side effects...I mean, look what happened the last time I tried it."

"Don't worry, I believe in you! And really, I like this form more than I ever liked being a plain ol' Navi!"

"Okay...I just want to make sure, since once it starts, I can't stop it halfway unless it's somehow about to delete you, since doing that could wreak havoc on you!" At any rate, she was reasonably sure this would do the trick. She double checked and triple checked her coding, and she was almost positive she'd nailed it.

"I guess I need to get up if I'm gonna do it..." Alas, her body rejected the idea, and Alda simply looked like she was struggling against an invisible assailant.

"You don't have to do it right now or anything..."

"No, I should do it while I'm thinking of it. Urgh...!" With some extra effort, the scientist finally got her body in a standing position. Now, move the right leg...and the left leg...and into the research room she went. Technically, it was the apartment's bedroom, but instead she used it as a sort of a mini home laboratory, with surprisingly high-tech equipment for something completely self-funded. If she needed a bed for herself or others, the couch in the main room was a foldout, and much more comfortable than one would expect for such a bed.

Like any good lab, there was a state of the art computer in a far corner, and some distance away from any and all of her chemistry equipment. She sat down in the computer chair next to it, and booted it up. "I really oughta think about hooking this thing up to the internet. It's sooooo much faster than my laptop!"

"I dunno, I'm pretty sure you'd freeze your butt off if you just sat around in here for a while..." SmogMan popped up on his operator's shoulder, and checked a nearby thermometer. 15 degrees Celsius, brr. Granted, Alda kept it a little warmer that when she knew she was going to be in there a while, but it wasn't exactly comfortable for most people, her included. "Besides, you couldn't watch TV or anything in here."

"It's not like I can't just keep both computers connected..." Despite how the living area looked, she wasn't exactly living day to day. A lot of her stuff looked simple, but she simply preferred function to form, which wasn't always the expensive option. Plus her job paid well, so she was never strapped for cash. "All right, starting up the installation program. If you wanna back out, now's your last chance..."

"For the last time, I wanna do this!"

"All right, then..." And so the PET ended up in a dock for just such devices. "!" Estimated Time Left: 48 minutes. Ouch. "Well, as long as everything's going smoothly, I don't need to stay here and babysit you, do I? I'm gonna go watch some TV. Yell if something happens!"

"Will do! Hey, this tingles..."



A loud noise from the computer startled the scientist, who over the course of the near hour slowly but surely went from sitting to being sprawled out across the couch, as well as realizing about 10 minutes in that she didn't have to wear her lab coat while chillaxing. Said noise was soon followed by a loud thud, as she fell off trying to grab the remote and mute the TV while she handled much more important business. Ow. Well, at least it was easy to grab now that she, too, fallen on the floor. And...muted. And...standing up, fortunately unharmed from her tumble beyond a slightly bruised ego for falling off a couch. And, back to the other room!

"SmogMan, I heard the timer go off! So, how are you...?"

"Weird. I still feel tingly from the installation."

...Weird was right. Normally, he sounded normal enough...but now his voice was a bit deeper, and a lot more graveley. "Um, SmogMan...? ...Ahh!" The changes weren't just auditory; he was now a more grayish purple, instead of the deep purple he normally was. "Are you sure you feel okay...?"

"Just dandy, aside from the tingling. And the color change. But I like that I actually sound like I'm not 9 anymore!"

"Um, let me check to make sure everything happened as programmed..." Let's see, activate a scan..."...Goddammit, I did it again!"

"...You messed up AGAIN? Geez, you're two for two now. Install something else in me and I'll probably get del-" The gaseous Navi instantly stopped himself as he noticed Alda getting misty eyed. "...Delicious. Yeah, worst case scenario, I end turning into cotton candy or somethin'."

"It's okay, I know I screwed up big time. I can't believe I missed that...because of how I wrote it, I ended up overwriting some of your personality and appearance code...I'm such an idiot!" She wasn't crying, but it was obvious that she was trying really hard not to by now. "I'm sorry...I'm so sorry!"

"Don't worry about it! Last I checked, I'm working just fine. If you ask me, it takes talent to mess up a little on a program and still make it work perfect!"

"Thanks..." The scientist managed to let out a small smile, but she was definitely still feeling down. "But, I still messed your programming up. We got lucky that it wasn't something so irrepairably bad that you had to be deleted..."

"Hey, you know what'll cheer you up? Getting out and doing something to take your mind off things! ...I guess that's kinda hard, since I'll be with you, but if you're not going to listen to me, then listen to someone else say how great you are after you do something for them!"


"And then, on your way back, you can stop for an ice cream sundae or something."

"...Ice cream WOULD hit the spot..."

"Of course it would, it's your favorite food ever. But today, you're not getting any until you've worked for it!"

"...All right, I'll do it!"

"Good, you look less depressing already!"

"Don't you mean I look less depressed?"



"Don't gimme that look, that's what I was talking about. Now go grab your coat, I'll put up a mission request!"


"Hey, Alda! I got a mission!"

"Oh, good! Where to?"

"Good news for you, it's a short walk. You gotta head to the GNA complex in ElecTown."

"Wow, I can just walk to the mission. That's good!"

" probably shouldn't get excited just yet. They said you also gotta wear your, how'd it go...oh right, your 'most formal business attire'."

"Formal business attire...? I'm not even sure I own anything like that! This is pretty much always good enough for presentations at work...guess it wouldn't hurt to check the closet..." And so Alda did so.

"Yeah, and while you're at it, you might wanna not wear a bikini for underwear. If anyone saw that..."

"Oh, that's easy!" Reach up into skirt, pull bikini bottom down and off. Grab panties from closet, pull up. Yep, easy. "See? All changed, and I never even exposed myself!"

"Yeah, do that with a bra and I'll be impressed!"

"...Yeah..." Okay, that wasn't happening, so...grab bra, and head into the bathroom...

SmogMan floated around for a moment, to make sure his operator was off...and started to place a call. Ring, ring...

"Hey. What's up?"

"Yo, Rhonda. Put on your best business suit and head for the GNA complex in ElecTown."

"Who IS this? Wait, that voice...SmogMan?"

"It isn't the tooth fairy. Anyway, I took up a mission, but apparently they need both Alda and you. Oh, and we already accepted it, so it'll look real bad if you don't show."

"Well, you're lucky I'm not doing anything right now. I'll be there as soon as I can. Any idea what we're doing?"

"Apparently, the two of you need to go to some meeting or something. Dunno what it's about, but I get a cool chip out of it, so whatever."

"I see. Say, has Alda already installed your upgrades?"

"Yep, worked like a charm. Why?"

"Oh, just wondering...anyway, I'll be there, so wait up when you guys get there."

"Yeah, wait, got it."

"Thanks. See you two there." Click!

"Hey, who are you talking to?" Since the call was over, Alda of course picked that point to pop back out, sadly with her shirt on. "It usually doesn't take me that long to put on a bra, but it just wouldn't hook right for some reason!"

"Oh, right, the mission guy specifically said both you and Rhonda were needed for it, so I went and made sure she'd be there."

"Oh, okay...wait a sec, doesn't that mean you waited until AFTER you accepted the mission to ask her?"


"And, you didn't think there wasn't a chance she might be pre-occupied?"

"She just finished up at a big party. What could she have possibly done that'd keep her from doing it?"

"I can think of several things..."

"I said what, not who."

"...Still thinking of several things..."

"Whatever, it worked out, and that's what matters. So, you gonna put something fancier on or not?"

"That's the thing, I'm not sure if I even have...OH! Silly me!" She dug into the closet once more, pulling out a black suit jacket. "Totally forgot about this...since it goes perfectly with the kind of skirts I usually wear, I just got this, and wham! Instant business attire!" And on it went. "Well, I'm glad I don't have to go to some meeting in my lab coat...that'd be kinda embarrassing!"

"You'd probably be better off in a birthday suit than that."

"I dunno about that...anyway, the GNA complex. That's still a decent walk from here, so I should get going." But first, get everything NetBattle related, just in case..."All right, let's go!"

Though SmogMan's default state had a rather sinister smile, it somehow looked a bit more relaxed, as though he was actually happy. And why wouldn't he be? His operator was already starting to brighten up as she focused more on the mission, and less on the fact she done messed up something fierce. His brilliant plan was working.

Here she was. She'd been in front of this door dozens of times, but never before had she been even a little nervous about knocking. But this was'd been over three months since the last time. Not since the day they both got pink slips. And then, to have that happen to SmogMan at the same time...ever since then, she barely heard a peep from her. And now, there were rumors of a modern day witch, with hair as green as grass, and scandalous in how little she wore. That couldn't be her big sis...she felt naked if she so much had her lab coat off. Yet, everything added up...oh, standing here wasn't going to help. She'd finally heard back from her, and got an invite. She was expected, and she needed to get to the bottom of this. Rhonda took a deep breath, and knocked on the door.

"That you, Rhonda? It's not locked, come on in!"

"Yeah, it's me." Well, that sounded like the chipper sister she knew and loved. How bad could it be?

...And opening the door brought all of her fears to light. A hat rack revealed several different witch's hats and capes, and the entire area looked more like a mad scientist's summer retreat than a place a sane woman would live in. There were various bottles and vials of chemicals all over the place, some of which seemed to have very large safety warnings. There was exactly one table without any on there, and it was just a tiny one in front of her TV...there were still those really comfy chairs she got a year ago, though, and they were still right where they were before. She could also smell something a bit sweet, but the sheer odor of chemicals masked it to where she couldn't tell what it was. "Alda? Where are you?"

"In the kitchen! Make yourself at home, okay?"

...She had to be kidding. Rhonda walked over to the kitchen door, and peered inside. "Alda?...AUGH!!"

"Eep-ow!" The elder sister had been checking a lower cupboard for whatever reason, and jumped at her little sis's scream...causing her head to hit the top. "Ow, my head! Why'd you scream like that?!"

"Why'd I scream?!" As though that wasn't super obvious. "I came in here to see my sister, not just her ass!"

"Huh? Oh, I guess that's all you can see of me right, I'll fix that!" Any lingering doubt in Rhonda's mind instantly faded as Alda crawled out and stood up. She...owned bikinis that she would call skimpy, that covered more of her body than that covered her. Especially that was almost like she was covering her boobs with a pair of earmuffs. Actually, she seemed to be holding something, but from this angle she couldn't quite tell what it was. It was set on the counter soon enough, anyway. "Uh, Rhonda? Why're ya staring at me? I didn't invite you over for incest!"

"Sorry, it's look different, wearing that." And by different, she meant slutty. "You know, I always said you should show your body off a bit more, but this isn't quite what I had in mind..."

"Yeah, and I should've taken your advice years ago! This is actually really comfy...and it's amazing how much more attention I get from guys now!"

"Comfy? Borderline naked is more like it! I mean, I have slutty bikinis that cover more than that! And they're definitely not comfy!"

"Really? Huh. I guess a smaller bosom really makes it easier when you're resisting gravity!" Ding! The oven seemed to be providing some sort of alarm. "Oh, yay! It's finally done!"

"...It?" ...Oh god, if it was anything like what was out in the living area...

"Yep! Where's that oven mitt...there!" She reached in, grabbed whatever was inside, and took it out. "Behold, my greatest creation!...Why'd you flinch? The last time I checked, you like chocolate chip cookies..."

Cookies...? Oh, that sweet smell from earlier was definitely stronger now. Rhonda let out a sigh of relief. "Sorry, it's just...after seeing your living room, I was worried it was something dangerous."

"Oh, they ARE one, and you'll be hooked!"

"I-Is that so...? Why, did you add some, uh, secret ingredient...?"

"Huh? No, It's just, I've been doing a lot of baking and cooking lately, and I've gotten pretty good...are you okay? You seem on edge."

"Well, I-"

"Tell you what. Go sit down on the sofa and get comfy, and I'll get these cookies on a plate and bring 'em over with some tea!" Alda grabbed the item she'd taken from the cupboard earlier...a clearer look revealed that it was just a metal spatula. Why that was in a cupboard, the world would never know...

"A-All right."


About half an hour later, the two were sitting down, with empty cups and a plate of cookies that had quite the dent put into it. "It's just, you seem totally different now. Not just how you look either,'s like your whole aura's changed. You're not a totally different person, and yet, you kinda are...does that make any sense?"

"Uh-huh. I think I see what you mean. Yeah, ever since that day, I've been reborn. I didn't realize it at first, but now it's crystal clear!"

"Reborn, as in...becoming this?"

"I know it looks and sounds crazy. But I've never been as sure of anything in my entire life as this. Magic is just an unexplored facet of technology, and I've made it my personal mission to bring it to light!"

"You're right. It DOES look and sound crazy. But, I think I can see why you're going down this path anyway."

"You understand?"

"At first, I thought you were just rebelling against everything, after everything you worked for in your entire life was taken from you in just a few hour span. But, after talking to you for a bit, that's not it at all. Personally, I think your goal all along...was to become someone that had the strength to not go through that again."



"...You still sound like I'm doing something wrong."

"I know...and I really don't mean it that way - at least not now. It's just, kinda hard to get over, you know? As long as I can remember, you've been introverted, except to me, and even then not you're walking around town in practically nothing, trying to spread a message that would make most people think you're insane. ...And based on what I've heard lately, they do."

"Yeah, they've spread some nasty stuff. Like one guy, he went around claiming I wanted to suck out all his bodily fluids and use them in my potions!"

"Oh, that's awful! I know you wouldn't do a thing like that!"

"I know, right? I only said I wanted his semen! And I was willing to suck it out of him if he wanted!"

"Yeah, that's...wait, what?"

"I'm working on a fertility potion, and I'm wondering if semen is what I need to complete it. I can't very well get any on my own, so I went out and asked someone if I could get some of theirs. Granted, I didn't see the wedding band until after he declined, but he didn't have to be so rude!"

"...Yeah, pro tip. Things like that? Don't help your case at all."


"AT. ALL."

"...Hmm. Maybe I can try something else in the meantime, until someone actually give me what I want."

"I don't think you're getting the message...well, anyway, I think I've got most of my questions answered."

"I'm glad."

"You have changed...but not so much that you're not you. Deep down, you're still my big sis."

"Was there ever any doubt in your mind?"

"I'll be honest, at times there was. When I first stepped inside, I was worried I'd lost my best friend forever...but I haven't. She's still there, she's just covered in a different shell. Less technobabble and lab coats, and more...magibabble and partial nudity."

"Hey, how am I partly naked?"

"...Really? When I first saw your butt I honestly thought that you were naked! Or as good as naked, with that see-through skirt you're wearing."

"Meh, like I said, it's actually really comfy. You'd be surprised."

"I think I would, to be honest..."

"Oh, that's right! I never actually showed you Anathema, did I?"

"The Navi you made with bits of SmogMan's remnant code? Nope, haven't seen her."

"Well, you should meet her. She's basically the daughter of your original Navi, after all." A few moments passed as Alda went into a back room, then returned. "We're here, Annie. Show yourself!" A witch-looking Navi, albeit one with more modesty than her operator, popped up on her shoulder. And even then, she showed a fair amount of skin, moreso on the right side.

"So, you're Anathema. ...Honestly, you look more...upbeat than your name suggests."

"I try! Oh, and my friends call me Annie! Which, so far, is just Alda...but you're her sister and best friend in the real world, so we can be friends too! Right?"

"Heh, sure, Annie! ...Sorry if I'm staring, but you look totally different from SmogMan."

"I had to make most of her code from scratch, putting in SmogMan's where I could. Mostly, it only gives her one ability...but, well, she can just show you!"

"That's right! Behold, the ability bestowed upon me by my father! Cloud Form!" Anathema's body seemingly melted into nothingness right before everyone's eyes, only for a purple mist to rise. When she started to speak while in that form, her voice seemed more hollow and echoing. "See? I can turn into gas! The formlessness gives me some extra angles for attacking, and it's not easy to hit something without a definite shape! Although-ugh!" Suddenly, the spreading fog condensed, forming into the Navi again. "...Although, I can't maintain it for very long."

"That's pretty neat, actually. Oh, I just got a great idea."

"What's that?"

"Well, I'm kinda curious how a Navi specializing in cybermagic works. Mind if I watch you doing a little bit of busting? Not too long, just enough to get an idea."

"Uh, sure, but...are you sure? I mean, this is the first time in months we've really talked to each other..."

"Yeah. It's not like we'll never see each other again, now that I know you're still the same Alda. Mostly, anyway...and, well, I never really got a chance to say goodbye to SmogMan. Seeing Anathema's cloud form, though...I think I could use a little bit of closure."

"Huh, didn't think of that. Well, I'm up for it if Annie is!"

"Let's do it to it!"

"Good an answer as any! ...I think. So, where to? We won't stay too long, so just about anywhere should work."

"How about Beach Area? Just because I'm witch doesn't mean I can't work on my tan!"

"Are you saying I don't get out enough? ...But that'll work. Sound good to you, Rhonda?"

"Yeah. And don't worry if I'm quiet the whole time, it's just..."

"Don't worry, I totally understand." Let's see...from here, the best angle to point at her computer would be...that. "Let's get started! Jack in! Anathema, Execute!"

Once Anathema was safe and sound, both sisters sat back and sighed...and then snickered upon realizing their identical reactions. "All right...I think I have my closure with SmogMan now. Thank you, you two."

"I'm really glad you can move past that now. And...just remember, he's not really dead. In a way, he lives on within Annie."

"Wonder how he'd feel if he knew he was living in a sexy witch Navi...oh, something I've been meaning to ask."

"Sure, shoot."

"Well, anyone with eyes can see you're working on potions in here...but what about things like...curses? Have you performed any of those?"

"If I want to test their scientific validity, I kinda have to. I try to keep to minor things, though...I did one major one."

"You did? ...Wait, it wasn't on-"

"Dharma Heart-Payne? Of course. Don't worry, it wasn't a death curse or anything. No, that won't make her suffer."

"...Now you need to tell me. What'd you do to her?"

"At first I was just going to give her a pain based curse, but flipping through an old book, I found a much better idea. When a random person thinks of Dharma as a person, what do they think?"

"Hmm. I can't say I know her very well, for obvious reasons, but in public she comes across as kind and caring."

"Precisely. She has a squeaky clean public image. For now. It's more complex than this, but to put it simply, my curse imbued her with 'feelings'."

"Feelings? What do you mean?"

"Hmm, how to put it...she's gained a desire. The desire to be naked in front of people. The more, the better."

"...Come again?"

"It will make her feel empowered, to feel total domination over anyone gawking at her body! Just the thought of that happening, even to someone besides herself, is enough to arouse her! I can only imagine how wet she'd be if it ever actually did happen. And once she's completely unable to resist her newfound urges, it'll cause quite the stir. Her perfect image, utterly shattered! Of course, I'm just exposing the miasma within her own heart to the world...and that, Rhonda, will be our revenge for our unjust termination!"

"...I really don't know what to say...besides this. Don't lump me in with this. I want no part whatsoever. We can't even prove she had anything to do with it."

"Not this happened mere days after meeting her. There's no way that's a coincidence. I can't say I fully know why, but there's no mistaking it...the one responsible for our firings is none other than the CEO herself!"

"...I think I need to go." Rhonda got up, and started for the door. "You're my big sister, and you always will be. But there's a darkness in your heart that wasn't there before...please, don't let it overtake you."

"Wait, Rhonda, you-" Slam, door closed. "...Oh, damn it!"

"Don't worry, Alda. I think she'll realize you're right on this one soon enough."

"I hope so. I'd hate to lose my only sister over something like this..."

"Oh, and by the way...the miasma within her own heart? Emo much?"

"...Wow, that kinda did sound like that, didn't it? Eww."

"So eww! Okay, let's see...I don't think any of these potions will be ready any time soon, and you did say you wanted to get me something, didn't you?"

"You're right! But, I dunno, something doesn't feel right...I feel like I should go chase down Rhonda."

"I don't think so. Just let her think on it for a bit. She'll be apologizing for doubting you in no time!"

"I hope you're right..." With another sigh, the real life witch got up, and donned her cape, shoes, and witch's hat. "I guess getting mopey won't help. Come on, let's go shopping!"

The instant she was back in her apartment, Alda set her PET down next to her TV, and bolted for her bedroom. Anathema formed as a hologram, and confusedly looked in that direction. "Um, hello? Why can't you tell me what happened? I mean-" The sound of soft moaning suddenly stopped the Navi from speaking. "Ohhh...okay, never mind me. Continue.~"


45 minutes later later, the witch Navi was STILL waiting on her operator. She'd enjoyed things at first, but now? Now it was almost getting dull. "Geez, how much longer are you going to be? Even I can usually get it out of my system after this long. I know this because I just did, and yet you're still going at it. Well, congrats Alda, for the first time in my life, you've managed to make sex boring for me. So I'm gonna go do something. I think I'll check out something I heard on the way home. Something about being able to buy upgrades online." ...But she probably shouldn't with that loud moaning in the background. Hot, yes, but people might get the wrong idea. And...mute outside sounds. "Be back in a few!" ...Wait, how was she going to jack in anywhere...wait, if she made the PET vibrate just the right way...there! Now she was lined up with the TV's port. Perfect. Now, to head in, and check out that sweet new online Navi shop. Like so. Pew!

And...pew again! She was back! "I'm back! Let's see if she's done yet..." And, unmute.


...And mute again. "Seriously? And she thinks I'M bad about that sort of thing..." She'd wear herself out eventually, at least. Maybe she should take a nap, dream about Vinzez's inevitable fall...zzz...


"Hey, wake up!"

"Huh...?" Anathema sat up, quickly attentively looking at her operator. "What time is it...10:30 AM?! Sheesh, at least I feel great."

"I'm surprised you muted the PET. I would've thought you'd be all into hearing...that."

"Eh, hearing on its own gets boring after a while. Next time, bring the PET in so I can watch!"

"Nooooo thank you. Anyway, it's all out of my system now."

"Glad to hear, I guess...?" Except not really. Shaking her head, the witch Navi summoned a book and started to read it. "Anyway, let's check the agenda..."

"No need to check today. It's time for my monthly visit to Okuden."

"You know, I'm pretty sure it's not illegal or anything, but isn't gathering herbs and stuff in a public park kinda...I dunno, tacky?"

"People want low prices, and they want things locally sourced. This way, I kill two birds with one stone. Not that I use dead birds in anything..."

"I guess. Besides, no one seems to notice, so I guess you reap the rewards for being so knowledgable!"

"Exactly! I think I'm going to try something a little different this time, though."

"And what'll be different?"

"I figure, since I should be able to hunt ingredients without leaving wireless range, why not let you see what you can find in the net? You can get some battle practice, and maybe even find something for your own stash. Plus, I'll be around to give you chips and stuff."

"Hey, that's a great idea! Never been to Okuden Area!"

"And on that note, I noticed you cleaned out the money from that mission."

"I did! It was mine, and I used it as I saw fit!"

"Yeah. I'm not angry or anything, I just wanted you to know I saw that."

"Really? With you it can be hard to tell sometimes..."

"Do I really look that dour?"


"...Okay, now I KNOW I am right now." Alda grimaced, and put on her cloak. "...Let's just get going before you depress me back into bed." Okay, did she have everything...yep. Off she went.

"Mmm-hmm...add a bit of that...and now we're cookin'!" It was about an hour since she got back, and ever since then, Alda had been hard at work in her kitchen. But she wasn't exactly making cookies, as she stirred a large pot on her stove. "Oh yeah, this is gonna be perfect!"

Anathema popped up as a hologram from her nearby PET, looking a little...different from before. Notably, she was now showing nearly as much skin as her operator. "That's what I said just a minute ago! So, what do you think?"

The real life witch completely failed to look over, instead focused on stirring. "You did? Sorry, didn't hear you. Anyway, since I don't think you've been paying attention, I'm making a mucokinetic with one of the plants I brought back from Okuden. Should be all boiled up in a few minutes. Then I just need to let it cool and thicken, and voila! All-natural cough syrup!"

"Great! That's not what I was talking about, though..."

"Oh? Then what was it?"

"...Think you can look over here for a sec?"

"Not now, I have to be careful. If I overdo this, it won't thicken properly. But if I underheat it, the acting ingredient might not fully activate. Gotta get it just right..."

"...Sure, sure. Good luck with that." The hologram faded, and the witch Navi folded her arms and sulked. She took all that time to finish her new outfit, just to surprise Alda before she finished THAT, and now she was getting ignored. "So, think you can look over here when you're done?"

"I guess...wait, you're just going to show me something gross again, aren't you?"

"What? No! Not this time!"

"Yeah, I'm onto you. I think I'm going to be busy for quite a while..."

"But...ugh! Whatever!" You dance topless one time, and suddenly everyone thinks you're up to something...hmm. Well, since she was bored, and her operator wasn't going to aid with that any time soon, perhaps the known boredom reliever known as missions could help her out? Why, Alda's PET was even conveniently pointed at a jack in port by chance. The stars were too perfectly aligned; time to start writing up a request...well, first. "Alda, I'm going out for a bit. Call me if you need me, okay?"

"I won't need you for a while, but sure, whatever."

Woo, she was in the clear. Request writing, begin! ...And done. Ooh, she couldn't wait...huh, that was a fast reply. Let's see...looked good to her. And there were some coordinates...which were now entered. "Bye Alda!" Click! Pew! The red beam of light served as a beacon, signaling that her boredom was coming to an end.