Wanted bunny

Hopping along the network, an unowned navi running from his pursuers, the bunny-looking navi panting and gasping for breath as he tried to find a way to shake off the goons on his tail. A quick head movement would find him a way out, a homepage portal that would grant him respite, regardless of how little time he'd be given. Jumping into it, his pursuers would find themselves at an impasse, finding nothing but air in front of them and a few moments later, a password protected cube materialized. The navis immediately getting an idea as they started beating on the cube keeping their group from the rabbit inside.

Outside, a young woman would sigh, her navi having gone back to her original owner. An empty PET to her name and a PC just flickering as she couldn't figure out how to make a new navi, even the most basic programs would need money she didn't have and she didn't know any real navi programers, what could she do? A prog would pop up not long after. "Stephine! We have an intruder on the Homepage!" This caused her to raise an eyebrow, she thought she had it set to private. God damn it, she must have forgotten to lock it before hand. Who's this intruder? A virus? She asked, wondering what was happening. "A navi! And a custom one to boot!" The prog responded hurriedly. A navi huh? This could be interesting. Lock the homepage and set it to private. Keep this navi from getting out. She said simply, gripping her PET.

A few minutes passed, the navi hopping along the empty homepage, looking around. Just a simple white background, something that could make a navi go stir crazy if they just wondered around. Hey. Navi. I don't know who the hell you are, but this is my homepage. Hope you're comfy, you won't be leaving any time soon until I get some answers. Stephine's voice boomed out across the homepage, the navi's fur standing on end as a view screen popped up near the navi, Stephine's face obviously not happy with the navi's intrusion. Who the fuck are you and why should I not delete you? She asked directly, the navi letting out a sigh, showtime it seemed. Name's Jazz.exe. I found your homepage as I was wondering around and thought I'd pop in! he lied quickly. Oh really? And the goons knocking outside my homepage? She raised an eyebrow at the navi. Pretty sure they're looking for you. They're kinda pissed they can't get in right now and seem to want your furry ass on a silver platter. She continued, obviously not happy having multiple navis trying to break down the cube to her network.

Fine then. The direct route it seems I'mma Rogue Navi, sweetheart. Netop died several years back not long after I jacked in for a few things. He was dead as a doornail and his PET was trashed. No idea what happened and I've been trying to look into it. Still haven't found a lot on the subject. He explained, flopping onto the ground. And the Net Police goons at my doorstep? She asked. I -might- have accidentally... he began, but Stephine's piercing gaze would cause him to stop on his last word. Fine. On PURPOSEFULLY molested one or two of their female officers and looked for some spare change they wouldn't miss in their clothes. To say it went and backfired completely in my face is apparent isn't it? He said simply, Stephine sighing out loudly. So that's why the Netpolice goons are knocking at my door. On any other day I'd have my navi jack in and toss you to the wolves. But...she decided she didn't want to fight anymore and went back to my brother, her original owner. She revealed. Sucks to be navi-less doesn't it? He retorted.

Any other day, I'd just throw you to the wolves. But I have a deal for you. Become my navi. Or I open up my homepage immediately and let them deal with you. Not like I can't make a new one. She would simply say to him, the navi's ears and fur immediately standing on end, no way was he about to be beaten by a woman like this! But...then he remembered how they wanted to skin his ass alive and make sure he wasn't going to survive. A-alright. I'm fucking desperate, woman. L-Let me in before they skin me alive. He stammered, wasn't every day that he'd get thrown under the bus, but god knows he'd need a place to hide for the time being. The grin on Stephine's lips was almost scary, a few button presses later, Jazz was uploaded to her PET, the woman then swiftly leaving her apartment, turning her PC off before leaving for ACDC town.
A few hours after returning home, Jazz would groggily get back to his feet in the PET. Stephine was tapping away idily on her computer before Jazz jumped onto the screen, startling the navi owner. Mmm...mornin doll. He said, wiping the crust from his furry eyes and giving a big bunny yawn, his lower half completely obscured by the screen, but the top still completely covered in scars the same as yesterday. Though his time with Prose did heal them, albeit minutely. Mmmm...what time is it? Kinda just...passed out. He asked, giving Stephine another yawn. 'Bout noon, bunny boy. You and Prose really went at it last night. About muted the PET so I could get some sleep, before you two finally..."finished" so to speak. She answered nonchalantly. The rabbit chuckling to himself at that.

More importantly...you and her crossed last night...well...-obtained- a cross with her last night. She continued, Jazz's ears immediately perked up at those words. 'Yer serious. He spoke after a moment as Stephine continued to tap away, before finishing and saving. She reached over to her chip pack and quickly pulled out the chip containing Prose's cross on it. The rabbit almost excited to see it. Suppose that's what happens when two bunnies start getting emotional to each other. The boy bun dropping everything to help her out.
Then again, I suppose the two of you were pent up to the absolute extremes. I also finished sorting out your signature attacks as well. You'll be able to do more than just throw up barriers and casings now.
She would say, before he could say a word back. The eyes on him seeming...contemplative.

Why you doin all this for me? I'm a no-good bunny with a sordid past. Why? He asked out right. Stephine giving him a playful grin, turned to a smile. You're my navi now, bunny boy. Can't have you going in it alone. She began. Plus... She trailed off a moment later. You ain't as bad as you seem to be. Don't think Prose would have simply slept with anyone, right? You got a good heart...or what's left of one anyways. Besides. I think I can trust you after what happened yesterday. She finished. The bunny was on the verge of a breakdown at her words. he would break that up before things got too mushy. Now. Why don't you actually get dressed?
If she wakes up, I'll deal with it. And besides, I hear there's signups for the factions out there. Maybe you could take a look at them and see if there's any worth giving an old hand's assistance to.
She said as simply as possible, giving the old rabbit a wink. Besides, I sold off those bugfrags and think we should turn in that bounty. Maybe we can try another signature reset and see what to do afterwards. She said with a shrug, giving another yawn, getting up and starting to leave. Jazz jacked in and headed off to the bounty board to turn in the collected bounties.
As Stephine returned, her navi had been waiting for a few moments. He was looking through things on the webpage as he tried to close up any potential security leaks and whatnot. Hard at work, bunny boy? She asked with a smirk. God, how long has it been since you updated your Homepage?! I'm seeing cyber dustbunnies on the panels in here! Yeesh, I must have been chased around by some of the more incompetent cops! Jazz quipped back, thumping the lock of the homepage. The lock is secure, bunny. She began, sitting down and tapping at her PET, getting back some of Jazz's spent upgrades on new skills. I had a boyfriend that was in the Mafia. Even before they went to open recruiting. Thankfully, he managed to buy my silence before hand before things got rocky. Him never being around doing illegal grunt work,
didn't help either.
She continued, finishing up before too much longer. There, got a few new things in there. Had to delete a couple others though, but we can remake them down the road if you want. She continued, letting out a wide yawn and stretch, putting the PET down before long.

Ya don't happen to have some float shoes packed in there? Looks like our next bounty is in Sharo, the ever present and annoying Pengy virus. Or picked up a stage change chip? I hate when I have to deal with armor. He complained, scratching his ass as he stretched out. Does soil-stage sound good to you, rabbit? It's in those new signature attacks I programmed. As well as a heal since I don't want you to rely on subchips to keep yourself up and going. She continued as she began to go through their funds and the like. Jazz however was already on his way to Sharo, he seemed happy at the news.

(Jack In: Sharo.net)