Regina's Apartment

"Well, that was interesting," Veda said with a monotone voice from her PET as Regina walked into her apartment, closing the door behind her. It was a modest one room apartment with a kitchen attached to it and a bathroom. In the living room was a couch that could fold out to form a bed and across from it stood her TV on one side and her computer on the other. The most luxurious place in Regina's apartment was her bathroom, equipped with a fancy big bath, sink and toilet. The least luxurious place was probably the various places she kept her empty beer bottles and cans. She didn't clean up very often. "So you got fired and immediately, somehow, got hired," the Navi continued while the PET was placed onto a small table in the center of the living room, "I guess this is the best direction for you." Veda opened up a few windows on her screen to research some personal matters while talking to Regina. "You do seem like a natural for a bartending profession."

Regina, while Veda was talking, had taken off her shoes, jacket and had already gotten herself a beer straight from the bottle. "I couldn't help it," she took after taking a swig, "So I got drunk, aggressive and then beat up a student." A burp escaped Regina's mouth unceremoniously before she continued to talk to Veda, "And I have been in contact with those guys for ages. I knew I could get employed there easily. Getting fired as teacher is just a stepping stone to a positive future!" She dropped her behind onto her couch and her feet onto the table with Veda's PET on it. After taking another swig she looked up at the ceiling in thought. "But in such shady bars I could get a lot more information on that whole cute-student-and-creepy-bald-guy thing."

"Fair point," Veda said and moved away the windows she was looking at. While it was nice that Regina seemed to be more comfortable in her skin, Veda hadn't forgotten her dramatic blunder in front of the Navis ResQ and Exorcist. But the blunder was just that, a blunder. She would punish herself for that later. The thing that bothered her was a mere thing Exoricst mentioned. "So Regina," Veda started while pulling up a program, "I've been researching this religious thing. How come you haven't told me I was based on Hinduism?"

Having emptied her bottle, she pointed at her PET with it. "Because I didn't know," she commented, "I used a random name generator. The outfit is just a coincidence." She sat up again, putting her feet on the floor and leaned forwards to look at the screen. "But if you like it, we can stick with it."

Veda nodded at her Operator with her hands behind her back. "It does give me a sense of power. I mean, I can be a deity. That has to be powerful."

"Cool," Regina replied and stood up, "I'll have to study up Navi customization some more to do it properly this time." She grabbed herself a full bottle of beer from her kitchen and took another swig, sighing with relief. "So what do you want to do with your new-found religious strength, Veda?" Regina asked.

A grimace appeared on Veda's face as Regina picked up the PET with her empty hand. "Avenge my honor!" she exclaimed. "I messed up horribly back there. I need to do something right!" She slammed her right fist into her opened left hand. "I need to fight!"

"Sounds good," Regina muttered with the bottle to her lips and took a swig to empty the bottle. A moment later she took her BattleChips from her purse, ready to use them for Veda. "I'll send in a request for you, Veda. Anything in particular?"

"Battle! Combat! Murder!" Veda shouted at her Operator with hands balled into fists. Regina simply smiled, nodded and went online.
"SliceMan... Meat Hacker..." muttered Regina, "Flier..."

Veda's audio channel was tingling with the notion of a 'meat hacker' and a Navi simply called 'SliceMan'. This had to be a path into combat. "Yes! I'll do that one!" Veda exclaimed with eagerness.

"Yeah, I already accepted it," Regina replied, looking down on her Navi. She downloaded the file to provide Veda access to the area she had to be at and attached it to her. "We might as well immediately go for him," she continued and tapped a few prompts to have Veda sent down to the network guided by the file's coordinates. "I'm going to grab a snack and a drink, Veda, so you just go make contact ahead of me."

Veda just grinned from audio receiver to audio receiver while she punched her opened hand before uploading herself to the internet.