Another night of silence

((From => A Previous Night))

It was another night that saw Lyntael watching Rogan in one of his brief stretches of sleep, alone. This time he hadn't even bothered to book a room anywhere, and had simply stretched out in the back of his car for a few hours. They hadn't spoken much while he had worked, and when the man had decided he needed rest, it had come as a brief statement of fact, and then he was lying down and drifting off. He had the uncanny knack for being able to fall asleep in the blink of an eye, and wake again perfectly alert a few hours later. In a way it was frustrating - even she was a bit groggy when she woke up, usually, and Rogan had no patience for it at all. More than that, though, his habits left her precious little time to share any kind of interaction with him, on nights when he was working. The small hologram sighed in the darkness.

After a while, her thoughts drifted to other things, and she was stuck wondering, once again, whether she was really able to be any help to Rogan at all. Her last attempt at sneaking out to be useful hadn't really gone very well at all, and more than anything she was lucky that her operator hadn't seemed to have noticed. Maybe though... she bit her lip. Rogan wouldn't approve at all of her doing anything involved with the GNA; it was exactly the kind of official contact he avoided, but it wouldn't be him, after all, just her.

The thought continued gradually while she wavered. If she signed in for a quick mission with them, then at least she could be sure of having an obvious task and a refined reward... and if she told them that she wasn't any good at fighting things, then surely they'd find something that didn't need her to. Her eyes darted to Rogan's sleeping form again, but the idea of achieving something useful or helpful to Rogan, in a controlled environment where she'd be safe was too appealing, even if she knew he'd disapprove. She darted back to the PET, nestled in Rogan's discarded coat pocket and brought up the relevant board, making the request in between worried glances towards her operator every few moments. She didn't end up having time to be nervous about it, in the end; a response with a suggested mission came back almost right away and her heart jumped. Messenger work sounded perfect. That was something she could do, and it would be safe and simple.

With a small thread of excitement now she accepted the request, then set about activating the link emulation on Rogan's PET so that she could actually get to the mission location. The thoughts of how uncomfortable the transition would be only managed to dampen her enthusiasm a little bit, before her hologram dissolved and she slipped away into the net.

((Lyntael Jacking in, to => Twin's Room))
((Return from => Twin's Room))

Lyntael had stopped to catch her breath and compose her flustered and embarrassed thoughts for a short while, when she'd arrived back at her entry point outside the mansion. It was only once she'd calmed down that she set about re-opening the emulation to take her back to her PET. The cold empty walls of her so-called home were no more inviting than they had been when she left, and she was quick to slip back out to check on Rogan instead. Still asleep, thankfully.

She couldn't help but feel that, intrigue aside, and rather embarrassing situations that she really had no business being witness to as well... it was really kind of cute to see a couple eager to share each others' company like that. Shed done something positive... probably, and the GNA had been quick to forward the payment for her work as well. All in all, Lyntael decided that this evening's outing had gone much more smoothly than the last, and if she could do things like this more often, then maybe she wouldn't be quite as much a hindrance to Rogan as she felt she was being so far. With that vaguely positive thought on her mind, the small girl settled down to watch Rogan sleep, lying out on his chest with her hands under her head. In the end, she fell asleep before he woke.

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