"Weekendz Work" Gym

A fashionable gym in one of the very metropolitan areas of Electown, the Weekendz Work Gym had a name that was a little misleading; the gym was actually open on all days of the week, but was most populated on weekends. For Teruko Hotta, a gym attendant at Dentech, however, the name was wholly indicative of the establishment's purpose. When the school more or less closed for the weekends, Teruko found herself without a devoted place to exercise, and darn if she was going to lose a day to her resurgent overweight nature just because the gym was closed. Therefore, she frequented the Weekendz Work Gym specifically on weekends, moving from exercise station to exercise station while watching whatever boring thing happened to be on the cubic monitor sets they'd set up.

At least, she'd used to watch those sets. Now, however, she had a navi. While her new navi Ante had proven great for conversation and web-surfing while exercising, Teruko couldn't help but wish that the navi would get over her modesty and start busting viruses like other navis, since the operator was very curious about that game-like aspect of owning a net navigator. Ante had been withdrawn since the first day Teruko met her, but had gradually opened up; she still didn't seem trusting enough, however, to go through the motions of a process that would invariably end up with her getting naked. This was purely due to whatever cruel joke some unnamed person had played on her, programming in a stripping mechanism to her busting routine, but it was something neither Teruko nor Ante knew the exact formula for.

Today, Teruko found herself at war with raging boredom. Exercising was fine and all, but when one does it every day for several hours, it becomes a bit of a chore, even if it is part of one's regular routine. Teruko was really hoping that this day would be the one where she convinced Ante to go for a busting run. With this in mind, dressed in a simple gray tank-top, red athletic shorts, and white sneakers, she mounted her usual exercise bike and placed her PET up on the dash. With one quick motion, she flipped the switch on the back of her PET to bring up Ante on the monitor.

As usual, she'd been unprepared for the programmed welcoming message that Ante was forced to deliver. "Hey there, |Teruko Hotta|! How'd you like to play some strip-" the voice started, accompanied by music that sounded like it was from some hammy pornographic flick, before Teruko finally found and lowered the volume.

"Ante! How many times do I have to tell you?! No! I don't wanna play strip poker!" Teruko answered in whiny, almost disjointed English. By whining about it, she'd basically announced the strip poker thing just as badly as her navi was going to.

The navi on screen bowed apologetically. "I'm very sorry, Teruko. You know that it is not my intention to force you to play strip poker. I'm simply forced to ask, in the most literal sense," Ante responded, returning to her proud and erect standing position with her scepter raised attentively at her side. "I see that you're at the gym again today, Teruko. How can I assist you?"

"Well, I've got the day off and everything, since it's the weekend," she sighed, leaning her heavy breasts up onto the bike's front panel. "So I was sorta thinking that we could finally get into virus busting and stuff. A navi's supposed to do those sorts of things, right? It's healthy," she suggested, not really knowing what essential function virus busting served for navis.

"I suppose you're right. That's my duty to you and I've denied it for far too long," Ante admitted with a modest frown, causing Teruko to feel guilty for suggesting it. "It's selfish and unbecoming of me to worry so much about my own troubles."

"W-Well, uh.... er..." the operator mumbled, scanning the area with her squinting eyes and checking the condition of the gym. There weren't a lot of men around, at least, which she supposed was lucky for Ante. "Hey, I know! Why don't we get you a... what do they call them... bust friend!" she suggested, grinning into the PET.

Ante looked alarmed, then shook her head. "I am almost positive that is not what they are called. Perhaps you are referring to... a busting partner?"

Teruko nodded enthusiastically. "Right, one of those! If you had a galpal with you, I'm sure that it wouldn't be so embarrassing," she suggested. It was odd to think that companionship might ease the uncomfortableness of being forced to strip, but Teruko had an idea that it might be something akin to how a parent might go in the dressing room with their kid to ensure that nobody is watching them strip down.

"I suppose it's worth a shot," Ante complied with a nod, although she certainly didn't see how it would help. "If nothing else, it's good to have companions in a fight. Do you see anyone that might be able to help us?"

"Sure, sure. Leave it to Teru," the woman laughed confidently, sweeping her eyes back over the gym. Unfortunately, despite having spearheaded the new idea, she was finding it very difficult to find someone in close vicinity who looked like they had a PET handy. Did people ordinarily even use PETs while riding exercise bikes? It didn't seem that strange to her, but it might to most people.
Roxxy made her way onto the Gym floor of Weekendz Work, looking serious.

Well, in expression; it would be hard to take her outfit very seriously. She had apparently walked right out of a work-out video, oversized shirt revealing one shoulder, tights covered by leg warmers, and even a matching sweatband that didn't do anything to keep her hair away from her eye.

The place was fairly upscale, but this was an unfamiliar country, and as a result Roxxy was willing to make a few sacrifices. She could work out in a fancier gym until she learned the ins and outs of the local area.

"Um, Hello?" called a familiar voice. Gale continued staring at her Operator as she had examined the building, tracing her eyes over the entire building. Roxxy resumed walking, deciding to head over to the stationary bikes.

"Sorry, just checking the place out. Geesh, give me a break." She flashed a smile and her visible eye was obviously rolling. Gale relaxed, and gave her that break, but not before sticking her tongue out at her operator.

Once she arrived at the bikes, she noticed a woman who seemed to be searching for something, but this wasn't what interested her. What interested her was the PeT sitting on her stationary cycle.

Such an idea had never occurred to her, and she was all but blown away by the brilliance of it. In fact, she felt the need to inform this woman about it. "Wow, what a great idea! I mean, it makes so much sense. We're working out, so why not get our Navis a little exercise too?"

"Because I don't need to work to keep my figure," Gale responded, with a tone of humor. She wasn't quite sold on being forced into working out just now.

"What figure?" This shut Gale up pretty quickly, as she crossed her arms over her chest, somewhat self consciously, and blushed.

"Thanks for the idea. I know I wouldn't have thought of it on my own." It suddenly struck Roxxy that she was overstaying her welcome, and had definitely approached this woman out of no where, so she decided to back off a bit.

"Anyway, you seem to be looking for someone, so I'll leave you to that. " Roxxy turned around and took a few steps, figuring she'd head over to her own cycle and stop imposing on this woman.
Teruko raised her eyebrows and focused her narrow eyes on Roxxy, looking her up and down and regarding the girl's weird outfit with interest. With a broad smile, she nodded in agreement with the praise of her own idea. "I know, right? It's sooo brilliant! Well, I haven't actually tried it yet, but I'm about to, and it'll probably be super awesome," she raved, clapping her hands to her head as if it was about to explode from the sheer goodness of her idea. "And the person I'm looking for... is you!"

Coughing into one hand, Ante gave a discreet head shake. "I don't think she'll understand what you mean," she interrupted in a soft whisper.

"Oh... What I mean is I'm looking for a person with a navi to bust with me. Two heads are better than one and so forth. And we're both girls so it won't be uncomfortable at all!" she added unnecessarily at the end, not really bothering to explain what she meant by the statement.

"Are you sure we won't be a hindrance to her? I haven't fought since I lost my powers during the bugging incident. I might not be able to do much to help..." her navi added with a small frown, still feeling deep sadness at the loss of her fighting capabilities. "And you haven't really explained my other condition to her yet-"

"Naw, she won't care! Come on, let's exercise and bust together! I'll bet I can get more distance on my bike's record than you can!" she giggled, tapping her finger against the smooth frame, currently reading "0." "Whatcha say?"
Roxxy spun back around as the woman continued talking. She seemed about as excited with the idea as Roxxy had been. But since she was supposed to be the one that had the idea, being such a fan of it seemed odd. She then clarified that she was about to try it for the first time, which made everything easier to understand.

Roxxy raised her eyebrows at the statement that she had been the one this woman was looking for. Well, she raised at least one of them, as far as anyone could tell. The woman was almost starting to alarm her. "She's really intense."

However, when her navi coughed and got her to re-explain, Roxxy's fears were once again put to rest. She smiled and shrugged. "Why not? It sounds like fun." Gale nodded in agreement. Neither saw a reason to not work together.

Roxxy also smiled at the comment about being women. Though she wasn't sure why she had said it, she wondered if perhaps this woman was uncomfortable around the opposite sex, or another hard lining feminist her preferred her gal time. Either way, Roxxy wasn't about to deny her this chance.

Roxxy glossed over the detail, lost in her own wonderings, but Gale picked up a bit more and had to wonder what the other Navi meant by "condition." She was, however, releived to find that she was also fairly new to this. "Means my reset won't put me too far behind. I'll have to mention it to her." She made a not to do it when they met together on the net.

Competition was something Roxxy could do. A fiery spirit was something she could appreciate, so she got into it as well. "I say you're on." She hopped onto the bike, and prepared both to start cycling and to jack in.

"I'm ready to start whenever you are. The name's Roxxy, by the way." she added, turning to her new "opponent."
"Yeah, now we're talking!" Teruko cheered, leaning forward in an intense pose on her bike, as if starting a race. "You can call me Teru. Be warned, though. I'm in gyms all the time... Like, all the time! There's no way you can out-bike me," she bragged, grinning from ear to ear.

"I'd like to ask that you remember me as well, Teru. I won't be able to function at my best if you're not paying vigilant attention to your PET's monitor and interface," Teruko's navi poked in, awkwardly truncating the name.

The operator frowned momentarily. "Uh, you'd better stick to Teruko. I don't think nicknames seem natural with you," she laughed. "And don't underestimate me. I can operate you while biking, no sweat! I mean, I don't need my feet to operate or anything, so it ought to be fine, right? Now let's just spread these out right here..." Muttering to herself, she arranged the three chips that she'd managed to get her hands on thus far on the dashboard of her bike. "There! A cannon, a shotgun, and a claw. These ought to be plenty."

Ante frowned, trying to mentally cope with the small selection of tools. Back when she'd been at full power, before she'd been stolen and modified, she had a folder of weaponry at least ten times as large as what she had now. Still, she was confident in her abilities to trash simple viruses. With a small smile, closing her eyes contemplatively, Ante gave an affirmative nod. "Yes. I will easily dispose of the opponents," she replied.

"Good, good! Don't lose to Roxxy's navi either, okay?" the operator urged her navi, jacking in her navi and simultaneously activating her exercise bike. "Let's do it!"
"Well, I may not be here all the time, but I ride a pretty mean bike." Roxxy responded. Roxxy took a hint from Teru and prepared herself similarly for the busting. "Alright, Gale, while I show Teru up out here, you better be showing her navi up in there. And you better work up a sweat too."

"I don't think that's possible." Gale replied, fairly matter-of-factly. "But I'll do my best!"

"Alright, let's go!" Roxxy exclaimed, as she started peddling and jacked in her Navi, momentarily throwing off her balance.

She regained it, and continued pedaling, trying her best to match Teru's pace. Not entirely successfully, but trying her best.
It had been a couple of minutes since the two started their team virus bust / workout routine. Thus far, Teruko showed no signs of slowing down; keeping her body in decent shape was a rigorous but trained process that had conditioned her not to tire out easily. Busting, on the other hand, was a little more confusing than she'd thought it would be. Ante seemed to so natural and experienced at it that she had a hard time figuring out what she was supposed to be doing in her role as operator.

"Hey, Roxxie! Is your navi new?" she asked suddenly, turning her head to look at her partner. "I mean, she looks kinda new, but I don't really know much about navis." It occurred to her that Roxxie and Gale seemed to communicate more naturally than she and Ante did. Ante always seemed so prim and proper, but Gale was a little more down to earth... it let Roxxie act like a coach, almost. In Teruko's case, it was like her navi was coaching her instead.

Seeing that the whir of the exercise bikes was drowning out her voice, she ramped it up even beyond her ordinary loudness. "HEY ROXXIE, IS YOUR NAVI NEEEW?" she called out far too loud, leaning in like any reasonable person would to allow her voice to project more directly into her friend's ear.
Roxxy was doing fairly well. She was still pedaling, and wasn't ready to stop yet. She may not have been a gym bunny, but she did do her best to stay in shape in order to look and feel her best.

She was still zoning out and the cycles were fairly loud, so she failed to hear Teruko the first time she said anything. She was wrapped up in the pedaling and in her thoughts.

Luckily she didn't stay zoned out for long. Teruko made sure of that. She leaned right over and screeched in Roxxy's ear. Forgetting herself, she jumped up, which was a very poor decision. She lost her footing, and found herself falling.

She tumbled back first towards the ground between her bike and Teruko's, and reached out to grab something out of reflex. She didn't have time to realize what a poor idea this had been, and how it was more likely to drag her new friend into it than it was to help her.

She did have time to gasp, and to swear in her mind, though.
Teruko hadn't lost much by not getting an answer to her question, but the question wasn't really on her mind as Roxxy reached up and grabbed her off of her bike sideways. The operator ended up in an incredibly sloppy landing, falling forward on top of Roxxy's body; her face went into the triangle of gym floor between Roxxy's legs, smacking into the ground with much personal disorientation to Teruko.

Dazed and confused, Teruko sat back up, unfortunately nestling the breadth of her hips onto her partner's face. As she came to her senses, her first thought was, "Damn, on top of her like this, she probably figured out how heavy I am!" However, she quickly realized that was probably a lesser issue to Roxxy compared to having her face smothered by her ally's soft but heavy buttocks, so she lifted back up onto her feet and turned. "Woah, uh, sorry buddy!" she excused herself, then sat back sidesaddle on her bike. Luckily, there were only a few other people in the gym, but they were still giving weird stares.

Teruko gave a hearty laugh, finding the whole situation amusing. She wasn't exactly phased, but she wasn't sure how Roxxy would come out of all of the mess. "You okay there?" she called down, extending one hand to help her partner off the floor.
Roxxy landed on the ground, winding herself pretty well, despite grabbing her friend.

In fact, all her reflexes had done was land Teruko on top of her. This situation wasn't great for her.

Of course, Teruko got off fairly quickly and offered Roxxy a hand up. Roxxy accepted it and stood up. "Thanks. I'm fine." Roxxy smiled at her new friend. "I've been through worse."

She had too. Rock shows and concerts weren't always the roomiest places, nor the gentlest. She'd been slammed into people plenty of times.

After a moment, she jumped up to sit on the bike, side-saddle like her friend. After clicking through some chip request, she turned back to Teruko. "Well, since we seem to have stopped too long for cardio anyway, maybe now would be a good time to try something else."

"How far did you get?" She asked, checking her own odometer. "Damn, I didn't go very far at all." she thought, as she waited for a response. She kept up a smile though, hoping maybe Teruko had been slacking a lot more than it had appeared.
Luckily Roxxie had gotten over the fall with surprising grace. Teruko had expected things to go a lot worse, perhaps to the point of her partner not wanting to bust together any more, but it looked like everything had worked out. Standing up from the exercise bike, she placed her fists at her hips and leaned in to read the bike odometer. "Daaargh! Only 25 kilometers! I've gotta do a lot more, but you're right, some variety might be good," she responded.

However, the legs were the easiest thing to work and the most agreeable for a random, off-the-street partner. She knew she needed to work on to one of the combo-machines for working the abs and biceps, but she wasn't sure how receptive a relative stranger would be of such an intense workout. Still, proper exercise being the huge priority it was, she couldn't afford to put it off.

"Wait, what the... I can't virus bust while working my arms; what was I thinking?" she reminded herself inwardly, giving an audible laugh at her own silliness. She decided that she'd have to stick to something that allowed her the use of her arms. "I could probably lift weights with my legs while using one hand to hold onto the bar and another hand to operate Ante," she convinced herself with a wide smile, taking a seat at one of the machines. "I know it's weird that I'm only doing leg exercises, but we can't operate without our hands," she told her partner as she setup the machine.
Roxxy coughed at the total her ally had announced. "Apparently I wasn't taking that seriously enough." She thought. "Wow, I only got 20.5 KM." She smirked, before adding, "Don't worry though. I'll step it up."

Roxxy shrugged as she followed her Exercise-buddy over to the next set of machines. She clicked a few chips over to Gale as she glanced over the screen during the walk. "Huh, never seen those before." She decided against asking Teruko about them. Even if she was a more serious stationary cyclist, Roxxy was pretty sure she had had more experience busting than Teruko did.

After she sat down, with her PeT in her lap, and set up the machine, she set to work. She hadn't been going long when she decided to speak. "Gale's not new. I've had her for a long time. We recently flashed back to her starter stuff, though, to try and work our way back up." Thinking about it, she sort of assumed Teruko had inherited Ante, or got her as a hand-me-down. She decided to ask all the same.

"How about you and Ante?"
Teruko's eyebrows peaked as Roxxy described her busting situation, but her perpetually squinting eyes still barely opened. There was a remarkable parallel to her situation, in the sense that both of them had navis that had been reset before. She couldn't help but imagine what it would have been like for the two of their navis to fight together back when they'd been at full strength.

Another occupying thought for her was how she was supposed to answer Roxxy's question. She didn't think it seemed like a terribly good idea to come out and say that Ante had been reprogrammed to strip... it was kind of like talking about how your friend had been in a bad relationship. She decided she'd sidestep it as well as she could. "About Ante, she's sort of a secondhand navi. That is, some man erased all of her abilities and programmed weird bugs into her. It's pretty weird but she won't tell me anything about her former owner or the hacker. I'm guessing they're the same person," she spoke quietly past one shielding hand, as if afraid somebody else would read her lips.

Ante chuckled from her spot in Teruko's PET. "I know you're curious, Teruko, but you should avoid drawing any hasty conclusions. I'd simply prefer to handle it all in my own way," she interrupted in a quiet voice.

"Yikes! Er, anyways," the operator coughed, "she was supposedly really powerful before she was reprogrammed. Like really powerful! She won't tell me a lot about it, but she's sorta got that feel, doesn't she?" She leaned in towards her partner excitedly, having to somewhat contort her body to do so in the exercise machine while still maintaining her exercises. "She feels like she could be some sort of ancient net-knight or something!" Teruko herself really didn't understand what a "net-knight" was, but it sounded cool. "O-Or maybe she was like a Rogue! Or a super-powerful NP official! Or-!"

"Please, Teruko, that's quite enough," Ante sighed. "I'll tell you eventually, but for now, I'd like that story to remain private... And you're making me sound like an old woman."

Pouting, the operator returned her focus onto busting and exercising. "Phooey... Well anyways, you must have cool stories! What kind of stuff did you and Gale do before you reset?"
Roxxy wasn't exactly expecting that story. It seemed a little more serious than she'd expected. She wasn't sure exactly what the human equivalent was to being hacked was, but she figured it must be something like being defiled.

"Whoa, that sucks. Sorry to hear it." She said, pausing mid rep in order to say this.

Teruko went on to describe how her navi has a powerful feeling to her, and how she could be a net Knight. "Totally. She could be a Net Knight." Roxxy agreed whole heartedly now that she was resuming her exercise. The navi did have a very formal, old-timey theme to her.

Roxxy thought about it. She knew that, for the most part, she and Gale had been doing fairly normal things. "Teruko seems kind of underexposed, though. And I'm sure I have a few stories."

At the very least, Roxxy was always willing to tell a good story. "Loads of things. We got into all sorts of stuff. I mean, it's a lot of long stories," she paused for a moment, trying to think of a quick and interesting story she could tell. Her reference pool wasn't lacking, but she was less sure about which stories would be the most interesting.

"There was this one time we were going to this totally shady club but I forgot my ID and the bouncer wouldn't let me in, but I'd already paid my door fee. So we snuck around back to sneak in through another door, but the alarm went off. Gale had to go and shut it off manually, and I had to book it into the club. I lost the security men, but before I left, Gale had to erase the camera footage from that entrance, so we did some busting to the rhythm of the music. After she managed to wipe it, we were confronted by a hired thug, who I swear must have been from the mafia, the way he talked. Anyway, Gale danced circles around him, we jacked out, and did some serious dancing. It was pretty exciting."

Roxxy realized she'd gone on for a fairly long time, and coughed. She had seriously picked up her pace in exercising as the story had gotten more intense.

Gale rolled her eyes hearing the story. She knew that it was a bit more exciting than the real situation had been. It wasn't so far from the truth that she felt the need to call her operator out on it, though. "That's probably how she remembers it, too. Her memory is as dramatic as she is."

"Uh, yeah, we did a lot of normal busting too, but we got into our fair share of future good stories." Roxxy made an unsuccessful attempt at shrugging while she gripped the bar firmly, so she smiled and laughed a little awkwardly. "We still get into trouble, there's just a lot less tech involved. We need to work our way back up to dramatic capers."

"How about you? Do you have any interesting stories from your past?"
The operator nodded astutely as Roxxy praised her navi. "Yup, definitely a Net Knight. I've got a good eye for these kinds of things," she responded simply, smiling pridefully and continuing pumping her legs.

Teruko's eyebrows peaked high and her mouth stretched into an agape grin as she listened to her new friend's story. "Oh wow, for reals?! You and Gale do that kind of stuff? That's so awesome! I wanna go find a club and try it right away! I hope they have an alarm system," she thought out loud, returning her eyebrows to their tensed, exercise-fitting state. "Aw man... I haven't gone clubbing in so long... I'm so uncool," Teruko sighed, saying the words more out-loud than she intended to.

"Anyways, I don't really have any navi stories. See, I never had a navi before Ante, and Ante and I were kinda awkward when we first got together. This was actually my first time busting with her! She has er... well, some effects of the glitch that make it so she didn't trust just anyone operating her, I guess, so this is the first time I've ever seen her bust... s-seen her bust viruses, I mean" she huffed, working her legs extra hard and sweating while making small talk. "We'll have cool stories like yours eventually though, I just don't know when."

With a loud clank, she let the weights dropped and panted, worn out from her exercise. "Pheeew, I'm beat. I was going at it a little too hard I guess. I'm gonna get a drink real quick, you want to come with?" she asked, sensing that her partner was probably getting tired as well.
Roxxy nodded. She was pretty proud of herself and her actics.

Teruko's rejected response elected some sympathy from her, but she didn't show any of it. "I mean, I am pretty cool and I go clubbing all the time. I don't really have that problem." she thought, looking at her partner. After a moment she decided that she could be a little nicer. "Haven't been clubbing in forever? Why not? You should come out some night with me. I'll show you a good time." She said with a smile.

Roxxy nodded as her partner went on with her story. She actually felt fairly relieved when she dropped her weights. She did a lot more cardio than weights, and this work had been really pushing her.

"A drink?" Roxxy echoed. She wasn't sure exactly what time it was, but it was definitely not that late. She also figured drinking couldn't help with working out. It was probably dangerous even.

After Teruko got up, she looked around and figured out what she meant though. "Oh, right. A drink." she said slowly, noticing she was also feeling a little hoarse. "Sure, sounds great." With that she got up and planned to follow Teruko to the refreshments.
"Oh man, you and me, clubbing! We'd be turning all sorts of heads and dancing's great exercise too!" Teruko agreed, clapping her fist into her hand. "Yeah, that's definitely going on my to-do list," she sighed, moving over to the water fountain and taking a long, gulping draw. She allowed the water to dribble down her chin and onto her t-shirt, which thankfully didn't stain very dark since it was made for sweating. "Mmmm, nothing quite like it!" she exhaled contentedly.

After getting a drink, Teruko quickly suited up into her track suit (anyone who assumed that when she said "suit" she meant something business-like would have been disappointed) and started jogging for the door. "We're not done yet either, Roxxy! I'm going on ahead to the metroline right now, don't be late!"

Teruko bounced on out the door and down towards the station.

((Leaving for Scilabs))
Roxxy couldn't help but find Teruko's excitement refreshing. Not quite as refreshing as the water she gulped down after Teruko had finished, but refreshing all the same. It was nice to see someone that pumped up for clubbing and exercise. It made it easier to get pumped herself.

After the drinks, Roxxy made her best attempt at changing with speed. Unfortunately, she was a bit slower than her friend. As Teruko jogged off, Roxxy called back to assure her she wouldn't be late.

She spent a bit more time adjusting her outfit before leaving as well. By the time she exited, Teruko was no where in sight. Figuring her friend had left a little quicker than she'd thought, Roxxy headed to the Subway station, planning to catch up with Teruko there.

As she continued to not see Teruko, she picked up speed.

((Also Leaving))
Roxxy and Teruko GET: 6 FXP
The Weekendz Work gym was shut up tight when Teruko arrived; that was how Teruko expected to find it, which was fine, given that she had the key. Her first step was to go ahead and unlock one of the front doors manually, using said key, so that she could get inside the main building. From that building, she could turn off all of the automatic locks and open the gym up from customers. For now, though, she wasn't interested in opening up so much as she was getting things ready for Bruce... but there were still some things she ought to take care of before he arrived.

The first was laying out uniforms for the group of juniors who would be coming in for exercise classes later. They usually arrived early in the morning and used the basketball court in the main building for their classes; that said, they changed into uniforms before they started, which were amazingly the old, outdated style of t-shirts and bloomers. She never personally interacted with this group, but it looked like even the teacher dressed that way, which was amazing to her. She'd have found that sort of thing embarrassing to wear even when she was in school, let alone as a grown woman. "Ha ha ha... Hey Ante, get a load of this! I'd find it pretty embarrassing to wear, even when I was back in school!" Teruko repeated her thoughts, holding up the bloomers so that Ante could see. It felt a little pervy, showing off somebody else's bloomers to her navi in a completely empty gym locker room.

Ante frowned and nodded, seeming to agree with that sentiment. Fold, on the other hand, looked interested. "I think they look cute, personally," she chuckled.

Teruko laughed awkwardly, taking another hard look at them. They were some other woman's... but they were making her curious. The instructor for this class ought to be her own age... "They are kind of cute... I've never tried them, though." They looked fairly large... "Large enough to wear," Teruko thought to herself, starting to become excited. "No one's here, so... So I'm going to try them on!" she announced, pressing her fist to her palm like she was preparing to beat somebody up. That was the kind of conviction she had to squeeze into this pair of bloomers.

This time around, Ante didn't agree at all. "Where is that coming from?! What could you possibly have to gain by doing that?" she groaned, not having the patience for anything so nonsensical, especially when it interfered with Teruko's budget of time before Bruce arrived.

"It's a matter of pride, Ante. Pride!" she reiterated, then took the gym outfit into one of the showers. She changed as quickly as she could, throwing off all of her outerwear (apparently, the white t-shirt that came with the bloomers was a matter of pride as well), then raced back out. She'd taken off her shoes, even, and had pulled on the athletic socks that came with the outfit. Overall, the white and red gym uniform fit her... to a point. The shorts were clearly too tight on her and a wrong movement caused the shirt to ride up her belly, thanks mostly to her bust size and not to her belly size. "W-Well... Kind of... I mean, I think it works!"

"It's cute!" Fold agreed, smiling happily.

"... I don't know how to feel about you walking around with a shirt that says some other woman's name on it," Ante responded, not wanting to give her earnest opinion on the fit of the outfit.

Teruko grabbed back up her PET and frowned into it. "Don't be a spoiled sport! Have you ever tried to fit into these, hm? HM? How do you know how you'd look, huh?" she asked, stretching out the bottom again as if to show that it would be tight on anyone... but she really did have one of those butts that wouldn't go away regardless of fitness, so the same clothing would probably fit Ante better, in reality. She also ignored that her navi hadn't said anything about how she looked but rather had pointed out the name printed on the shirt: Rebecca. "I'm going to go get the breakfast ready for Bruce and you're coming with me!"

She left wearing that same outfit with no shoes, only the t-shirt, bloomers, and socks. She didn't think about the rest of the contents of her pockets she also left.


Teruko made it to the back area: a dining hall where she often served breakfast to those checking in early, including only healthy options, to the chagrin of some. Bruce's breakfast would be no different. The least healthy she was willing to offer were some breads, and even then, they were no danishes or donuts. No jelly or butter in sight. It would be a healthy meal, but it wouldn't be a tasty one by most people's standards. "Ah, nothing like a nice broccoli quiche or a avocado burrito in the morning, right gals?" she asked the pair of navi and SP within her PET. This time, neither one of them jumped to agree with her. "Yep! It's the best!" she giggled, as if they had agreed with her. Said quiche, burritos, and etc. were now being chopped up, cooked up, and/or rolled up with amazing efficiency by the building's one occupant.

The door to the kitchen remained opened, as it had when she'd come in. Bruce would see a single door reading "UNLOCKED" at the front of the building where the others didn't, and another open kitchen door with the sounds of Teruko behind it, very far near the back of the building. She'd probably be inaudible if it was closed. Of course, she still hadn't thought to change out of the slightly undersized gym outfit... and neither navi nor SP were eager to remind her, for fear of reminding her that it was, indeed, just a little on the small size, and therefore something she really ought to change out of before anyone else saw her wearing it. "Oh ho ho! It's a shame you silly navis are in there, or else I'd give you a taste of the greatest quiche you've ever eaten in your life! I use soy cheese, of course."

"W-What a shame," Fold agreed, smiling awkwardly. She looked at Ante with a worried expression and found her expression returned in kind. Hopefully, Teruko would notice that she was dressed in another woman's bloomers before Bruce showed up.[/i]