A Boy and his Plant

"It's a good thing I don't have to run by your side," VenusMan commented.

Running through the crowds of Electown was Satou in his every day clothes. Being in the soccer team at school, he was pretty fast on his feet and waved around the people without issue. "Then maybe you should get some exercise, Venus!" Satou exclaimed as he took a turn in the road.

"I'm fine with this place," VenusMan replied, "And call me VenusMAN. I don't want people thinking I'm a girl." His image was constantly displayed in front of Satou by means of Satou's glasses. It looked like he was floating, but Satou was still capable of seeing the Navi. "According to the data we should be nearby."

"Yeah!" Satou exclaimed as his pace became calmer, then pointed into the distance, "Over there to be precise." The store Satou had pointed at had various plastic models standing by its windows and was obviously a hobby shop specifically for such goods. "Hello mister," he politely said to the man behind the counter before looking around the model kits. It was obvious that Satou came here more often as another regular customer waved at him when passing by.

"Do you even know what you want?" VenusMan asked as he used Satou's glasses to look through.

Checking his wallet, Satou shook his head and then continued to browse the kits. They were mostly, if not all, kits of robots used in animation series or movies, something Satou had taken a great interest in after moving in with his aunt. "Not really," he replied but then looked up at the counter, "Hey... Isn't that..." Swiftly walking over to the counter, he noticed the counter had a plug-in node for customers who simply wanted to bust while amongst friends. "Hey mister, can we use it?"

"Whoa whoa, you're thinking of Netbattling here?" VenusMan asked, immediately appearing in front of Satou's vision again, "Don't forget the time you promised to get back home, OK? I'll be the one in trouble if you forget!"

"It'll be alright, Venus," Satou replied with a wide grin. After getting approval from the man behind the counter, he took hold of his PET and initiated the network transfer.
"Thanks, mister!" Satou exclaimed happily, waving at the shopkeeper while he was waving. After closing the door behind him, he headed towards the train station to head back home.

"Yo, kid," VenusMan asked as he appeared in Satou's vision, "We ought to stop by the Navi shop. Upgrade me." Right as he had said this, he pulled a window to his side with the total of their earnings.

"Oh, I guess we can," Satou said and decided to head for Science Labs first.