BOMB! In Electown! Zoinks!

A train halted to a stop, the wheels skidding and locking across the steel tracks as it did so. Mark was one of the first to step off the train, his eyes already scanning high to the skyline for what he thought could be the best answer for the puzzle; the Radio tower. Fast legs carried his tiny frame through the wave of people, everyone just as frantic as he to get to their on destinations.

Mark proved to be rather nimble and small as he ducked and dived through the crowd, slowly moving his way to the tower. Even Trent had to throw in a comment on his operator's oddly effective dodging dance. "Light on your feet I see? If nothing else, if you had to you could easily run away it seems." Trent was poking fun at his operators size, once more.

Mark ignored it, having grown accustom to the regular insults tossed his way. Within a few more moments, Mark had broken free of the crowd, now only a short, clear, walk from the tower. He wondered exactly hos close to the radio tower itself, and was curious where the bomb may be planted. His eyes darted around as the fence around the base of the tower came into focus, trying to lock sights on the tiny blade box.

A fast hand whipped down to his hip, grabbing the PET and opening the wifi connection for the black box of the virus bombs. "Hopefully its within range of this spot." Mark said, standing as closely as he could.

{Virus Bomb radio Tower?}
Nothing stood as high in the town as ElecTower. Finding out whether or not there was a bomb there could take hours...


...Or not. At least he didn't have to actually climb it or anything.

Mark moved away from the towers area, and took a few moments to enjoy and observe the area of Electown. He would have to remember to come back here once the mission was over, he rather enjoyed it. Who knows maybe some of the other areas he hadn't visited before would call to him as well. He glanced back down to the PET, once the brief sightseeing was done, and looked at the junk data floating from the end of the viruses, with Trent standing on the outside of its amorphous form. "You did well on that bomb. Rather enjoyable to watch and observe."

"Have you figured out the other clues yet?" Trent said bluntly, wanting to move on with the mission, and the bombs. They were halfway through the first set of bombs, before the big one at the end, he wanted to keep moving.

Mark let out a little chuckle, "Not yet. I know beach street, I think, but I haven't exactly been there in more than a small location of the coffee shop. Lets do that last. Lets investigate these other two areas, see what we can come up with." Mark began walking back towards the train tracks, his PET on his hip, with Trent walking beside him in a tiny hologram.

"Ok." Trent replied.

{To Yoka}